Christian Horner, Circuit de Catalunya, 2019

Horner expects Liberty to deliver 2021 rules plan ‘within first months of 2019’

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In the round-up: Red Bull team principal Christian Horner says he expects Liberty Media to reveal details of Formula 1’s future rules package soon.

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What they say

Horner was asked for an update on the teams’ progress with Liberty Media during the off-season:

We’ve had quite a few conversations with Liberty we had one major meeting. A lot of what they’re looking at doing for the future is quite exciting and there’s no shortage of venues that want to host races, there’s a lot of interest in the sport you see how the numbers are growing particularly on the digital platforms and the viewing figures being up for last year, live attendance being up and you just feel that if we can just keep improving the show and have a great championship if there was to be a three-way battle this year it would be fantastic for all the fans and ultimately them.

Obviously there’s an awful lot of focus with Liberty at the moment as to what is the vision for 2021. What are the technical regulations what are the financial regulations what is the financial distribution that they’re looking at. So there’s some big ticket items that they need to deal with during the first few months of this year.

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Comment of the day

Can Valtteri Bottas put his miserable end to last season behind him?

As a story it would be fascinating to see Bottas bounce back from a very mediocre year and emerge as one of the best this season – leading the charge for Mercedes, comprehensibly besting Hamilton and possibly even taking the championship. Clearly last year affected him severely – similar to Kvyat’s demotion; it was like after a certain point he just gave up. Seeing him grow from that and come back ten times stronger would be very cool. Going from underdog and wingman to champion and winner.

Cynically I suppose I expect him to remain in no man’s land – quicker than the midfield but a tenth behind the ‘big guys’, but I would genuinely love to see him take a huge step up. He’s a talented guy – it’s clearly there, he just has to grab it. This year though he’s got to make that step or next year his seat is as good as Ocon’s. He’s probably well aware of that.

Though personally I’d give him the championship just for the beard.
Adam (@Rocketpanda)

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14 comments on “Horner expects Liberty to deliver 2021 rules plan ‘within first months of 2019’”

  1. Precipitous decline of Williams? Might want to check that one in the dictionary. This has been and even more gradual decline than Tyrell.

    1. Using words like ‘gradual’ will cause potential viewership to drop precipitously!

  2. I thoroughly agree with the COTD. Bottas indeed needs to step up his game if he’s to remain at Mercedes beyond this year’s Championship. He needs to avoid having too many of those type of races where he’s suddenly dropped from something like 2nd or 3rd place to finishing 5th or 6th (as the worst of the top runners.)

    1. Yeah, the thing was, he seemed to have those races mostly after having had to give up hopes of driving for himself @jerejj. So indeed, it would be great for the sport if Bottas does get off to a great start and can stand his own as a genuine competitor.

      I was impressed by how Rosberg after yet another season of not being able to match Hamilton picked himself up and took a step forward to eventually beat Hamilton to the championship. I had little hope he would manage that. And I am not getting my hopes up for Bottas finding a way to try that either. But it would certainly be a huge boost to F1 if he did so.

  3. I understand that the Netflix series will be available from 8 March.

    IMO this is a more memorable quite from Claire: “I’ve been given a wonderful opportunity, and I only agreed to do it because I thought at the time that I could turn the business around,” she says. “I’ve got this whole history that I need to protect. If, under my watch, that were all to go horribly wrong, it would be my fault.”

    1. Series of what?

      1. 10 episodes of Netflix documentary about F1 – ‘Drive to Survive’.

  4. COTD! :D Bottas’s hot beard for champion 2019!

  5. Anyone know where Indycar is going to be broadcast in the UK this year?

    I thought BT Sport still had it but it’s currently not on any of there TV guides & I also saw today that the deal in the US with NBC having it exclusively also took international rights distribution away from ESPN so now all previous international deals need to be renegotiated.

  6. ViaSat (owned by the Nordic Entertaintment Media Group) has just recently bought the rights for the Nordic countries – having two Swedish drivers in top teams).

  7. Mark in Florida
    24th February 2019, 22:31

    I hope that Bottas can get it together. He needs to get more aggressive or assertive if you like and establish his position early on. Stop being Hamilton’s buddy and start racing. Mercs looking for a reason to get rid of you anyway so look out for yourself. Williams what can you say about that situation? It’s the culmination of many factors involved over many years. Something revolutionary needs to happen to save that organization and Paddy Lowe doesn’t seem to be it. Sauber was on shaky legs after BMW dumped them the way they did. Now that Alfa has the team things are looking up. They have an ace driver that seems motivated this year, they appear fast in testing and they finally have adequate resources. I think we’re in for an interesting year can’t wait.

  8. Listening to Horner talk about Liberty and the 2021 rules is like listening to U.S. where everyone has a completely uninformed opinion about when the Meuller will finish his investigation. They all know that it has to come before too long, but really have no information whatsoever to base an opinion on. It happens when it happens. I really wish the racing press would stop asking him whether or not he thinks it will rain next Tuesday. I feel obligated to read the articles so as not to miss anything, but I’m really tired of him just running his mouth.

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