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Grosjean names Suzuka his best drive of 2018

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In the round-up: Romain Grosjean says his drive to eighth place in the Japanese Grand Prix in a damaged car was his best performance last year.

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The Haas driver suffered suspension damage early on which was causing his car to pull to the right when he was accelerating.

Suzuka was a good one. The car was well damaged on lap four or five. We had fire at the back end… the fire melted the suspension.

When I was lifting off it would come back straight and I would go on power it [would turn]. Every time going through 130R I was like ‘come on, please, stay on’. I didn’t know what was wrong but I knew something had broken. That was a good one.

Quotes: Dieter Rencken

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Did F1 help drive the development of lithium ion batteries? @Socksolid disagrees:

The thing that made the batteries become lighter was smartphones.

The phones today have more processing power than the desktop computers from years gone by. To handle that you need more battery.

But phones also need to not weight a ton. That’s what made the KERS even possible as an idea.

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4 comments on “Grosjean names Suzuka his best drive of 2018”

  1. MaliceCooper
    7th January 2019, 0:38

    “Am I allowed to donuts?” No, Romain. You may not. Especially in Spain.

  2. Despite being “fooled” by Pérez.

  3. I’d regard the German GP as his best drive of the season instead although the Japanese GP was decent as well especially considering the damage except for getting jumped by Checo due to not being ready for the ending of the VSC.

    Yes, of course, he’s impatient for a faster revamp, but better not to rush with certain things.

  4. Grosjean really had a hell of a 2nd half of the season. Here’s to hoping he’ll finally manage to sustain his form.

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