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Norris confident he’s improved his starts from 2018

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In the round-up: Lando Norris says he’s confident he has improved his starts, which were a weakness at times in his Formula 2 campaign last year.

What they say

[mpuzweeler01]Speaking yesterday, Norris said starts were just one aspect of his performance he’s been working on ahead of his Formula 1 debut:

I think so. In terms of starts obviously in F2 sometimes it was good, sometimes it wasn’t. My first start of the season last year was probably my best one of the whole year so I’ve got to hope that’s the same case tomorrow.

But in as many situations as I can be prepared for: pit stops, the start, I feel reasonably confident. I think we have good procedures for everything. But it’s going to be quite different with 19 other guys on the grid, a lot of cars going into turn one. There’s a lot of scenarios which I can’t really practice or haven’t been able to. There’s a lot of new things I’m going to be learning and overcoming just in tomorrow’s race. So it’s going to be tough. A lot of new things that I don’t know what to expect or how to overcome them.

But tomorrow morning and tonight I’ll go through everything and tonight to make sure I’m as prepared for the race as possible.

Quotes: Dieter Rencken

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Comment of the day

Owen is resisting the temptation to jump to wild conclusions:

It’s only the first race so it’s important not to jump to wild conclusions.

Anyways, congratulations to Hamilton on winning his sixth world championship and Mercedes for their sixth constructors’ championship.
Owen Smart (@Smartez)

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On this day in F1

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  1. LOL at the CotD :) @Smartez

    Yes, the temptation to go either way is strong!

    1. Had a QLC myself, it’s what us seniors do instead to avoid suspicions of dementia.

    2. Well, after that race, i’d amend the CotD to congratulate Mercedes on the constructors championship. But suddenly it looks like his closest comepition might be the guy in the same car! @phylyp, @hohum, @smartez

      1. @bascb – indeed. :)

  2. And yet the COTD still does that, so slight contradiction there, LOL. Zero points have been handed out yet, so way too early to jump to definite conclusions on the outcome of the WDC. Just look at last year’s season-opener, for example.

  3. Unfortunately I think the ‘Comment of the Day’ is quite likely to turn out to be true.

    Perhaps Netflix got it right and this year we all should ignore the top two teams and focus on the ‘midfield’ for maximum entertainment value. Just have to get the world TV feed to be amended such that they ignore the silver and red cars

    1. look for formula 1.5

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