Adrian Newey, Red Bull, Circuit de Catalunya, 2019

Gasly on Newey: ‘I’m trying to ask him a lot of questions’

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In the round-up: Pierre Gasly says he is trying to make the most of the opportunity to work with renowned F1 designer Adrian Newey after joining Red Bull.

What they say

For me it’s only my second year in Formula 1 and to be next to people like Adrian [Newey], next to Max [Verstappen], who have a lot more experience than be, it’s really been beneficial.

I think Adrian is just an amazing person, engineer, so I’m trying to ask him a lot of questions all the time I see him and try to improve also my knowledge technically. I think as a driver I’m going to develop a lot during this season and try to make the best out of it.

Quotes: Dieter Rencken

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Comment of the day

Are you hopeful we could see more than three teams competing for victories soon?

I know this year it will not happen but I hope the field keeps getting tighter. I could see a time when we have five teams able to with a race. McLaren, Ferrari, Mercedes, Renault, Red Bull. If we could get that to happen the sport would be in a really, really good spot.

I really hope McLaren will have found some speed this year to get closer to the front and same with Renault. I know this is optimistic of me but I hope as soon as next year this could happen.

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  • Peter Revson was born on this day in 1939

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  • 23 comments on “Gasly on Newey: ‘I’m trying to ask him a lot of questions’”

    1. Newey doesn’t look too Good… hopefully its just the shave

      1. Caption Competition!

        Gasly asks Newey for the 100th time “What is an aerodynamics?”

        1. @mach1: Good one!

          Followup question: “Oh…down force. You generate that with your facial expression?”

          1. Yes! Please bring back Caption Competition, @keithcollantine, it’s been almost a year since the last one.

            1. “Adrian would often stand at the back of the garage and wish he was driving, not designing”


              “Iv’e got do something about this wind problem!”

        2. @mach1 Silly but I still lol’ed

        3. @mach1, missing Caption Competition as well.

          Newey ponders, how fast do I need to pedal to go upside down through a tunnel on my bicycle.

        4. Newey on the deadline to come out with something to justified all his peers glorification of Honda.

        5. I wonder what happened to that feature @keithcollantine, it was a good laugh

      2. @mrboerns

        He looks tired and annoyed with Gasly’s stupid questions.

    2. You don’t go unnoticed in the racing world, @keithcollantine! I’m sure we’ll hear your analysis in the future.

    3. Agree with COTD. Let’s have a blast last V6-hybrid era in 2020 before another one team domination years after new regulation.

    4. I know this topic has been discussed a lot, and been a stong focus of conflicting opinions in recent years. But here we are again – Since Bahraine origin football/soccer player … was unlawfully detained by Thailand on behalf of Bahrain he now spoke up to urge F1 fans to push the FIA into supporting just like FiFa has supported him:

      Fans of Formula One racing need to help Najah. Formula One needs to be told that human rights abuses cannot be tolerated. I urge you to boycott this year’s Bahrain Grand Prix if Najah does not walk free before the Bahrain Grand Prix in March. While I certainly appreciate Fifa and the IOC’s intervention in my case, I believe they need to call for an investigation into the repression of athletes orchestrated by the authorities in 2011.

      1. Yes. Ban Bahrain from F1. Ban US for using lethal drone to civilian. Ban China for human right abuses. Ban Spain for occupy Catalonia. Ban ’em all.

        1. @ruliemaulana Indeed. More or less every race-hosting country has something that would justify axing that country’s venue from F1 if we were to be that precise.

        2. Sure guys. Every country has many failures, especially when we look back a couple of decades etc.

          But taking the combination of what is going on in Bahrain in the last years AND how much the rulers are tied in with running the race is clearly something completely different from say the silverstone GP in the UK and the UK also having occupied a whole range of countries in the past and having done quite a boatload of atrocities (just one example of a race).

          Spain – Catalonia that is complete nonsense to compare with that. Sure, the way the (previous) Spanish government went about the referendum aftermath was pretty clearly the wrong approach. But they are only holding a couple of people prison (and are expecting a real trial) and so far none of those have ever been at any risk of being tortured. And protesters haven’t been shot at, jailed in masses and their family members detained to keep them from talking.

    5. Dont tell him too much Adrian. Maybe Pierre is a spy for Renault.

    6. I thoroughly agree with the COTD. This year unlikely, but hopefully Renault (and Mclaren) would at least get closer to the clear top-three teams of the last two seasons.

    7. Disappointing news about BT Sport losing Indycar – they had made a decent stab at promoting it on their channel and at least investing in UK commentators (Including one Mr Collantine). It could be interesting if Sky have swept in to boost thier F1 channel which is kinda lacking in content outside of the F1 weekends, but their old coverage was token effort as it gets.

      BT had Indycar as thier primary car racing series so it got at least some decent treatment (Moto GP is their premier racing series). As long as it doesn’t end up on another platform as I’ve already had to fork out for BT and Sky Sports for this season and wont be stumpting up for a third for IndyCar (as much as i’ve enjoyed the last few seasons)

      1. I agree. This year it’s getting harder and harder to actually watch multiple motorsport series ‘live’ without spending a stupid amount of money. With all bar one of F1s live races now with Sky, there really isn’t much out there.
        I’m sitting on a BT Sport package that I only watch WRC highlights now. Losing Indycar is a real blow as it was always an enjoyable evening in the UK watching a live competitive race series.
        I think only BTCC is left for free in the UK now.
        I have my fingers crossed that at least Le Mans 24hrs is live on Eurosport this year.

    8. Hopefully Indycar finds a home on Sky, or an NFL Gamepass style app, for us in the UK. A shame to see it lost by BT.

    9. Agree with COTD but don’t want just those teams to be up for a victory, you want on any given day when things go AWOL any outside team getting a win or podium, just like Damon Hill managed in the Jordan in Spa (I cant remember the year- 1998??). But yes if 5 teams are close on any given Sunday we could have 10 drivers who are up for a win- that would be a great state of F1 but I do think its not happening in the near future unfortunately.

    10. BT Sport have done an amazing job with IndyCar

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