Max Verstappen, Red Bull, Albert Park, 2019

Red Bull expecting more Honda power “pretty soon”

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In the round-up: Red Bull motorsport consultant Helmut Marko says the team expects a power upgrade from Honda in the near future.

What they say

It’s for Honda the first podium since 2008 which is a fantastic success. But we are more than happy.

The power is OK but we were told by the board that was here that pretty soon we get more power. So it’s now on our side to develop the chassis so we can [beat] whoever is in front of us.

Quotes: Dieter Rencken

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Comment of the day

Michael tells Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel not to worry about plans to resurface the Albert Park circuit:

If it’s given a surface like Eastlink between Wellington Road and Burwood Highway, the drivers will love all the new bumps.

I actually pulled over to see if I had a flat tyre when I first drove on that road in a car I wasn’t familiar with.

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Happy birthday to Gary Richardson, Gaz, Thomahawk_93, Thomas Martin and Alec Glen!

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34 comments on “Red Bull expecting more Honda power “pretty soon””

  1. Does the Honda performance in RB raise or answer question about Mclaren ability to use the japanese pu?

    1. …new engine manufacturers need 4 years of test and development before they can compete.

    2. I suspect it’s more about the time it takes for a manufacturer to develop a F1 PU, and all its associated software.
      Let’s not forget that Renault too have taken a long time and both Ferrari and Mercedes are still developing theirs.

      The technological challenges suggest that we won’t be seeing any new PU manufacturers any time soon as it involves incredible expense and commitment for a long period for what could be potentially very low returns.

    3. I think it just highlights the fact that integration between PU and chassis is no trivial matter, that the car needs to be holistically designed factoring in the PU, and is a significant factor in why teams like Mercedes, Ferrari hold that advantage.

      Renault gave that preferred status to RBR before they re-entered the sport, and its withdrawal was in part a factor behind RBR jumping from the Renault ship. McLaren had the opportunity to have that status with Honda, but unfortunately ended up working in a very siloed “You build the engine, we’ll build the car, and we’ll meet at the altar” approach, as we saw from the McLaren documentary on Amazon Prime.

      I’m sure RBR learnt from that mistake and ensured that they worked collaboratively with Honda. Having Honda’s operations also situated at Milton Keynes was probably the icing.

      1. @phylyp Mclaren indeed did have that status (the de facto works team of an engine/PU supplier, which they also had with Mercedes back when they were participating in F1 solely as a supplier like Honda today, and Renault most recently in 2015), and could still have it today had they been more patient with Honda. They weren’t, so, therefore, they willingly gave up that to become a 100% customer team again.

  2. Did Rosberg forget to mention he beat Hamilton again…..just in case we had forgot.

    1. Thanks god now I know not only that Red Bull happy with Honda PU (2 articles per day on motorsport press) and Lewis’ floor was damaged in last race (3 articles per day) but also that Nico Rosberg managed to beat Lewis Hamilton in 2016 (reminded dozen times every day by Nico himself for the last three years).

    2. @mach1

      How about we look at it differently. If Rubens had beaten Schumacher is say 2002, would you hold it against him if he kept talking about it?

      Lewis has been declared by most people on this site and the media everywhere as one of the greatest drivers to ever step into a F1 car. Nico beat this guy by means of having more points than Lewis at the end of the season, which is what counts. No ifs and buts. That was a great achievement, something to be proud of. If journalists keep asking him about it in interviews, what do you expect?

      Beating Lewis effectively consumed Nico, he dug really deep that year (not to mention that he kept Lewis pretty honest for most of their time together at Merc), he’s proud of it, and so he should be.

      1. Well put @jaymenon10; moreover when one gets tired of reading ‘news’ one already knows, best course of action is to stop reading Tim.

        That’s what I did with all the Dutch F1 news I knew at the latest on Sunday evening, which kept being shown by the Google app on my phone this week.

      2. He dug so deep, he managed to blow up a PU in Malaysia.

    3. @mach1 I’m no fan of this reiteration, but the Lewis is certainly one of the best of all the times in the sport and Nico is the only one who managed to beat him. If I’ll ever kill a dragon you’ll end up hearing me saying “did I tell you that I killed a dragon?” ever frigging day.

      1. In that example, Nico is akin to having a machine gun turret aimed at the dragon which was muzzled and had it’s wings clipped.

        Not once has he acknowledged Lewis’s 9 technical failures that season to his solitary gearbox penalty and that’s what makes his ‘pride’ so disingenuous and unsportsmanlike.

        1. As much as i despise Rosberg for several reasons, Hamilton had himself to blame for 2016 season. Why?, he still recorded more wins than Rosberg and allowed him to pass him on track through his own mistakes. Of all the drivers for Hamilton to make mistakes against it just had to be him but that’s the way the cookie crumbles, the only silver lining is that Hamilton has learnt from it and is even stronger. But now i have to read Rosberg “I beat Hamilton” related articles :(

      2. @m-bagattini – Button also beat Hamilton on points in 2011 at McLaren.

        1. Also going on points (not count back) Alonso finished with same points. 3 seasons Hamilton has not beat his team mate, but then Button beat Alonso as well…..but Kyvat beat Ricciardo on points as well.

  3. Nice video review, Keith. I must admit this is probably the first RaceFans video I’ve seen, though!

    1. @keithcollantine – although you might wish to edit the video’s description as shown on YouTube… while I’m sure many drivers experienced flatulence, I’m not particularly keen on knowing the details.

      A run-down of how all 20 F1 drivers farted in the 2019 Australian Grand Prix. Who had a weekend to remember in Melbourne -and who will be eager to move on to Bahrain?

      I must say, however, that one innocuous letter really changes the entire description :)

      1. Probably a result of all those G’s on the digestive system ;)

      2. RaceFans really does get to the “Bottom” of things ;O

      3. Even though Racefans is still a step ahead technically speaking. It not only tells us that they farted, it’s much more complex, it’s the whole mechanics of how they farted

      4. @phylyp how many times do I have to tell this? NO BEANS before the race!

        1. @m-bagattini – what if I want the point for fastest lap?

      5. And the typo’s been fixed! :)

        1. Summons inner Steve Carrel “Nooooooooooo, Nooooooooooo God, Nooooo, please, why!”

    2. Race Fans/F1 Fanatic has been my go to F1 web site for 6 or 7 years now, and through this vid I have only just found out that Keith even has a Youtube channel. It’s been up for over 8 years!

      1. Lol I thought that was his first one… Keith you should try to make it more populair, normal when i search on youtube F1 i never saw your channel.

  4. [Lewis Hamilton] asking astronaut Doug Hurley … whether the moon landing was faked.

    I love the answer, “It would have been harder to fake”.

    1. I enjoyed the video, it seems some like to play fast & loose when quoting Hamilton. Lewis asked what contributed to the existence of such a large community of people calling it a hoax…ie what element of the mission sparked doubt…. he never once suggested to them they did not go to the moon….

    2. Faked moonlanding when everyone can check him/herself with a decent telescope.

      1. Not to mention humans have landed on the moon 6 times.

        1. As I tell my ‘denier’ friends, the space race brought us great technical innovations like satellites, MRI and CAT scans, portable water filters and Tang. If it was faked then NASA would have developed space-age computing and graphics. Instead we got Microsoft.

          1. The moon landing was a hoax crowd has an answer for everything. The USSR and the UK were both monitoring the radio sources from the Apollo missions. Who in their right minds would think that the Soviets would not have announced they had proof that they weren’t on the moon when NASA said they were? It would have been the biggest thing ever to happen and destroyed the credibility of the US.

  5. “Formula One will be broadcast live and free-to-air in the Middle East and North Africa under a new five-year deal with MBC Group, the sport announced on Wednesday.”

    Great news, 4 years too late for me to take advantage of it though! I’m getting the same feeling I got when I read news that FlyDubai started allowing you to collect Skywards miles on their flights…

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