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First pictures: Racing Point reveals its 2019 F1 livery

2019 F1 season

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Racing Point, the new identity of the former Force India team, has revealed its livery for the 2019 F1 season at the Canadian International Auto Show.

As revealed by RaceFans last month, the team has attracted new sponsorship from SportPesa, which has become the team’s new title sponsor.

The team explored other options for a new name for 2019 including acquiring a former F1 team name such as Lola. However having been unable to obtain the rights to use a suitable heritage name, the team has kept the Racing Point title.

“The name, it took us a while,” explained team principal Otmar Szafnauer during the launch. “We started off with Racing Point as our company name and we took the time from August until now to discuss and deliberate what the name should be.

“And we’ve all come to the conclusion that basically we’re a term of racers and there’s nothing wrong with – and actually it encompasses who we are – Racing Point. We all talked together and though that’s an appropriate name, let’s make it wonderful. Let’s take that name and give it some history and also give it some heritage with us being racers and ultimately winners.”

The team has benefited from substantial new investment since the takeover last year. Technical director Andrew Green said “the buzz in the factory is incredible” back at Silverstone.

“The people I speak to on a daily basis are so enthused by what’s happened: The new owners, the sponsors and investment that’s in the team is absolutely unprecedented and there’s a real sense of ‘yes, we can show people what we can really do now’. They’ve given us the tools to be able to move forward. It’s a real buzz.

“It’s not a new chapter in the history of this team, we’re a new book now. This is really something special and we’re all really excited to be part of it.”


Sergio Perez, Racing Point, 2019
Sergio Perez, Racing Point, 2019
Lance Stroll, Racing Point, 2019
Lance Stroll, Racing Point, 2019

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55 comments on “First pictures: Racing Point reveals its 2019 F1 livery”

  1. I like it – the only thing I don’t like is BWT’s insistence on having a pink car, but their own logo on the nose on a white background. Ruins it a bit for me.

    1. Yep, we’ll said @hahostolze, that white patch there doesn’t seem quite right, for the rest it looks nice, the blue works better than I thought.

    2. Why must it be that BWT ‘insisted’ on the paint scheme? Maybe that’s just what the team wanted to do.

    3. What’s wrong with a pink car? It’s different and instantly recognizable.

      1. For me it’s the shade of pink. It’s almost the same shade as Pepto Bismol, a diarrhea medication here in the states.

        1. @zapski

          Ha ha. i share your thoughts on this one.
          Most digestive antacids in India are also pink in colour !!

          Whether its diarrhea medication or an F1 car, it sure adds an element of uniqueness.

        2. @zapski, @webtel
          Well, the diarrhea effect is adding that extra element of urgency – you’ve just gotta be quick, or else!

    4. @hahostolze I don’t mind that bit. I think that silver bit in the sidepods is what ruins it. Makes no sense at all to have that.

      All in all, it has 6 colours with big presence on the car. Two shades of pink, two shades of grey, white and blue. Seems a bit messy.

    5. I’m really pleased they kept the pink! It’s great because it’s so completely different from any other livery. Onwards and upwards, Diversity!!

  2. I’m glad they’ve kept the pink, but I do think they could’ve been more imaginative with the Sport Pesa blue threading through it. I don’t dislike it as such, but it feels very “blocky” to me. Maybe I’m spoiled by the great custom liveries we see on social media these days.

    1. @ben-n – good idea, that would have offset the “sea of pink” feeling on the rest of the car. I’m surprised that despite BWT no longer being the title sponsor, they’re able to dictate the colour of the car to such an extent.

      1. Not sure that it needs be BWT ‘dictating’ the colour as much as it was likely a corroborative effort to retain pink for continuity and recognizability, and because it looks great. I certainly like it better now than previous years.

        1. I think a lot of their fans have embraced the new color scheme and would have been upset if they switched away from it. (Myself included!)

  3. Pink panther is a little bit more blue than last year

  4. F1 is starting to remind me of the BTCC – some really no-name brands getting title sponsorship and creating messy liveries and team names. SportPesa, Rockit, Rich and the dodgy not-tobacco companies.

    If we get through this week’s launches without some sort of car-buying or specialist car insurance company not getting a prominent spot on a car, we’ll have dodged a bullet.

    There must be something wrong with F1’s brand overall if the same brands that throw themselves at the likes of Nascar won’t touch F1.

    1. lol. ‘ have you been involved in accident that wasnt your fault?’ call 0800….. Yeh fabulous era, less blue chip companies, more chip shop

    2. I don’t get the whining about the “kinds” of brands that teams bring as sponsors. We should be happy that our F1 teams have found the money to keep themselves afloat, I don’t need Williams to be sponsored by some company on the NASDAQ Composite or Dow Jones Index.

      The entire point of sponsoring a team is to make your brand recognizable – the very fact that people are already Googling Rich Energy and RoKiT gives these companies a return on their investment.

  5. Sportpesa is the title sponsor, but it’s BWT that has the biggest spaces in the car, which is still mostly pink???

    1. Part of that will be the recognition of the team, in fairness.

      1. Might just be for the presentation too…who knows.

  6. Do “Racing Point” have a logo themselves? There’s no way for anyone to know it’s a RPF1 car unless they know the whole Force India saga??

    1. Like 90% of those who watch a live race?

    2. I noticed that too. According to FIA regulations, the constructor’s logo is required to appear on the nose. But also, this is last year’s car. So we won’t know what the logo looks like and what the new chassis is going to be called until they reveal it, presumably at the first test.

      1. The logo was on the noise. Looks like an aircraft roundel – solid circle with a ring around it. It’s in the graphic for the name too Racing as a word mark with the logo as a full stop. Also they were wearing them as lapel badges on the suits.

      2. Indeed: the constructor name or logo must appear on the car, but the dimension is dinky: at least 25mm (1 inch) at its largest point. No problem applying that there. The bigger question is, as @joeypropane pointed out, whether they actually have a logo…

        1. I was going to ask the same thing. The logo has to appear on the nose tip by regulation as Dieter points out, but it doesn’t appear to be on there in the images the team shared.

          1. They had a “bullseye” logo on the nose of the car at the launch event

    3. Perhaps they could have something like a plus and a point +. logo

  7. I think it looks great. All the best to them.

  8. Good that they’ve kept pink as the predominant color of the car.

  9. I don’t get it: Racing Point is saying this is the new car, the RP19

    1. I don’t think that’s true. Apart from the front wing, the car in the pictures is identical to last year’s.

      1. That’s why I don’t get it, but check Racing Point’s social media accounts

  10. I would prefer they ran the hot electric pink (shown on the car) as the dominant pink rather than the soft marshmallow pink. I think it would look better against the dark blue contrast and alot more aggressive.

  11. Good to see so many Sponsors (apart from the standard ones) on the car:
    BWT, Sport Pesa, NEC, JCB, Hackett, Infinitum, Claro/Telcel, Bombardier, Acronis, Univa, Ravenol.

    1. Duncan Snowden
      13th February 2019, 16:51

      Just what I was thinking. Although it’s maybe not the most exciting livery we’ve ever seen, I must admit to liking it a lot simply because it reminds me of the days when teams had more sponsors than they knew what to do with. I hope the car turns out to be a giant-killer.

  12. Looks better than the old Force India for as far as i’m concerned, the big blue bit is nice. Drivers suits also look better. The only thing the team worsened in, from my perspective, is adding Stroll.

    1. A solvent racing point is better than a non existent force India… let’s not forget that.

      I dislike phez as much as the next guy, but let’s get real folks!

  13. I think if they are going to use that first picture they should be prepared to face some complains about sexual harassment. That’s quite “in your face” isn’t it?

    1. I know it’s perspective but I think the “nose” does seem pretty large compared to the other cars. Probably done to minimize the impact from Lance’s crashes and keep the wing from breaking off when endplates are snapped on a regular basis. :P

  14. Dutchguy (@justarandomdutchguy)
    13th February 2019, 16:14

    Livery looks quite unbalanced….

    1. Probably like the car itself :P

  15. SportPesa is a betting company launched in Nairobi Kenya in 2014…am surprised they have ventured this far into formula one….i bet most people have never heard of this outfit until they started sponsoring some team in the emir league pesa is a swahili language word meaning money so the name sportpesa literally translates to sports money..

  16. Have to say.. Force india does a better livery than Racing point. The blue of pesa looks odd and so does the white patch on the front wing and seat area.

  17. The contrast of the colors is not so bad I think, much better than a field full of grey cars like we had some years ago.

    But since this is a new team I was expecting something really new, to stand out from the previous identity. I look at this and I think: Force India. Given the putative large number of wealthy backers associated with Stroll, couldn’t they have find something to override the pinkness of BWT?

  18. I like it, looks like a proper racing car with logos and colour splashed wherever they can fit it in. Ironically it reminds me of the Lola T97 which had similar blocks of colour and sponsors.

  19. Looks really cheap compared to the Merc livery… If looks and speed were matched, Racing Point and Williams would the backmarkers this year.

  20. This livery seems badly thought out to me. Almost like one of the small team’s of yesteryear who packed the car real estate with sponsors, thus appearing well funded when in fact they weren’t. It seems to be at odds with the image they want to present, given they are apparently now well funded.

  21. “The name, it took us a while,” explained team principal Otmar Szafnauer during the launch. “We started off with Racing Point as our company name and we took the time from August until now to discuss and deliberate what the name should be.

    “And we’ve all come to the conclusion that basically we’re a term of racers and there’s nothing wrong with – and actually it encompasses who we are – Racing Point. We all talked together and though that’s an appropriate name, let’s make it wonderful. Let’s take that name and give it some history and also give it some heritage with us being racers and ultimately winners.”

    This is the best rationalization they could come up with? The team formerly known as Force India could develop innovative solutions on a budget couldn’t engineer a decent ‘racing team’ name? Pointless failure of imagination.

    Although…unlike all the other teams on the grid, Racing Pointers, is a ‘team of racers’. Team of Racers! That would be a better name. And show up those other teams of non-racers.

    To me, Racing Point sounds like a posh driver school in Hampshire. Oh…maybe it is.

  22. Why can’t they just go with a nice bold pink and actually make it look good? This washed out pink has always been pretty vulgar to look at. Bold pink would work well with that blue too.

  23. I like the car for the simple reason it has colors. Too many cars are mostly black with boring single colors. This one really is really striking color scheme among its competitors.

  24. I’m seeing a lot of people saying they don’t like it. Maybe I’m weird, but this one actually really works for me. It’s busy, but it’s busy and exciting to my eyes, not busy and chaotic or overwhelming. It looks colorful and just all-around healthy for a racing livery, unlike the minimalist designs that seem in fashion at the moment.

  25. Looks like a bad Mondrian with some stickers on it

  26. Fudge Kobayashi (@)
    14th February 2019, 10:04

    Shockingly awful livery, a real eye sore.

    Why couldnt the execution be something like this?

  27. A pink car and a silly name. As far from JPS Lotus you can come.

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