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Ferrari chairman denies further changes planned at F1 team in wake of Arrivabene’s exit

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Ferrari chairman John Elkann has denied further changes are planned at the top of the company in the wake of Maurizio Arrivabene’s departure from his role in charge of the Formula 1 team last week.

Former technical director Mattia Binotto was appointed as the new team principal nine days ago. In a letter to Italian newspaper Gazzetta dello Sport, Elkann denied this signalled the beginning of a wider management reshuffle within the team.

“The appointment of Mattia Binotto to team principal of Scuderia Ferrari does not represent a ‘turnaround’ in sports management and does not arise from alleged disagreements within the team,” Elkann wrote.

“On the contrary, it is a decision decided by the company in agreement with Maurizio Arrivabene, who in four years of commitment in that position has worked tirelessly to repaint the Scuderia to the levels of competitiveness it deserves.”

Binotto’s appointment in place of Arrivabene was believed to be the preferred choice of Sergio Marchionne, who died in July after relinquishing his role as chairman and CEO of Ferrari. Elkann said the move ensured continuity within the team’s operation.

Mattia Binotto, Ferrari, Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez, 2018
Binotto replaced Arrivabene as team principal
“Mattia’s work, which has already begun in anticipation of the season that is about to open, is based on what has been done in recent years, in a line of continuity that aims at evolution, certainly not at the ‘break’ compared to the past,” he write.

Reports in Italy suggested former team principal Stefano Domenicali, who left the team in 2014, was being considered as a potential replacement for Louis Carey Camilleri, who became interim CEO when Marchionne stepped down. However Elkann insisted he “rejects any rumor or imagination that assumes returns to the past and further changes in our structure.”

“My commitment to ensure stability and concentration to Ferrari is total, as is that of the CEO Louis Camilleri,” he added. “Together, and with the contribution of all the women and men of Ferrari, we will reach the goals that we presented publicly a few months ago from Maranello.”

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8 comments on “Ferrari chairman denies further changes planned at F1 team in wake of Arrivabene’s exit”

  1. Good rule for politics and business: never believe something until it has been denied.

  2. Let’s see about the no more changes part. Another losing season in 2019 will definitely roll a few more heads. If I had to guess, I’d say Vettel will be the next to leave Scuderia.

    1. Can’t see him leaving. Where would he go?
      Merc possibly if Hamilton decided to retire, back to RBR?

      I guess realistically there would only be retirement.

      My suspicion is that we’ll see a very different Vettel this year as I can’t see him being happy with his performance (or lack thereof) last season.

      1. @dbradock RBR definitely entirely out of the question, but Mercedes, yes, could be a possibility if Hamilton decides to retire.

        1. Vettel is in a mouse trap, built by himself, no less. A WDC is the only way out. If Leclerc start beating him, he will crack easily, forcing him to leave for good.

      2. Vettel is in far worse situation than Alonso, he has proven repeatedly he breaks under pressure. RBR have found their superstar and Mercs have their no1(till end of 2020) and no2(till end of 2019 with Ocon as reserve) drivers. Maybe the only option left is Mclaren or Renault both of whom wont be challenging for podiums for foreseeable future. Barring a title only option left for Vettel is to retire as an overglorified “world champion”.

  3. Smells like problems and panicking to me. Hope they know were they are going in time, we need competition.

  4. Good luck.

    Win races.

    Win both Championships.

    That’s your assignment,should you decide to accept it.

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