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Alonso among McLaren’s options for a reserve driver

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In the round-up: Fernando Alonso could be called on as a reserve driver for McLaren, team CEO Zak Brown has confirmed.

What they say

Speaking at the launch of the McLaren MCL34 yesterday Brown said the team was unlikely to formally confirm arrangements for a reserve driver.

Well Fernando is still part of the team with our Indy 500 project. Gil [de Ferran, sporting director] ultimately leads our driver plans so we have a few plans and directions that we could go if we needed a reserve driver.

I think we’ll probably stop short of announcing a reserve driver but I think there is a variety of drivers out there that if we need someone on short notice could could fill that role.

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Comment of the day

What’s going on with that unusual Alfa Romeo front wing?

My guess on the front wing is (to be corrected later by Scarbs!) that with the large upright panels on either side of the front wing the yaw effect in turning doesn’t require the edges of the four upper wings. For example see this image… Raikkonen turning the edges of the wings are covered by both large uprights.

Then perhaps in a straight line the edges of these wings only served to guide air over the wheels and perhaps no wings proved faster with minimal effect to downforce.

That’s a complete guess, interested to see what the experts think.
Hans Herrmann (@Twentyseven)

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  • 19 comments on “Alonso among McLaren’s options for a reserve driver”

    1. Seb will win the WDC in both 2019 and 2020, before:
      – partnering Mick, winning 2021 in red to equal Michael and retirie; OR
      – switching over to Merc with SCM as team-mate, to end his career equalling MSC’s 7-times and handing over the team to Mick, for the success Michael was dreaming of.
      Bye Lewis, was fun ubtil the Merc lasted; your time is now over.
      Vai Verrari!

      1. This is your alarm speaking. Time to wake up! Haha

        1. Hahaha…

        2. That was very funny, @nemo87! :O)

      2. Please do not feed the trolls…

    2. I just saw that Team Mates video about Ferrari, and have a question – how do you type if each hand is holding a cig?

      (typed on behalf of Phylyp, he dictated this between puffs and coughs)

      1. @phylyp: Use your….head.

        1. @jimmi-cynic – so tempted to ask “which one?”

          1. @phylyp: so tempted to answer…

            1. Keith’s finger must be hovering over the “ban” button for both of us :)

            2. @Phylyp

              Keith’s finger must be hovering over the “ban” button

              Just the tip…

            3. Oh, the bans start with you, JC :-D

            4. Well, there has been a leak…;)

    3. Based on my many years driving an Alfa I think the missing bits on the front wing are simply a result of rust.
      These parts must catch most humidity and air to decay the fastest ;)

      1. Based on the one (expensive) Alfa-year I had, the electronics are not meant for my climate up here. I think they changed everything and the 156 spent more in the garage than I drove it. I never got to the rust stage :)

    4. I saw an Autosport article yesterday with Zak Brown defending McLaren’s hook up with BAT. I’m pretty ambivalent to be honest, but his comment referring to BAT:
      “What took place 10, 15, 20 years ago, the world is a different place and their landscape has changed”
      …made me chuckle, as I think he’s missing the irony of how much his statement applies just as much to McLaren too.
      I hope they at least show improvement this year.

    5. Mercedes aren’t afraid to show the steering wheel display unblurred, but Toro Rosso, Haas, and Mclaren are, interesting.

      “I got my first grey hair the other day,” “I looked in the mirror and pulled it out.”
      – Really? He’s three and a half years younger than me, and I haven’t got even one, LOL.

      Regarding the Malaysia Kini-article: I hope so as well, but unfortunately, don’t see it happening anytime soon. Definitely at least not in the foreseeable future.

    6. Kristin (@motorsportartist)
      15th February 2019, 12:56

      Regarding the Malaysia article: I hope we will get Malaysia back. The circuit was packed at the last race in 2017 compared to previous years we went there (2014, 2015 and 2016). I guess the reason being that they reduced the prices for the locals in 2017 and of course it was the last F1 GP. They are mad about Moto GP so I don’t see any reason why F1 cannot be successful there. It was a lovely F1 Grand Prix. We also liked how well Petronas organised fan events for Mercedes.

    7. Alonso not signing up to any fixed schedule this year suggests to me he wants to be ready to step into any top car. Sort of a general F1 reserve driver, not necessarily McLaren.

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