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Michael Masi appointed race director for Australian GP

2019 Australian Grand Prix

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The FIA has announced Michael Masi will take over as race director, safety director and permanent starter for the Australian Grand Prix.

Masi’s appointment follows the unexpected death of previous race director Charlie Whiting earlier today.

Masi is the deputy race director of the Australian Supercars series. He has substituted for Supercars race director Tim Schencken on occasions and served as the race director for its feeder category Super 2.

Last year Masi was selected to join an FIA initiative aimed at preparing future stewards for international race meetings such as F1. He served as a Formula 1 steward during last year’s Chinese Grand Prix and was the chair of the stewards at last week’s Formula E Hong Kong EPrix.

The 39-year-old, who has been involved in motorsport since he was a teenager, was being prepared as a potential future replacement for Whiting. Masi observed during driver briefings, participated in circuit inspections and worked in race control. He was scheduled to serve as FIA deputy race director at around a third of this year’s F1 races, as well as at all the F2 and F3 rounds.

FIA statement

Appendix 1, Part B of the FIA Formula One Sporting Regulations for this Event (“Sporting Regulations”), specifies that Mr Charlie Whiting shall be the Race Director, the Safety Delegate and the Permanent Starter.

In accordance with Article 11.9.3b of the FIA International Sporting Code, the Sporting Regulations shall hereby be amended to reflect Mr Michael Masi as the Race Director, Safety Delegate and Permanent Starter for this Event.

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  • 10 comments on “Michael Masi appointed race director for Australian GP”

    1. What about those other people they trained in the past?
      And it would be good to finally have a woman as race director.
      Winnie something I believe she is called.

      1. Since this was an unexpected step that had to be taken in a rather faraway place from the rest of the world at short notice, it makes huge sense that the FIA took on someone who was both qualified and nearby and probably was available, since he is the deputy to the supercars series, if needed they can do without him @coldfly.

        The FIA is probably looking at the options for the next races, either we will see several people stepping in in the following races as an interim solution or maybe they can get that sorted for next race already (i doubt it, since most qualified people already have plans in place they need some time to arrange that).

      2. Winnie something I believe she is called.

        @coldfly – I didn’t realize Liberty had already rolled out their “shorter race” policy!

        1. their “shorter race” policy

          part of their plan to increase the calendar, including two races in different cities every Sunday.

      3. They should choose the best candidate for the job (like for any job in any ‘market’), entirely independent from their gender..

      4. Winnie Harlow you mean? I think that would get the support of Liberty Media: make a bigger show by waving the finish flag at uncertain times.

      5. @coldfly yeah I can’t believe they haven’t chosen a female replacement. Come on, it’s 2019!
        Says a lot about the state of F1 and the male hierarchy. It’s offensive. I’m totally not joking…

    2. …the Sporting Regulations shall hereby be amended to reflect Mr Michael Masi as the Race Director, Safety Delegate and Permanent Starter for this Event

      I assume the Sporting Regulations can be amended before the Start of the Race. I guess one question is who has the authority to change this regulation? Does it matter if the Sporting Regulations aren’t able to be amended in time? It would look a bit stupid if this race turns out to not be a legitimate race.
      As I think about it, maybe there should have been a clause stating something like ” … and in the absence of Mr Charlie Whiting then Mr Michael Masi will be the Race Director, Safety Delegate, and [etc].”

      1. There are supplements to the Sporting Regulations for every event and the stewards of that event have the authority to amend these supplements, which is stated in article 11.9.3 b of the International Sporting Code, which can be found on the FIA website.

        11.9.3.b may amend the Supplementary Regulations

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