Alfa Romeo C38 presentation, Circuit de Catalunya, 2019

First pictures: Alfa Romeo presents its first F1 car for 34 years

2019 F1 season

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Alfa Romeo has presented its Formula 1 car since 1985 ahead of the start of testing for the new season today.

The car was previously seen in a one-off ‘love livery’ when new driver Kimi Raikkonen shook it down in a filming day at Ferrari’s Fiorano test circuit on February 14th.

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2019 F1 season

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19 comments on “First pictures: Alfa Romeo presents its first F1 car for 34 years”

  1. It looks like they just rebooted Kimi up for the pre season test. lol
    Anyway I think the car looks great.

    1. I preferred the one off test livery.

  2. It looks like they just rebooted Kimi up for the pre season test

    Quite an apt comment, looking at his pose and expressions. :-D

    1. Kimi and Vasseur having a laugh at one point before he got back in the car. They’ve got a gleam in their eyes. I’m hoping for good things from Alfa this season.

  3. The new front wings look superb on all the cars exept this one. Who designed those white square bricks???

    1. Probably still in discussion with a potential sponsor.

      Could be any start up with no sale and no product ;)

  4. Ferarri Engineer: “I have a crazy design idea I’d like to try out”
    Boss: “Send it on to the Alpha boys..”

      1. Yes. I dont speak Italian, but its something like Anonymous Lombarda (meaning people?) Factory Automobile … nothing to do with Alpha males…

        1. Lombarda is the region the cars are built in.

  5. More red on the engine cover and the sides of the cockpit than on last season’s car still under the Sauber-name.

  6. Fudge Kobayashi (@)
    18th February 2019, 9:58

    Happy to see the front wing from the spy pics wasnt a one-off. Finally a bit of variation in the field technically!

  7. That AR looks great, having a bit of a gamble with that front wing but I hope they have go this right!
    Hoping they have a killer year!!

  8. Mark in Florida
    18th February 2019, 14:47

    That front wing end fence!! It looks like someone is missing a piece of their picket fence from the yard. The rest of the car looks great though. Kimi actually looks engaged for once. Maybe this will bring out the old Kimi like when he raced for Lotus. I’m looking forward to see what Alfa F1 can do.

  9. Racecar is racecar backwards
    18th February 2019, 15:16

    Livery looks more thought about than last year. Would have been cool to see the red extend down the nose. Those front wing end plates should be red too. Like the Sauber engineering logo in the stripe though.

  10. Duncan Snowden
    18th February 2019, 16:11

    C38. And “Sauber Engineering” on the sidepod, too. Nice to see.

    Of course, this isn’t exactly a first, for either organization. The C11, C291, and the aborted C292 were, officially, Mercedes-Benzes, and Alfa’s works team was, famously, run by Autodelta for years in both F1 and rallying. Not to mention the pre-war Alfas with the prancing horse on their flanks. So Sauber has experience in building cars under another manufacturer’s name (I’m not counting the BMW period), and Alfa has a history of allowing its racing teams to maintain their identities up to a point. Which makes sense: I wouldn’t be surprised to see “Sauber engineered” Alfa road cars appearing at some point.

    This could be the start of a beautiful friendship… :)

    1. “This could be the start of a beautiful friendship… :)”
      Great quote…

  11. is gonna take a while for me not to think of them as Saubers, which probably means I’m getting old :/

    I think I’m gonna start saying ‘BACK IN MY DAYS…’

  12. I find, “In my day” is a lot quicker to write… ;-)

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