George Russell, Williams, Circuit de Catalunya, 2019

New Williams finally runs in testing

2019 F1 season

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Williams’ new car for the 2019 F1 season has finally run for the first time on the third day of testing.

The FW42 was originally due to run for the first time in a filming day on Saturday. However completion of the car was delayed as the team missed a series of internal deadlines to deliver parts for the new car.

George Russell was the first of the team’s drivers to turn a lap in the car. He conducted a single installation lap shortly after the lunch time break and then returned to the team’s garage.

Speaking at an event to reveal its new sponsor last week, Claire Williams admitted she felt apprehensive ahead of the first test of the year.

“None of us want to go through what we had to go through in 2018,” she said in response to a question from RaceFans. “And it is a really nerve-wracking time, it’s a lot of pressure.

“The period now in which we’re able to develop next year’s chassis is so much shorter with a longer season that we have. Obviously last year as well we had to do a big amount of work behind the scenes to make sure that this year’s car is much better out of the blocks.”

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2019 F1 season

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George Russell, Williams, Circuit de Catalunya, 2019
George Russell, Williams, Circuit de Catalunya, 2019

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11 comments on “New Williams finally runs in testing”

  1. I’m happier now!

    1. Lets wait until they pass the 100 lap mark and maybe the 1:20:00 mark as well, shall we?

  2. Let’s see them go out again after they checked the car over after that installation lap.

  3. About time.

  4. Wishing them all the best. Must be very difficult for them as they struggle. I hope they have at least found some improvement and a small sense of a bit of light at the end of the tunnel. They know they won’t be fighting for podiums so it’s just a day at a time, do their best, and try to learn and progress.

  5. Wes (@flashofsilver)
    20th February 2019, 15:49

    The upper wishbones/A-arms appear to be set very high on both the front and rear of the car.

  6. Fashionably late for the best looking livery this year?

    1. @mtlracer Do you think this might just be test session livery? ;)

  7. looks much better in real life than either the dark livery release photos and the render. please, for the love of biscuits, be worthy of the W badge this year

    1. @guitargraham I was going to say the same thing. It looks much better on track, I actually like it and I didn’t before.

  8. This must be the toghest year for Williams in a long time. They seem unprepared to fight above their (latest years) weight and all the teams that were around them in the past look way better this year. Sauber (Alfa) should be a solid midfield team and if Torro Rosso has good reliability with Honda, they should also be higher up the ranks. Racing Point might be off to a slower start, but they usually get better during the year, especially now when they have sufficient funding. I hope this won’t be true, but Williams might be the sole backmarker this year.

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