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Haas “need a good day tomorrow” after exhaust problem

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Haas team principal Guenther Steiner says the team needs a trouble-free final day of testing on Friday after problems with its new car prevented it running a full programme today.

“We did not enough running today,” said Steiner. “I’m a little bit disappointed that we did so little running in the afternoon. But otherwise the mood is OK.”

Kevin Magnussen covered 53 laps in the morning while Romain Grosjean did just 16 in the afternoon.

“In the morning we had a programming issue with the brake-by-wire system so we had to sort that one out,” Steiner explained.

“And in the afternoon we had a failure on the exhaust manifold, that had a gas leak and we had to change it. And nothing is easy on these cars to change so we had to take the gearbox off to get to the turbocharger and take the exhaust manifold off.”

Steiner said it was “difficult to quantify” the overall effect on their programme. “In the morning we got almost everything run, we weren’t short of a lot.

“In the afternoon we got very little done to be honest. But the last two days were good, if we have a good day tomorrow I think we will be fine.”

“We need to have a good day tomorrow, hopefully, but then I cannot demand that,” he added. “Lady luck will play some part in that one.”

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10 comments on “Haas “need a good day tomorrow” after exhaust problem”

  1. And in the afternoon we had a failure on the exhaust manifold, that had a gas leak and we had to change it

    Seems like they’re running their mixture a bit… Rich.

    (I’m sorry, I’ll see myself out)

    1. @phylyp: Don’t exhaust yourself. ;-)

      1. @jimmi-cynic – you’re so full of hot air, aren’t you? :)

        1. Yes, I’m gassed. But who’s venting now, @phylyp?

    2. I think you mean lean.

      Rich would be when rich gets their logo sued clean off the car… IF they are even still around when we get to that point.

    3. I always thought that the purpose of the exhaust was to leak gas, where is the problem here?

      Anyway haasome job there @phylyp

  2. Must be something about painting your car black and gold that gives you exhaust issues..

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