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FOM reinstates fans’ blocked F1 videos

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In the round-up: Formula One Management yesterday blocked a large number of videos uploaded onto YouTube by fans, most of which involved video captured from the official Formula 1 game. Much of the content was reinstated several hours later. RaceFans approached FOM for a comment yesterday.

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Comment of the day

Phil considers the implications of Maurizio Arrivabene’s departure from Ferrari:

None of this gives the impression that Ferrari are redoubling their efforts to make F1 success their main goal and if anything, the opposite. It does seem like quite a strange time to make this decision in view of the ongoing negotiations regarding post-2020 so maybe this is not their main focus. That would be quite a surprise.

However things are often not what they first seem. It could be that these changes improve their performance and Binotto turns out to be a more effective political operator than his predecessor. We shall see.
Phil Norman (@Phil-f1-21)

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Happy birthday to Del Boy, Romulo Shortback and Leonardo Antunes!

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  • Born on this day in 1960: Pascal Fabre, who campaigned the hopeless AGS JH22 in 1987

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  • 15 comments on “FOM reinstates fans’ blocked F1 videos”

    1. LOL. Usually, only a world feed footage uploaded on YT gets taken down for copyright reasons, but gameplay footage, that’s something not really heard of before.

      Did we really need his father to address rumors?

      I agree with the COTD. That could be it although things indeed aren’t always what they seem at first.

      1. Did we really need his father to address rumors?

        The longer I follow F1, the more I feel “Daddy Issues Olympics” would be a more honest name for the sport.

      2. It’s literally easier to create a bot to crawl YT creating takedown requests than to try find anything individually

        1. Yeah and there are no negative consequences to the companies when mistakes are made. It’s a system that encourages abuse.

    2. I wonder, since some channels “live” from the revenue – would it be possible to file a lawsuit claiming damages for a overzealous / wrongful copyright claim? Either directly at YT / Google or maybe rather against the companies requesting them?

      1. @bascb Unlikely, because YouTube aggressively abides by DMCA requests because it’s the only way they can live in their ‘safe harbour’. The user terms and conditions likely preclude them from class actions lawsuits or payouts because they have to abide by all DMCA takedowns in good faith.

        1. Yeah, i expected YT to have made themselves “just the poor middle-man” in this case @optimaximal. But I think one could find an argument to claim with companies who hurt others by repeatedly claiming too broadly – i.e. sue the likes of FOM, the Musical labels, the studios etc?

          Would be interesting to see that happening. I think it might also get some (silent) support from the likes of Google, FB, Apple etc. (if only to support their efforts to cull the art. 13 tide), since they surely cannot be all too happy about this either.

    3. YouTube SHOULD remove this crap, it’s terrible video making.

      If they had a global “I do not want to see kids playing video games” setting, it would have been set a long time ago!

      1. Old man yells at cloud

        1. I think Xcm has a valid point… but Canute might have been a better analogy… ;-)

      2. Wow, you must have a very strange setting on your youtube then @Xcm, since their algoritm normally wouldn’t offer you things you never search or watch by yourselve, so either you, or someone else on your account, would have to show at least some interest in them for such a suggestion to even be offered to you.

        1. @bascb If google/youtube remembers what you searched in previous sessions, your browser-settings are wrong.

          1. Good point there @crammond, although I wouldn’t call it “wrong” per-se, but certainly unwise and bad for your privacy.

            I was rather talking about the google/YT account though. On many devices the app requires your google account to be logged in, so it means that they do store what you search for on that device. You can still get rid of that history off course, but not as easily.

    4. What I’m sick of is going on YouTube looking up real f1 footage, and stupid amateur game footage comes up instead. Sometimes looking for an onboard for a particular driver at a particular track and get all these garbage game vids popping up by even worse wanna be sim racers. . 2nd thing I don’t get, it’s a bloody game, go play it instead of watching some other bozo playing it.

    5. The aim of copyright should be to maximise your revenue, not to minimise your visibility. Revenue benefits you, minimising visibility might suit individuals, but it costs an advertising seeking corporation. F1 is an advertising seeking corporation, or at least the teams that operate under its umbrella are, and is the racetrack. Obviously there is a place to use copyright, especially if someone posts videos that are going to cost you revenue or credibility, but why would you ban videos that are going to encourage people to watch F1? People pay money to buy and F1 game, and part of the enjoyment they get from that video is posting their efforts online. If you ban those videos those people will stop buying the game and buy Indycar or Formula E instead, and post their efforts in those cars online instead. F1 won’t have a GP this weekend, but from the sounds of it a grand stand full of fans will be watching races this weekend. Names like Williams, Sauber, Toro Rosso will be being bantered around, and not just because they’re at the back of the grid, but because they’ll be at the front too! I’m sure somewhere out there is a video show a person who won a race driving a Williams car driven by Sergey Sirotkin.
      Rightly or wrongly F1 hides their races behind a paywall in many countries where they could have a large fan base. F1 games encourage people to watch the real thing which benefits the teams and F1.

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