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Full driver line-up for final pre-season test confirmed

2019 F1 season

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The full driver line-up for the final test ahead of the 2019 F1 season has been confirmed.

With just four days of running left before the first race weekend of the new championship, all 10 teams will use only their race drivers for this week’s test at the Circuit de Catalunya which begins tomorrow.

World champion Lewis Hamilton will be back at the wheel of his Mercedes from tomorrow morning before handing over to his team mate in the afternoon. The pair will share the W10 on each day of the test as they did last week.

Renault will also continue split their running between each driver on both drivers. Ferrari will adopt the same approach, having used one driver per day during the first test.

Williams is looking to get a full four days of running in with its FW42 which arrived late to testing last week. It has not scheduled any test time for Nicholas Latifi, who was due to drive the team’s new car last week but missed his planned runs due to the late completion of the team’s new car.

TeamTuesday 26th FebWednesday 27th FebThursday 28th FebFriday 1st Mar
MercedesLewis Hamilton / Valtteri BottasValtteri Bottas / Lewis HamiltonLewis Hamilton / Valtteri BottasValtteri Bottas / Lewis Hamilton
FerrariCharles Leclerc / Sebastian VettelSebastian Vettel / Charles LeclercCharles Leclerc / Sebastian VettelSebastian Vettel / Charles Leclerc
Red BullPierre GaslyMax VerstappenPierre GaslyMax Verstappen
RenaultNico Hulkenberg / Daniel RicciardoDaniel Ricciardo / Nico HulkenbergNicoHulkenberg / Daniel RicciardoDaniel Ricciardo / Nico Hulkenberg
HaasKevin MagnussenRomain GrosjeanKevin Magnussen / Romain GrosjeanRomain Grosjean / Kevin Magnussen
McLarenLando NorrisCarlos Sainz JnrLando NorrisCarlos Sainz Jnr
Racing PointLance StrollSergio PerezLance StrollSergio Perez
Alfa RomeoAntonio GiovinazziKimi RaikkonenAntonio GiovinazziKimi Raikkonen
Toro RossoAlexander AlbonDaniil KvyatAlexander AlbonDaniil Kvyat
WilliamsGeorge RussellRobert KubicaGeroge RussellRobert Kubica

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2019 F1 season

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  • 12 comments on “Full driver line-up for final pre-season test confirmed”

    1. So both Russel and Kubica have a red helmet? I know there’s the number to tell drivers apart, but still…

      1. Yeah, it’s called a calendar ;)

    2. Poor Kubica has hardly gotten to drive the car at all. Hopefully by Wednesday everything is sorted so he can finally get some serious seat time.

      Interesting that Ferrari is splitting duty between their drivers each day like Merc and Renault have done. They didn’t do that last week, did they? Or did I just miss it?

      1. @partsguy20 Yeah that’s a change for Ferrari. Given the mileages they’ve been doing it would surely ease the strain on the drivers to have them split the load each day.

      2. I think the teams should split the driving between the two drivers each day rather than expect one to do a whole day. Fatigue increases the risk of making an error while driving.

        1. If you can keep your focus for a double or triple stint then your golden come race day. They also take breaks & eat food etc.. In boxing you dont train for 12 x 3 minute rounds. Your train for 15 x 4 minute rounds.

      3. Given that they seem to be covering a couple of race distances per day and reliability seems to be a non issue for most teams, it seems logical to split driving duties.

    3. @partsguy20 – you’re right re. Ferrari – they had a driver running an entire day last week, so this week’s daily split duty is new for them.

    4. if you have two cars at the track that makes more sense IMO. concentration certainly doesn’t get better after 100 laps in the car – fatigue would make accurate feedback trickier also. Unless you only have one chassis/full set of new parts ready and would have to change setup/do tons of work to the cars during lunch it makes perfect sense to me. Don’t really know why else they would NOT do that.

    5. Will Sky F1 also cover this weeks action?

      1. It seems not.

        1. bummer…

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