Charles Leclerc, Ferrari, Bahrain International Circuit, 2019

2019 Bahrain Grand Prix grid

2019 Bahrain Grand Prix

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Row 11. Charles Leclerc 1’27.866
2. Sebastian Vettel 1’28.160
Row 23. Lewis Hamilton 1’28.190
4. Valtteri Bottas 1’28.256
Row 35. Max Verstappen 1’28.752
Red Bull
6. Kevin Magnussen 1’28.757
Row 47. Carlos Sainz Jnr 1’28.813
8. Kimi Raikkonen 1’29.022
Alfa Romeo
Row 59. Lando Norris 1’29.043
10. Daniel Ricciardo 1’29.488
Row 611. Romain Grosjean* 1’29.015
12. Alexander Albon 1’29.513
Toro Rosso
Row 713. Pierre Gasly 1’29.526
Red Bull
14. Sergio Perez 1’29.756
Racing Point
Row 815. Daniil Kvyat 1’29.854
Toro Rosso
16. Antonio Giovinazzi 1’30.026
Alfa Romeo
Row 917. Nico Hulkenberg 1’30.034
18. Lance Stroll 1’30.217
Racing Point
Row 1019. George Russell 1’31.759
20. Robert Kubica 1’31.799

*Three-place grid penalty for impeding Lando Norris

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57 comments on “2019 Bahrain Grand Prix grid”

  1. That was impressive lap by Charles.

  2. Crashten is crying

  3. I’m impressed by both Leclerc and Mclaren’s pace, but disappointed on Gasly. He needs to step up or he could be in for a very short stint at RBR.

    1. Agreed on all points, particularly McLaren. Good to see them finally turning a corner.

    2. He’s “only” 4 tenths behind Verstappen for his second GP, nothing too dramatic IMO. He’s suffering from how close the midfield is.

      1. @francorchamps17 Yes, but he still should be able to reach the Q3 with that car as well.

      2. @francorchamps17, it is true that the midfield is tight – but for a few hundredths of a second, Verstappen could have been in only 7th place – but, on the other hand, you would normally expect a Red Bull to qualify ahead of a Toro Rosso at the very least.

      3. He’s gotten into a better car, so I’d expect to see him in Q3 comfortably. Look at how Ricciardo performed in 2014, and at Leclerc now. I’d be more forgiving of a newbie in a midfield or backmarker car, but not a front-runner.

    3. @jerejj

      I agree. I was really hoping that at least one Mclaren would qualify in front of Verstappen. After all the snarky comments from the Red Bull garage of “now we can fight” etc. it would have been great vindication for Mclaren to out qualify the Red Bulls. They came really close… and I’m at least glad they both qualified in front of Gasly. I really hope Mclaren can move forward during the season.

      Charles out qualifying Vettel was brilliant.. and that too by over 0.3 secs, which is a good margin on a driver who’s strongest strength is qualifying. A lot of people were worried that Leclerc might take time to get up to speed, but so far, he’s been quicker than Vettel in the race on Australia and he’s been quicker than Vettel in qualifying in Bahrain. Let’s just hope that Ferrari doesn’t pull off a travesty by giving team orders that favour Vettel tomorrow.

      Leclerc is looking more likely to be the talent that can get Ferrari to the top. I really don’t think Ferrari should be giving any preference to Vettel. He’s definitely the most mediocre #1 driver Ferrari has had in the past 24 years. It would just be a massive goof up on their end to back a driver who’s already proven that he isn’t quite good enough to take the fight to Lewis and Mercedes.

      1. @todfod Agreed, Ferrari need to nurture Leclerc’s talent, not smother it, just let them compete equally this season. They’ve already cost him a couple of points for no reason.

      2. @todfod ”and that too by over 0.3 secs”
        – By 0.294 seconds actually to be precise, so just under three tenths rather than over.

        ”He’s definitely the most mediocre #1 driver Ferrari has had in the past 24 years.”
        – That’s my whole lifetime thus far as I’m just about to turn 24, LOL. Nevertheless, I agree that he’s one of the most mediocre if not the most mediocre #1 driver Ferrari has ever had.

        1. How so? He completely thrashed raikonnen. He is also a 4 times world champion and youngest in f1 history. Get off the hate brigade. Mansell, alesi and raikonnen were worst as number 1 ferrari drivers. Vettel has dominated teammates at ferrari the same way Schumacher and alonso did.

      3. Kimi was more mediocre, the fans had to blame his efforts on “losing interest”, lol.

  4. That shot of Vettel seeing Leclerk’s laptime coming up though

  5. I am indescribably happy for Leclerc. Good stuff.

    Binotti – please reconsider your “favour Vettel” approach, and do it now. Let em both race for the first half of the season, and back the better (prancing) horse.

    1. LeClerc has now solved the problem of not being allowed to pass by being ahead. If he stays ahead and Ferrari puts him behind, shame on them.

    2. @phylyp +1 It may be inevitable as @bullmello says, the best thing he could do was finish ahead. That way Ferrari have no excuses. They’d be wise not to smother his talent, he’s clearly their best prospect for the future. My prediction that Leclerc will be world champion before Verstappen still looking OK :)

      1. @david-br – Leclerc and Max’s skills are both impressive (maybe Leclerc needs work on his wet races), but yeah, in terms of temperament, Leclerc is likely ahead due to his calmness. If Max can channel his “fire” into “hunger”, he would become formidable, and that would be a driver’s battle I’d enjoy watching into the next decade.

        1. @phylyp That was my takeaway from last season too, Charles underperforming in wet qualifying and races. May be one of those things you train (or not) as a kid and a junior driver and never lose (or really gain) after. Verstappen is pure talent, definitely his decision making that has let him down.

        2. VERs wet weather skills are de facto fine? Not according to Hockenheim-race, Hungary-quali and Spa-quali. In other words, in ALL wet w conditions. He was nowhere in all of them and was about to get lapped in HOC right before the SC. In another article this weekend this guy claims VET is average in the wet (first pole and win in the rain, and about to lap VER) and calls VER a pure talent, while it is all too known that jos had him drive over and over in rainy conditions starting from the age of four.
          Had he really been pure talent, he could’ve at least beat RIC. And take some poles in the same time RIC took three.

    3. @phylyp

      If they want to be fair. They shouldn’t let Vettel race Leclerc this weekend. Maybe he should sit quietly and hold position like Leclerc was ordered to do in Australia.

  6. Ferrari, the team with the 2 youngest Pole sitters ever in F1. And max fans were saying LEC wasn’t the real deal. Envy.

    1. I wouldn’t know why any Max fans who dislike Leclerc. Leclerc is the real deal, everyone sees that. In that sense, he’s just as much a competition for Max/RedBull as Vettel, Bottas and Hamilton. People who dislike Leclerc might exist of course, just as there are people who dislike any driver for one reason or another.

      That VER fans would especially dislike Leclerc, I think, is actually just said by people who dislike VER.

      1. As Max Fan, i do like Leclerc too. The most Max fans doesn’t care about other drivers so any comments about Ver fans dislike Leclerc is false.
        I think @jeffreyj is right.

    2. What an odd statement.

      Why would “Max fans” say something like that?

      Never heard someone say it,

  7. Poor Vettel, anyone same age or younger he will struggle. But give him an out of prime teammate and well he has 4 WC due to it.

    1. Poor Vettel, anyone same age or younger he will struggle. But give him an out of prime teammate and well he has 4 WC due to it.

      Correction –
      Give him a car over 0.6 sec a lap faster than any other car on the grid along with a washed up teammate and then he should be able to deliver titles.

      1. @todfod remember 2013 Alosno Ham on 3 titles between them. Vettel had 4 and many claimed Vet was the best? Funny times lol

      2. So he need a Gasly as a team mate from current crop of youngsters anyone better and he is toast.

  8. Gonna be horrible season for Vettel fans we all knew it in 2013 he was never as good as his stats show. He has nowhere to run now though. Let the big exposing come thank you very much Charles

    1. You do realise that this is a team sport and that Vettel has been instrumental at building the team up to what it is now after suffering under the disastrous Alonso for many years.

  9. I thought Magnussen would be fifth tbh. Honestly didnt realized gasly was knocked out of Q2. Guess I am not yet used to seeing him at the front.

  10. Leclerc would won the WC last year in that Ferrari. We have a new Hamilton talent on the cards here. 2nd race in and he has lost to basically a rookie. Team orders in first race aswell.

  11. HAAS only 0.005 behind the fastest RedBull…. wow!

    Vettel was much slower than his teammate in the race at Melbourne and the team order to keep Seb in front was pathetic. Today, Leclerc showed everyone who’s boss! Mark me, this is Vettel’s final year at Ferrari, possibly of his F1 career.

    Gasly is starting his tenure at RedBull in the worst possible way.

    Funny that Hulkenberg said “that’s impossible” after he heard Ricciardo found 1.8s from FP3 to Q1. Ric showing he’s still a qualifying beast!

    1. David Langdown
      30th March 2019, 17:42

      How did Danny Ric manage this after the handling problems he has been getting, amazing.

    2. Renault said that Hulkenberg had an engine map software problem that put the engine in save mode for almost the whole flying lap in Q1. This is the only reason for Hulk not to be in the top 8, in my opinion.

    3. ..the impression I got was that the Hulk was saying ‘thats impossible’ was in regard to LeClerc’s time, not Daniels ..

      1. @potsie159
        No, he asked about RICs time and when he heard it, he made his remark.

  12. Just shows Vet was never the best guy on the grid we all knew that anyway when he was on 4 titles and Alonso was on 2 and Ham 1. Yet many said Vet was the best as he had the titles. Vet has had by far the easiest teammates aswell.

    1. Raikonnen, ricciardo and webber are not easy teammates, they have some 40 or so wins between them. and he was the youngest f1 winner, in a torro rosso.

  13. Good job from Leclerc. Bad job from Vettel. That Ferrari is so quick, unbelievable.

    Redbull didn’t have balance, Max was looking furious. They had good race pace so hopefully he can do something in the race

    1. So a normal job would’ve been something in between 1:27.866 1:28.160. Put all the credits on the FER, being the youngest two ever doesn’t mean anything, unless ofc it is for the win right?

      Also, his fans have been claiming for the last three years that max was some kind of set up wonder, giving RIC the car set ups LOL.

    2. There wad a lot of work during q3 at the back of the red bull. Something wrong they just fixed on time for max te deliver on attempt.

      1. The redbull has poor balance.

  14. Kubica 0.04 secs behind his teammate. Not too shabby

    1. At least he brought some money with him

    2. His teammate said that he wasn’t happy with his lap and that there is much more in the car. Let’s say that the gap would have been about 7 or 8 tenth. That’s about the same as it was in Melbourne. Pretty embarrassing for Kubica imho. It’s a shame because he was really, really good before his accident 8 years ago.

  15. Combined positions on the grid:

    1. Ferrari: 3
    2. Mercedes: 7
    3. Haas: 14
    4. McLaren: 17
    5. RedBull: 18
    6. Alfa: 25
    7. Torro Rosso: 27
    8. Renault: 28
    9. Racing Point: 32
    10. Williams: 39

    especially happy for McLaren.. your comments ?

    1. Now that red Bull has Honda power… Mclaren can finally fight.

      1. Good to see the McLaren fans are hoping again!

        1. Now you got rid of REN power, you can finally fight.
          Gap RB to pole in AUS, BAH last year: 0.715s, 0.440s
          Gap RB to pole in AUS, BAH this year: 0.834s, 0.886s
          I admit, in BAH the RIC-factor is responsible for a couple of tenths, but you still lost the other half of the deficit :-))

  16. You’d have to say that’s probably just Verstappen’s talent keeping Red Bull ahead of McLaren and Haas. Really happy to see McLaren improving so much.

    1. He has a great car, and an engine only 10hp behind if you belie e the Honda hype. I think it’s more gasly not performing. Morris will probably prove to be a better driver than verstappen, and sainz was as fast as verstappen as teammates.

  17. 5 of the 1st 9 cars are powered by Ferrari

    They have found massive acceleration

    1. Right. If so, why did max have a better take off than VET in AUS? :-))

  18. Would Leclerc upgrade to Leboss only after the first win?

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