McLaren signs Huski Chocolate as new sponsor

2019 F1 season

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McLaren has landed a new sponsorship deal with Swedish chocolate drink brand Huski Chocolate for the 2019 F1 season.

The logo of Huski, which describes itself as “the ultimate chocolate drink for adventure and expedition”, will appear on the rear wing of the McLaren MCL34, which will be launched next week. McLaren drivers Lando Norris and Carlos Sainz Jnr will also display Huski logos on their overalls.

“Huski Chocolate has always been about lifestyle and adventure, so what better platform to support our further expansion than the unique lifestyle of Formula 1,” said Huski chairman Fredrik von Essen.

Huski is introducing a new cold version of its hot chocolate drink. “After we met with McLaren at the team’s headquarters in the UK, we were convinced that they were the right partner to help us market our new unique cold chocolate drink worldwide,” von Essen added.

McLaren Racing CEO Zak Brown has previously said the team hit its goal for adding new sponsors last season and he expects to repeat the same level of sponsorship growth during 2019.

“We’re pleased to have Huski Chocolate on-board with our team and support the company in their ambitious plans by introducing them to our global sport,” he said.

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2019 F1 season

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33 comments on “McLaren signs Huski Chocolate as new sponsor”

  1. Will they play nice with Freddos?

    1. they are really cutting the ties with Eric Boulier aren’t they?

    2. @phylyp, whilst I am sure that many will make a lot of Freddo based jokes about this deal, considering the questions swirling around Rich Energy at Haas and now FuturoCoin at Red Bull, I’m just relieved to see a sponsorship deal being announced where the sponsor isn’t suspect.

      1. I have to agree with that. When I was looking at the MLM link that Ziomal posted, I was wondering how it was that F1 is slipping back into shady sponsorships, after a brief period of relative cleanliness.

        Or maybe nature abhors a vacuum, and with the former Racing Point Force India having severed ties with Kingfisher and Sahara, there just needed to be some other suspect sponsors in the paddock.

        Having said that, I have no regrets about taking cheap potshots with wisecracks like the above ;-)

  2. Huski Chocolate has always been about lifestyle and adventure, so what better platform to support our further expansion than the unique lifestyle of Formula 1

    I don’t know but it sounds so funny! That “unique lifestyle” used to be smoking cigarettes, champagne, fancy ladies, expensive watches… now it’s the perfect platform for chocolate drinks. Not judging, just saying.

    1. Huski Chocolate has always been about lifestyle and adventure

      And adventure, @@fer-no65 . Don’t forget the adventure.

      “And I crept stealthily into my kitchen
      Not knowing what awaited me around the corner
      I found a handhold, and took a firm grip
      Pulling on it, I was bathed in a brilliant radiance
      Basking in the glow of my fridge’s light
      I spied the object of my adventures
      The goal of my exploration
      It was (wait for it, drumroll)
      A bar of Huski, calling out to me
      Asking me to devour it
      A noble sacrifice, towards my ever-growing girth”

      PS: Don’t say I didn’t warn you about the influence behind today’s comments.

      1. Piotr (@piotrzukowski)
        5th February 2019, 13:56

        @phylyp Good one! Tequilla certainly works for you.

    2. @fer-no65, that same lifestyle also included condom manufacturers, pornographic magazines, toymakers, fridge manufacturers and caravan manufacturers, just to list a handful of the weird and wonderful sponsors and manufacturers that have cropped up over the years. The sport might have tried to present an image of glamour, but it hasn’t always lived up to those aspirations over the years.

    3. @fer-no65, that same “unique lifestyle” was also used in the past to promote anything from condoms and pornographic magazines through to fridges, caravans, model cars, crockery manufacturers and suppliers of tea, just to pick a few examples of the eclectic businesses that have been involved in F1 over the years. Luxury and glamour isn’t necessarily something that the sport has always lived up to.

  3. I think that at Ferrari they are laughing out loud.

    In Italian:

    “Fare la figura del cioccolataio” translates literally into “Appear as a chocolate maker”,
    but it means “To make a fool of yourself”. (Dont know why :D )

    1. Lol, good to know @nugolo, and with Freddo association, possibly quite appropriate for McLaren…

  4. Don’t they sponsor similar things to RedBull when it comes to winter sports? And boat racing too?
    Curious to see how the livery will turn out if they have any influence on it, will the McLaren be red again, but instead of cigarettes they will sponsor chocolate?

    Zak as a marketing guy however did miss a great opportunity with Freddos

    1. will the McLaren be red again

      @johnmilk – My reading of it is that they’re not a title sponsor, so unlikely that the car will turn red (out of sponsorship, can’t speak for embarrassment). However, it is likely that the red wing itself might be red, let’s see how that turns out.

      1. *rear wing

        1. red wing itself might be red was a much better comment @phylyp

          1. TjizzleDizzle
            5th February 2019, 16:54

            Anything better than chocolate-brown. :P

        2. A red rear wing on an orange car would look strange. I don’t think it would be a good look. But Huski may not want their logo on a blue background either. I half and half reckon they’ll make it black.

  5. cold version of its hot chocolate drink

    That makes me probably the poor version of a billionaire :P

    But I have be honest, well done by Zak to sign another sponsor. I believe he is now nett one up since he started.

  6. Pat Ruadh (@fullcoursecaution)
    5th February 2019, 12:16

    McLaren F1 Team – powered by Huskies

    1. @fullcoursecaution Elevating ‘Dog of a Car’ to a whole new level

      1. don’t chocolates kill dogs?

        1. @johnmilk

          “From the desk of Zak Brown

          Dear Mr. Joao,
          I would like to express my gratitude to you for providing me with the latest justification to use when explaining McLaren’s failed 2019 F1 campaign to the board. You are a true McLaren fan.

          As a token of my gratitude, here’s a bag of Freddos. Contractual obligations prevent me from giving these to the staff anymore.


          1. @phylyp

            oh stop it you

            Now I want people to tell me that I am always badmouthing McLaren when Zal Brown himself told me I am a true McLaren fan. No nestle here guys, no nestle

  7. Well now we know what will be in the drivers’ drinks bottles during the races.

  8. So many jokes, so little time.

    But seriously, good for them for landing another sponsor.

  9. Kimi needs to get in on this action, surely some icecream sponsorship is begging? “Leave me alone, I’m having a mint choc chip! Delicious and crisp. Mmmn.”

    1. BWOAH!

  10. Decent logo, which, from a purely superficial perspective, is all that matters, really.

  11. Definitely a good fit, the last few Mclarens have all been dogs as well.

    On a positive note its good to see so many sponsors coming in. Im guessing they’ve all lowered their cost matrix. It’s not the same as when JPS Lotus or Marlboro McLaren were on the cars but then im not 10 either !

  12. So…

    Does that mean that they are returning to Red and White?

  13. ““After we met with McLaren at the team’s headquarters in the UK, we were convinced that they were the right partner to help us market our new unique cold chocolate drink worldwide””

    This sentence makes me laugh.

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