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Ticktum to make F1 test debut for Red Bull in Bahrain

2019 F1 season

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Red Bull will give Dan Ticktum his first official Formula 1 test run at Bahrain International Circuit next week.

Ticktum, who joined Red Bull’s Junior Team in 2017, will drive their RB15 on Wednesday during the two-day test. He gained notoriety after he intentionally collided with a rival during a Safety Car period in a British Formula Four race in 2015. He returned to racing following a one=year ban.

Last year Ticktum finished runner-up to Mick Schumacher in the European Formula Three championship. He will race in Japan’s Super Formula championship this year, where he also made occasional appearances last season.

Max Verstappen will be at the wheel of the team’s car on the first day of the test.

Haas has also confirmed test driver Pietro Fittipaldi will drive its car again during next week’s running after the Bahrain Grand Prix. Fittipaldi, who is helping the team develop its simulator programme, will take over from Romain Grosjean on the second day of the test.

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2019 F1 season

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6 comments on “Ticktum to make F1 test debut for Red Bull in Bahrain”

  1. Oh dear, I was hoping this day would never come.

      1. Why not? We al make mistakes, grow up, change – and deserve a second chance….
        By the way: not everyone is a Macao winner, beating a Schumacher!

  2. Hans (@hanswesterbeek)
    28th March 2019, 14:12

    wasn’t he banned from racing after ramming another driver under safety car conditions?

    1. @hanswesterbeek, yes, in 2015 he was given a two year ban from motorsport, one year of which was suspended, because he deliberately rammed another driver under safety car conditions in a Formula 4 race.

      Asides from that incident, though, am I the only one wondering why Red Bull seem to be persisting with a driver whose record in junior formulas up to Formula 3 isn’t that impressive? I’ll admit this might be a contentious point, but outside of Formula 3, his best championship finishing position in a major series was only 7th in the Formula Renault Eurocup: now, it’s true that he was a rookie, but he wasn’t even the best placed rookie driver (Max Fewtrell was, and he beat Ticktum by 164 points to 134).

      Yes, he did well in Formula 3, but he did have the advantage of Red Bull arranging for him to have private tests and simulator testing (and I wouldn’t rule out that he was getting technical assistance from Red Bull during those simulator test sessions either). With that in mind, is he as great as Red Bull say he is, or is he being pushed by Red Bull because he is the only young driver whom they have on the books who is remotely close to being able to drive in F1 right now?

  3. Oh No.

    Now we just need Santino Ferrucci to get a test and it’ll be fully confirmed that (racing) crime pays.

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