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First pictures: Mercedes W10 revealed

2019 F1 season

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Mercedes has revealed the car it hopes will secure a sixth consecutive sweep of the Formula 1 world championship titles. The team said it is “celebrating its tenth modern-day Formula One season with a new livery”.

The new Mercedes W10 for the 2019 F1 season appeared for the first time on Wednesday when the team conducted a filming day at Silverstone with Valtteri Bottas at the wheel.

“The 2019 season will be a new challenge for all of us,” said team principal Toto Wolff. “The regulations have changed quite substantially.

“We have to start from scratch, we need to prove ourselves again – against our own expectations and against our competitors. We start the season with zero points, so we’re taking nothing for granted and there’s absolutely no feeling of entitlement to be at the front.

“In fact, with the regulation change for the new season, every team can have a shot at the title and we’re seeing all of them as a potential threat.”


Pictures: Mercedes reveals its new W10 at Silverstone

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Video: Mercedes reveals its new W10 at Silverstone

Interactive: A clearer look at the Mercedes W10

Use the sliders below to brighten up the images of key areas of the Mercedes W10:

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2019 F1 season

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81 comments on “First pictures: Mercedes W10 revealed”

  1. What a fantastic looking livery! Loving the changes especially ‘two two tone’ halo

    Surprised they didn’t go with the ‘ferrari Style’ side pods which most seem to have gone for, although this is only ‘launch spec’ I assume.

    1. Yep have to agree, and the turquoise strip on front wing and much more defined along the side works great. Interesting way to finally make their attempts at a fade to black in the back work, now via patterning with their Mercedes star.

      I do slightly miss the blue/red for the drivers numbers, but this is their best version of silver arrow livery yet.

    2. especially ‘two two tone’ halo

      @nemo87 – seconded, the Merc wears the halo very well. Who’d have thought? :)

    3. i don’t know. was it really too much colour for merc to have Red and blue driver numbers? Also while the fade looks fine the actual pattern is pretty tacky imo

  2. Looks like quite a steep front wing compared to the others.

    1. You haven’t seen any of the others actual front wings yet!

  3. Wow, that is one agressive thing. Love it.
    Not too sure about the ‘new livery’ being ‘new’.

    1. It’s tweaked, but renewed enough for me to be a whole lot better.

      1. I don’t know, the graphic fade look… not for me, personally.

    2. Indeed, It rather is a “refreshed” livery IMO @hahostolze, just tuning the individual elements a bit to make it look fresh-ish.

      Looks good though.

  4. “Lewis and Valtteri, this is James.
    Seb, Charles, Kimi and Max are again faster than you.
    Keep positions for another 5th and 6th!”

    1. Fudge Kobayashi (@)
      13th February 2019, 10:18

      In your dreams bud.

    2. Go troll on Gp247. Somehow with a faster car overglorified and overpaid Vettel lost title by only 88 points in 2018(compared to Alonso in 2012 who lost title by 3 points in a dog of limping horse). Honda is a big question mark.

      1. With a faster car…. off to Gp247 to join the other trolls

      2. Is that even trolling? He couldn’t wind up a clockwork duck with that

    3. Kimi sure is fast in that Alfa Romeo. Poor Gasly though

  5. Really interesting front brake duct, I don’t recall ever seeing a duct that high before. The barge boards still look ridiculously complex, can’t wait for @scarbs to go to work on this…

    The livery is a nice variation on their usual style. Quite liking the detail on the engine cover.

    1. Some interesting choices on this car @geemac

    2. @geemac

      The barge boards still look ridiculously complex,

      My first thoughts too.
      The livery is not what i would call uber-cool but i am sure it is going to grow one me.
      That rear with all those tri-stars in a black background–fabulous !!

    3. @geemac

      Really interesting front brake duct, I don’t recall ever seeing a duct that high before

      The regulations have changed this season to get rid of all of the ‘aero’ add ons around the brake ducts including for the blown axles etc.

      1. @asanator I know, but usually the duct scavenges air from closer to the ground rather than above the wishbone as this appears to be doing.

  6. Love it! Looks like #6 to me!

  7. It’s liveries like this that make the Haas and Williams look so cheap.

    1. Yeah, not having title/main sponsor to please gives you more flexibility regarding livery look.

      1. Dutchguy (@justarandomdutchguy)
        13th February 2019, 10:27

        Ahum. Petronas?

    2. Amazing what a 300 million budget has room for and 70 mill doesn’t. That said they managed it in the 60s 70s and 80s though there was some horror shows then too.

      Anyway personal taste isn’t it, bar the plonked on ‘Rokit’ on the engine cover I like the Williams

  8. Fudge Kobayashi (@)
    13th February 2019, 10:17

    Shape wise – best looking car on the grid for the 6th year in a row. Why? NO THUMB NOSE.

    That livery is pretty smart too, best iteration yet, would look absolutely fantastic if they subbed the silver for chrome and would still be a ‘Silver Arrows’ but it still looks good.

    Once again they’ve swerved the high sidepod concept and the rake looks pretty moderate too. Certainly not as extreme as the Renault for example…

    1. @ftruth The 2015 Ferrari and the 2017 Toro Rosso looked better IMO.

      1. Fudge Kobayashi (@)
        13th February 2019, 11:50

        Touche touche good point, no thumb noses there either.

  9. That livery and the shape of this car is a pure peace of art.

  10. Fudge Kobayashi (@)
    13th February 2019, 10:21

    Rear wing doesn’t look any higher than ’18 on any of the renders shown so far bar the Renault (on which it actually looks great, like a dragster) – I wonder if its an optical illusion or they just got the proportions wrong on their render? Surely not..

  11. That’s what I would call refreshed livery – dynamic lines, colours highlighting car geometry, a lot of stuff happening there you can just look at.
    I really like the stars pattern with gradient on engine cover.

    Just wondering if they will use camo painting during testing…

  12. isaac (@invincibleisaac)
    13th February 2019, 10:24

    A very nice looking livery! I’m really pleased they have accepted the fact that the halo is part of their car and given it a fitting silver, rather than last year’s black halo which looked like it had just been plonked on.

  13. If that’s as fast as it looks, we’re in for a dull season!

    1. Merc tweet: “New year. New look. Same target.”
      1 WDC, 1 WCC & 1 fifth place.

  14. After the disappointment of the HAAS and Williams, and the “meh” of Renault, this is a refreshing shot in the arm.

    Looks fast, and if what Toto says about Lewis coming into the season with more muscle on his body and just as much hunger, I expect it to go like stink, too!

    Would love to see RBR go back to their “blurple” 2015 style livery, just to mix it up and differentiate it more from the Torro Rosso.

  15. Boooootiful livery! Classy!

  16. I sort of like it, but I need to see the real thing, not these way too bright renders… Not much of a “new” livery, more of a tweak, I’d say. I like the detail on the engine cover, tho! somehow, it reminds me of the dotted Sauber C13

    1. Update: looks darn awesome on track!!!!!! that Petronas stripe, OMG! so much better than the renders! Why do they even bother with those??

      1. Pat Ruadh (@fullcoursecaution)
        13th February 2019, 10:48

        Looks great on track!

    2. It looks great on track, from that foto we just saw here

  17. Dutchguy (@justarandomdutchguy)
    13th February 2019, 10:29

    Looks good, looks fast, like the livery, although I hope they return to the red/blue numbers in testing and racing

    Also glad they kept their thumb-less nose as well

  18. In fact, with the regulation change for the new season, every team can have a shot at the title and we’re seeing all of them as a potential threat

    We missed you Toto, we missed you so so much

    1. @johnmilk – LOL :)
      He’s back. The Terminator is back.

    2. Yes its touch and go whether the organised might of Mercedes and a 300+ mill budget can beat the permanent crisis team Ferrari or the rest of the teams who have a third of their budget. Good luck Toto, we can but pray for rain in Africa

    3. @johnmilk

      We missed you Toto, we missed you so so much


      We missed your sarcasm as well ;)

      1. @todfod it is time to change that profile picture
        use one of a true great, Pedro Lamy, Tiago Monteiro, whatever

        1. @johnmilk
          I had karthikeyan in mind… Or maybe a generic image of a cucumber

          1. @todfod that’s a winner

  19. Best Mercedes livery by far!

  20. I’m really surprised to read all three positive comments about the livery, I’m really not keen, not sure why mercedes tweeted the whole Camo thing and that silver “Was so 2018” then release an all silver livery with a single turquoise strip, not keen on the fade on the engine cover either, I think it’s much less unappealing than last years design overall, it looks like an Insurance company business card template on Zazzle. And after the awful williams, the unchanged toro Rosso and renault, I hope some other teams have designed something decent

    1. Fudge Kobayashi (@)
      13th February 2019, 10:45

      The whole camo thing was obvious trolling. The Merc social media account has always had constant banter. The clue was when they posted camo tyres and sunglasses!

  21. It looks cool. I already like this livery color scheme more than the previous one. The best Mercedes livery since the return of the works team back in 2010.

    1. “In fact, with the regulation change for the new season, every team can have a shot at the title and we’re seeing all of them as a potential threat.”
      – I don’t quite agree with him on that. Even with these changes, I highly doubt Williams, for example, could now all of a sudden become a real threat to the likes of Mercedes, Ferrari, and RBR.

      1. You don’t expect him to start stating what team might or might not be a potential threat do you.

  22. That’s another fantastic looking car from Mercedes; love the subtle updates to the livery too, especially the star pattern on the engine cover.

  23. So not only have Mercedes presented their new car, they now also mention that “oh, we’ve done a completely new engine, you know, to get more potential for further improvements, just because we could” AND they are the first out on track to get the thing running.

    Anyone else seeing another few weeks of Mercedes quietly getting thousands of km of testing under their belts without even trying to go for times while the others struggle to get their cars on track (Williams, Renault, possibly STR too, RBR could be late too), have them at the track but are struggling to run them and then have to push to get some headline times on the board?

    Only for the silver arrows to then show they have taken another step clear of the competition come the first few races.

    1. @bascb Yep. My thoughts exactly.

      1. @bascb

        Anyone else seeing another few weeks of Mercedes quietly getting thousands of km of testing under their belts without even trying to go for times while the others struggle to get their cars on track (Williams, Renault, possibly STR too, RBR could be late too), have them at the track but are struggling to run them and then have to push to get some headline times on the board?

        I think that’s been the trend recently and I don’t see pre season testing being any different. Ferrari will go for some fast lap times and a decently good lap count (2nd I reckon). Mercedes will put in a monstrous total of lap count (most of all teams) and maybe put in a competitive time on a slower tyre. Hopefully, Red Bull won’t suffer the Mclaren Honda fate in pre season testing and be close to the bottom of the lap count charts.

        While I do think that Mercedes will dominate the lap count, I’m a little skeptical about their ultimate performance this year. They seem like the only team on the grid that’s not adopting this raised sidepod concept and have stuck with the a more regular sidepod layout. Maybe the sidepod trick just doesn’t work with their initial design philosophy? Either Mercedes has a completely different approach to these regulations or maybe they’re finally falling short on the development curve of their chassis (which could explain why they’re gone with such a massive change on the engine side)

        I guess we’ll find out by the end of pre season testing or in Q3 in Australia, but for some reason, I’m not that feeling as confident as I would for Mercedes.

        Their 2019 livery looks superb though… within the Mercedes family of liveries.. but with a little freshness for this season.

  24. I like the new Mercedes livery in the body engine area, but I don’t like the look of the car shape , it looks as long as a nascar and I think the fia needs to clamp down on all the area things popping up on barge board area.

  25. What’s wrong with me? Am I the only one who doesn’t like it (the livery)?

    I don’t like the three-pointed snowflakes and the fading effect between engine cover and fin.
    I prefer cars which have a simpler colour scheme, and not too ‘pastelly’, and then please full with sponsir decals.

    The B&W images are much more pleasing on-track shot.

    The car itself looks aerodynamically sleek though, but not that different from last year.

    1. Eye of the beholder and all that. It makes me think of expensive football boots for some reason. Better that than cigarettes though I suppose.
      I prefer the STR and Renault so far.

  26. The way the silver blends into black from the top is amazing…easing fantastically into the black tarmac ..on the racetrack…it is simply breathtaking….however my problem is that they have gone for s more efficient engine and not making use of the extra 2019 5 kg fuel allowance ..and also used the same size chassis specification as 2018..this may complicate things in those circuits where the likes of redbull were beating them.

  27. The first Merc livery I really like (but where’s the star?). Also, what was that strange livery we saw in the advance photos, then?

  28. Everybody until now only showed us renders of their cars (and Renault and Williams’s cars are late, anyway), Mercedes is already doing shakedowns. That’s how you win championships, people

  29. The digital renders look to have a serrated “windscreen”, but the trackside shots dont

  30. Well there’s your winner. Gods below, that looks incredible.

  31. here is first video from sky of mercedes 2019 shakedown…Hamilton appears at end of video as car is wheeled back into garage

  32. I like it! From afar looks a bit like Honda’s 2007 Earth Dream car (because of the black in the engine cover), but done properly.

  33. Mercedes liveries were always uninspiring to me, but this one is really striking. Look gorgeous on track! The complexity on the sidepods area is overwhelming! Imagine with proper front wings. Also, the halo is well integrated as well. But for 2021, they could restrict the length of the cars, as they are too long! Cut at least 0,5 meter, and it will look much better. They will have problems to turn on Lowes corner if they keep stretching these cars!

  34. For the past two years, everyone was talking about the sidepods.
    In 2017, Ferrari went radically ahead in that department and Mercedes was seen as conservative, if not behind the curve.
    Last year almost every team adopted the Ferrari’s sidepod philosophy, except for Sauber and Mercedes.

    This year, my bet is that Mercedes will remain the only team with traditional sidepod design..making it clear by now that they were not behind the curve at all and were sticking with the solution because they had valid reasons.

  35. Looks fantastic, even with halo.

    In fact the lack of outrage at halos this year. People already getting used to them as expected.

  36. No radical evolution, expect slower than Ferrari and same tyre blistering and overheating problem.

    1. Expect or wish?

    2. @ papaya

      Even with all that they still take the double. Other teams better pray they didn’t find a fix.

  37. Are those vortex generators on the front wing legal? I have seen them on a few cars now. Those little things that look like an elongated egg. I thought they wanted to get rid of the outwash, but these looks like they will result in no change at all.

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