2019 Netflix F1 series "Drive to Survive"

First trailer for new Netflix F1 series “Drive to Survive” revealed

2019 F1 season

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The first trailer for “Drive to Survive”, the new Netflix series on Formula 1, has been revealed.

Netflix has commissioned 10 episodes of the series, which will become available on March 8th ahead of the start of the 2019 F1 season.

The executive producer of the series is James Gay Rees, who produced the successful 2010 documentary Senna.

F1 media rights director Ian Holmes said “this truly unique series embodies the sport and helps us to showcase and unearth the untold stories on and off the track.

“Partnering with Netflix to create an original series puts us at the forefront of becoming a media and entertainment brand and attracting new fans to the sport,” he added.

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2019 F1 season

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28 comments on “First trailer for new Netflix F1 series “Drive to Survive” revealed”

  1. Finally some good series to watch on Netflix. I’m finally getting my money’s worth

    1. Agreed – they’ve been hitting out of the park in the last few years.

  2. Shame actual F1 isn’t even a quarter of how exciting that trailer makes it out to be…

    1. My thoughts exactly. Crazy how much they dramatized it. I mean yeah, put some crazy music in the background, say some inspirational quotes, show some crashes and you are made to feel it’s a war zone out there. Unfortunately while F1 is exciting, it is neither gladiatorial nor super human anymore.

      1. Just like most trailers today: a few quotes and a few good scenes (sometimes all the good scenes.)
        In fact, I think they got all the good images form last year.

      2. Nor super human anymore? Did you try to survive one single race in that pace? 99 % of people would die doing it :-).

    2. True, but hopefully the BTS angle will make it interesting, if not exciting. But taking the F1 snobbery into account, I’m not expecting too much to be allowed to air. This aint the sport for a “let if all hang out for the masses” program.

    3. They should have dubbed in audio from the V8s or V10s.

  3. When I watched the McLaren show on F1, I was only disappointed at how few episodes there were, and how quickly it ended. 10 episodes sounds much better.

    I also hope that the narrator (if there is one) is a Brit, it just sounded so weird having Michael Douglas narrate that McLaren one.

    1. The McLaren one was restricted by F1 licensing I think. This one was commissioned by Liberty to help raise the profile of the sport. Pretty smart.

  4. Yet again F1 on pay to view only!

  5. What a cheesy name, “Drive To Survive…”

    1. Cheesy name + a trailer full of crash scenes. This is not 60s, this is not what F1 is about anymore. Some may find this a good thing, some might be cheering for having more danger element. But regardless, it makes this trailer totally unrelated to F1. And most of us doesn’t watch F1 for crashes. So who the hell is this trailer for and will they be satisfied coming to F1 with such expectations?

      1. I was about to write the same. Someone, who watched F1 in 60s-80s was told to make a dramatic trailer. :D

      2. On the flip side, Webber going airborne in Valencia 2010 and Grosjean skidding across the top of cars in Belgium 2012 were pretty epic, if not scary, events. Not to mention the other accidents that I don’t want to bring up. Just reminders that this stuff still can, and does, happen.

      3. Absolutely with you on this one. Seems like Yankee work to me. And that Hulkenberg crash scene from Abu Dhabi… come on, I’ve also seen it a biggest crashes of 2018 compilation and it really wasn’t such a big deal. He just had to stay upside down for a couple of minutes. Compare that to that girl’s crash in the lower Formulae – can’t remember the series. Now that was chilling.

        1. @jjlehto , he was stuck upside down in a car with a fire developing at the back. In the end all good, but it must have been 20 very scary seconds

    2. @serg33 – you’re talking about the guys who also likely coined “#EngineeredInsanity” :)
      Didn’t see the trailer yet, I must admit.

    3. In fairness, it’d work if it was about the lower-tier teams trying to somehow scramble enough money together to last in a F1 that has lost all sensibleness in terms of spending.

  6. I hoping for Max push on Esteban. It didn’t disappointed.
    Would be perfect if it has Kevin’s balls.

    1. We need more Kimi moments. Having an ice cream in Malaysia, partying mid-race on his yatch in Monaco, a couple of bwahs during interviews, etc. We need more Kimi. :P

  7. I only watched the trailer once but I didn’t see a Merc or Ferrari in the trailor. Restricted by image rights?

    1. More like restricted by F1 snobbery.

  8. Goosebumps!

  9. This all seems a bit Alan Partridge:

    “Crash, Bang, Wallop… What a Video!”

  10. ‘focusing mainly on the dangers’ I read somewhere. This kind of rubber necking vulture vision we can do without. Crashes are an intrinsic part of the sport but to build the premise of a ten part Netflix is pretty far down the food chain.

  11. I don’t care what the naysayers here say, I’m enthusiastic and looking forward to watching it.

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