Haas VF-19 rendering, 2019

Haas shows first pictures of its 2019 F1 car

2019 F1 season

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Haas has revealed the first images of the car it will contest the 2019 F1 season with.

While the team presented its new livery today on its 2018 chassis fitted with a 2019-style front wing, it also published renderings of its 2019 machine, the VF-19.

Haas VF-19 rendering, 2019
Haas VF-19 rendering, 2019
Haas VF-19 rendering, 2019
Haas VF-19 rendering, 2019
Haas VF-19 rendering, 2019
Haas VF-19 rendering, 2019
Haas VF-19 rendering, 2019
Haas VF-19 rendering, 2019
Haas VF-19 rendering, 2019
Haas VF-19 rendering, 2019

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2019 F1 season

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  • 30 comments on “Haas shows first pictures of its 2019 F1 car”

    1. Nice Lotus.

    2. Fudge Kobayashi (@)
      7th February 2019, 14:57

      Some interesting stuff coming out from AMuS who have already written an overview of the tech insight from the render;
      – Blown wheel rims of different design to Merc last year but same basic concept
      – Lots of new winglets all over the car
      – Front wing surprisingly simple after all. No loopholes evident just yet.
      – Rear wing restrictions kind of bypassed by treating the panels as two split sections, allowing some aero detailing at the section where it narrows down.

      Thats what I got from it, the Google translate was a little iffy.

      1. Fudge Kobayashi (@)
        7th February 2019, 15:03

        Things I didnt find so interesting / kind of expected;

        – Rearranged wastegate layout
        – McLaren 2018 esque rear suspension execution
        – Mirror design clearly more aero led

        1. Are teams posting real front wing pics these days? It’s been my understanding that these launch photos are as much about obscuring and subterfuge as anything… and the launch spec wings almost never match Melbourne spec…

          1. Teams never show the real front wings in launches most of the time. It will prob be close but not 100% the true wing

            1. Honestly, who is going to be copying a Haas wing anyway LOL

          2. anything at launch or even testing can be taken with grain of salt

            1. Jason, at the end of 2008, most casual onlookers wouldn’t have been too interested in designs coming out of Brackley either ;)

    3. It’s interesting Keith posted this about 3 hours late, I thought he would have noticed the difference in the photos to the 2018 car presented to show livery.

      1. Boy… do you have any idea how boring are most of your smug comments…? ;-)

    4. Always liked the JPS style.

    5. A few things pop out for me.
      – The sidepod aero looks similar, but definitely modified heavily for the front wing revisions.
      – The floor is quite simple near the ‘coke bottle’ narrowing. Also very reflective so maybe hiding something.
      – Speaking of hiding something. Really want to see what the rear diffuser looks like as it is definitely shadowed intentionally. Wondering if one of the photoshop wizards could ramp the contrast up and reveal anything.

      I like the livery. Only thing is every logo is so ‘parallel’. There were concept liveries with logos at tasteful angles I really enjoyed. But I understand that its a 200 mph billboard and aligning sponsor orientations leaves space for more sponsors.

      1. As i understand this are only renders so no real photographs to clean up.

    6. The front wing is where the only easily noticeable difference is in comparison to the VF-18.

    7. livery? what livery? i see black car with big HAAS logo and one gold stripe up front…

    8. The new S duct and the Mercedes style halo cooling is a good touch. The rear suspension is very complicated and break ducts on the rear since we lost that at the front. The t wing is now connected to the rear wing to get around that. They have also went with the double rear view mirrors. They are also running the exhaust setup Ferrari was testing last year. Really interested in the front rims that look like a new style rim we havnt seen before. Since the blown axel has been banned it looks like the have went with a new style blown rim as a loophole in the rules. Looks like a good car and we know we havnt seen the full car

    9. I don t friggin know why there is no imagination or originality when it comes to liveries, what the heck is this lotus wanna be….jesus

      1. Dutchguy (@justarandomdutchguy)
        7th February 2019, 21:11

        Well, Rich probably wants to use their colours, and as much of it as possible, and I can imagine it being very difficult to make a black and gold car that doesn’t either look tacky as hell or remind people of a Lotus

        1. Well… with Rich, I’d go with tacky… ;-)

    10. Told you so :)

    11. Unispired and boring… just like f1 these days.
      Ps: the new aero is ugly as hell

    12. I actually like it. Just get rid of that ugly Peak logo on the rear wing.

    13. The difference from last year’s car: a millimeter here, a millimeter there..ooh how exciting..

    14. Great colour scheme. It’s bizarre to see colour highlighted as misspelled on a British website. :)

    15. It looks like they got Nick Halloway to do the background selection and the photography.

    16. Is the front wing a Haas design, or is it a prelude to the new Ferrari wing?

    17. Glad to be back for the car launches… Hi everyone

    18. That car is going to look mean on the track.

    19. It looks Exactly like lotus.Unfortunately defunct.

    Comments are closed.