Valtteri Bottas, Mercedes, Bahrain International Circuit, 2019

Straight-line speed clearly a weakness for Mercedes – Bottas

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In the round-up: Valtteri Bottas says Bahrain revealed Ferrari’s true performance advantage lies on the straights.

What they say

We’ve seen the areas we do need to improve and straight-line speed is one of them, clearly. It’s more like the picture we saw in winter testing now in terms of the pace difference.

We thought we were behind and today we were so we know the facts we need to improve if we want to be fighting for the pole. Let’s see the race pace first but we have work to do.

Quotes: Dieter Rencken

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Comment of the day

Leclerc didn’t just impress with his driving yesterday:

It amazes me how calm Charles is.

He just got his first pole ever and he didn’t even celebrate in the radio. His first words were something like “points are being given tomorrow, let’s get the job done”. As if he knows that when the car is there, it’s simple to take pole!

Vettel is going to have a tough time with that one, for sure!
Iosif (@Afonic)

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On this day in F1

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15 comments on “Straight-line speed clearly a weakness for Mercedes – Bottas”

  1. Very nice tweet about Haas warning their drivers.

    Brundle mentioned that it was other teams’ senior staff who mentioned this to him, so it looks like they have an interest in casting aspersions on Haas.

    1. I found it hard to believe that Haas had a policy of not mentioning traffic to their drivers. I think Brundle just pulled that comment out of a hat and attributed it to “a senior member of another team” after realizing that the statement bypassed his mental filters.

  2. The Ferrari looks so good. Mercedes will be worried if they find a Ferrari behind them. Actually i fully expect Ferrari to steam ahead for a 1-2 so Mercedes need not worry.

    1. I actually think this strong qualification by Ferrari will favour Lewis and in the long term Mercedes.
      It says the cars are too close for Mercedes to waste points man managing their drivers, they should let their drivers race on their merits, or Ferrari will beat them for the championship.

      Of course the results of the race will determine any change in strategy, but it will be interesting to see if Ferrari lets Leclerc keep his advantage and allow him the win, as Mercedes did Bottas.

  3. Eathan Haywood
    31st March 2019, 3:57

    If you’d have told me in 2016 that in 2-3 years Mercedes would consider their straight line speed a weakness, I’d have laughed at you. Crazy how the tide has turned. That being said, I hope they catch up with Ferrari and give them a proper fight.

    1. I think this year is going to be similar to last year, with one car having a clear advantage in each track.

    2. Party mode has been downgraded to order-a-pizza mode.

    3. Merc don’t consider straight line speed a weakness, though. They said they think their setup here may concede too much in that regard, not that there’s a fundamental difference.

  4. I agree with the COTD.

  5. Leclerc often mentions Bianchi, given their history of racing. I sometimes wonder if JB’s family still follow F1, and wonder what might have been.

    1. @phylyp, a Bianchi-Leclerc Ferrari team?

      Makes me sad just to think about it.

      1. Me too. Both of of those guys have/had a certain likeability about them. Kind of like the F1 drivers of old. Not arrogant, fast and fearless behind the wheel. Unlike max I might add! That guy just grinds my gears for some reason. With his attitude and arrogance, unless red bull can produce another championship contender, I can’t see him ending up with a drive at Merc or Ferrari. He doesn’t come across as an automotive brand ambassador. Which is why he’s more suited to Red Bull in my opinion.

  6. Charles calmness had been proven before. When Jules, his best friend died, he only getting better. When his dad passed away, he crushed the championship literally in the next day.

    He politely asked to passed Vettel, but when he’s been told to stay behind Vettel he didn’t complain in the radio nor in every after race interviews. Knowing that it will benefit him later when he was the fastest one.

    I could say a he’s in real life baby face assassin.

    1. “Beware the fury of a patient man” ;)

  7. I raved a little bit (rare for me) about LeClerc last season. I am delighted he justifying my dream of another new WDC in waiting besides Max.
    These two could provide us with some thrilling battles in the near future I think.

    I’m still concerned about Gasly :(

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