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Racing world stunned by sudden death of BMW’s Charly Lamm

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In the round-up: The unexpected death of Charly Lamm, who masterminded BMW’s Schnitzer racing programme for years, has shocked the motor racing world.

Charly Lamm

BMW issued the following announcement:

Totally unexpectedly we received the news from the Lamm family that Charly Lamm died on Thursday. Our sincere condolences go to the Lamm family and the Schnitzer family.

It is incredibly difficult to accept that Charly is no longer with us. He had a significant impact on racing at BMW for decades, celebrated major successes with his team, and wowed fans around the world with his unique passion for racing.

Losing him so suddenly is a shock and a tragedy – particularly because Charly was just about to start a brand new chapter of his life. We mourn the loss of a character who was both valued and loved internationally, who will always be closely linked with BMW Motorsport.

Thank you for everything Charly. We will miss you forever.

BMW added that its teams racing in this weekend’s Daytona 24 Hours and Formula E round in Chile “will compete in memory of Charly Lamm”.

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Comment of the day

Can F1 afford to ignore the trend towards electrification?

Yes, I believe that the world as a whole needs to go renewable as soon as possible. Once that happens, however, I want to see F1 go completely back to all petrol.

F1 is entertainment; it’s supposed to be about experience (for all senses especially if you’re at the track). Nothing beats the sound, sensation, and excitement of the screams and roars of V8, V10, V12…

Once we’ve mostly weaned ourselves off petrol, I don’t see why a small exception can be made for entertainment purposes. What’s the stat? A jumbo jet in a transoceanic flight uses more fuel than all F1 cars combined in a season?

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  • 11 comments on “Racing world stunned by sudden death of BMW’s Charly Lamm”

    1. Why are female racing drivers “selected” on a stage?

      Why is this differant that any other form of motor racing?

      As usual, people with women’s “best interests in mind” are doing more damage then us sexist masogonists ever could.

      If a woman was fast, she would be approached in private for negotiations, this is one step better than a beauty pageant, and a travesty.

      I hope the cars aren’t pink… it would ruin the BWT/Force India prestige.

      1. Ummm.. you are calling yourself a sexist misogynist? Wow.

        1. It was sarcasm.

      2. As long as female fighterpilots can fly their machines into a warzone, women surely are able to drive fast.

    2. Agree with COTD. Had a little rant in yesterday’s round up about the whole fuel consumption by ships & jets vs race cars thing. I’ve long been an advocate for most commuter & commercial vehicles eventually going all electric (the same battery tech that will allow for that will also provide energy storage options for solar & wind, going a long way in improving grid stability & lowering energy costs) but always felt that the upper echelons of motorsport (as well as high end sports & super/hypercars) will remain a stronghold for the ICE. It’ll probably end up being like it is with horses: in the past they were the basic transportation/motive force & they didn’t become obsolete with the advent of motor vehicles. Today billions of regular everyday people love horses & can still buy regular horses for anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars (show breeds, race horses & equestrian horses of course cost way more of course, but are still extremely popular among the well heeled).

    3. Nice COTD, although I have mixed feelings about it.

      I get the sentiment behind it, and the desire to come back to NA engines without turbos or ICE.

      That said, I want among the best engines to be in F1 (let’s ignore special cases like dragsters which are essentially horizontal rockets).

      I feel that once electric powertrains hit the mainstream, the amount of R&D budget is only going to increase there. Performance car makers will want in on that action, and that in turn will guide motorsport.

      At that point, if the state of an electric powertrain is such that it offers the best performance, I wouldn’t want F1 to be hamstrung by a legacy engine technology.

      In such a situating, I wouldn’t mind a historic series running ICE cars (even better, limit it to the classic fan favourite tracks), but not F1.

      1. @phylyp Fully agreed.

      2. Agree @phylyp.

        And let’s be honest horse racing has nothing to do with horses nowadays. Whenever I visit Melbourne Cup I only see punters and dressed up people getting drunk.

      3. Great point made there @phylyp, I agree. F1 should have the best they can get in motorsport. Be it ICE, hybrid, Batterie EV, hydrogen/ev or whatever we come up with in the future.

    4. I disagree with the COTD. If all the rest of the automotive as well as ships, planes, trains, etc., move away from fossil fuels then F1 and motorsport, in general, eventually have to do so as well.

      Regarding the Autosport-article: Hopefully, this approach of changing everything apart from the power steering won’t backfire Renault.

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