Ferrari's '90th anniversary celebration liver'y' for the 2019 Australian Grand Prix

Ferrari replace Mission Winnow logos with ’90th anniversary celebration’

2019 Australian Grand Prix

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Ferrari has revealed the livery it will use for this weekend’s Australian Grand Prix after choosing to remove the logos of Mission Winnow from its car.

As RaceFans revealed last week, Ferrari will not appear in its Mission Winnow branding for the first race of the 2019 F1 season. Media and public health bodies in Australia confirmed last month they are looking into the legality of tobacco producer Philip Morris International’s branding on the Ferrari.

Ferrari said last week the team’s livery for this weekend will feature “a surprise for the fans” instead of its Mission Winnow branding. The team has added ’90 years’ logos marking the company’s 90th anniversary to its rear wing, engine cover, nose and front wing, all in places which previously featured Mission Winnow logos.

Ferrari will reinstate its Mission Winnow branding at the Bahrain Grand Prix.

Meanwhile questions remain over whether McLaren will run its “A Better Tomorrow” livery, which is promoted by British American Tobacco, at the first race of the season. The logos were absent from publicity material issued by the team ahead of the race. McLaren has declined to conform its branding arrangements ahead of this weekend’s race.

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Video: Why Ferrari removed its Mission Winnow logos

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2019 Australian Grand Prix

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    31 comments on “Ferrari replace Mission Winnow logos with ’90th anniversary celebration’”

    1. I like it better this way.
      It’s going to make a great toy model.

    2. The rendered matte look must be easily one of the most horrendous sights man ever laid eyes upon

      1. @mrboerns I disagree. I actually quite like the way it looks.

        1. Same , looks fantastic.

      2. It looks like it was an exceptionally foggy day in Maranello. :)
        That being said, they have opted for the Obviously Digital look, which I somehow respect.

    3. From Philip Morris’ perspective, if their aim was to get more exposure than they have since they stopped sticking Marlboro logos on F1 Ferraris, this whole episode has been PR gold. The amount of column inches this story has gotten is unbelievable.

      1. @geemac I don’t agree. Yes there’s a lot of column inches but who’s reading them apart from hardcore F1 fans?

        The value of having the logos on the cars which could very well win this weekend’s race, and be seen by far more people than read RaceFans and a few other sites, is immensely greater.

        1. Fair point. Nothing from stopping PMI issuing a press release plastered with Mission Winnow logos everywhere in the world other than Australia immediately after they win the race though…

          1. Only people that like F1 watch it to see any advertising. They all know its Mission Winnow. Next race they are back and all images for advertising this years cars will be those with MW on. They have won this battle, too smart for governments.

        2. Actually only people who read about it will know it’s connected to tobacco, and hopefully it won’t help the narcotics pushers hook any more addicts. I noticed “Wishin Minnow” all over the red bikes in the Qatar MotoGP.

    4. I quite liked that video, it was well written and visually well edited.
      As a fan of The Flying Lap, I can only hope that you (KC et al) are aspiring to something similar. I bet PW would make a great guest in the first season! Cheers from Canada

    5. They should leave it that way for the whole season, or at least leave the 90th Anniversary logos in one or two places.

      1. @partsguy20 – seconded – I really like the 90th anniversary signage.

    6. This Mission Winnow is one of the worst logo and actual brand namimg I’ve ever seen in my life, so I hope some other countries will follow up this ban. Also hate this shark fin btw, we finally have a car with nice sleek engine cover and this thing is ruining the whole look. Would be much better if they had paint it black or tricolori like last year.

      1. Agree its a shocking logo but how many CAD generated images guided by accountants and customer responses ever are.

        On a general point and or what its worth I have NO NO problem with vaping. Its been a great health improvement for millions of smokers. Its not perfect but are we really going to squeal like babies because its linked to a cigarette company. Id vape ( I don’t) over drinking Red Bull every day. THAT is more a of a health issue and its available kids. At least vaping is controlled. Double standards

        1. Fortunately, here in Oz vaping is properly controlled, nicotine is an addictive narcotic no matter how it gets into your bloodstream.

          1. So is alcohol. SO is chocolate. So is sugar.We are talking about reducing cancer Not becoming Mary Poppins

    7. Maybe it’s just me being cynical but I can see a said PMI fag packet more clearly in the middle of the new 90 years logo than I could in the winnow logo!

    8. A bit harsh IMO: few PMI customer will ever see their 90th birthday.

    9. I feel like smoking.

    10. Meh! Not impressed. Then again, I wasn’t impressed with “Mission Winnow” in either black or white.

    11. I’d prefer the black horse on the engine cover instead of those dull “90ys” and “MW” logos.
      Plus, the car number should be black as well… and that damn shark fin. Well, whatever…

    12. The 90 years font is using Marlboro electric iQOS font. Aus GP should see this.

    13. Hey, @keithcollantine so it’s YT videos now? Fancy!

    14. OmarRoncal - Go Seb!!! (@)
      13th March 2019, 3:40

      Just 2 or 3 years ago they celebrated 70 years and now 90? Who can explain it to me please?

      1. Perhaps Arrivabene did the calculation the previous time.

        1. This year marks the Scuderia Ferrari’s (ie the racing team) 90th birthday, in 2017 it was Ferrari’s (the sports car maker) 70th birthday.

    15. MB (@muralibhats)
      13th March 2019, 4:34

      Any publicity is good publicity for PMI and all this has already been thought off before the campaign started. The media ( Racefans included) have done their bit if marketing unknowingly and PMI is the winner overall.

    16. Aren’t all these articles about tobacco sponsorship in themselves advertising tobacco products? All this endless talk about livery changes and controversy. The tobacco companies must be laughing. Why spend millions if others spread the word for you? This is perfect for them. Actually much more effective than puting an add on TV or google.

      There are so many other things to talk about ahead of this year, and much more news worthy.

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