Mick Schumacher, Ferrari, Bahrain International Circuit

Pictures: 2019 Bahrain F1 test day one


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Pictures from the first day of testing at the Bahrain International Circuit where Mick Schumacher is making his F1 test debut for Ferrari.

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4 comments on “Pictures: 2019 Bahrain F1 test day one”

  1. That’s Andrew Shovlin, though, not Peter Bonnington.

  2. Hakk The Rack
    2nd April 2019, 11:18

    Lando Norris in a McLaren? I believe that’s Fernando.

    1. You’re right – it says “Alonso” next to the cockpit.

  3. A couple of years ago when Esteban Ocon tested for Mercedes in an almost red helmet, the iconic visuality of it made me remember of Michael Schumacher in a Mercedes. Now young Schumachers’ greeny-yellowy helmet in the red car makes me remember of a Felipe Massa in a Ferrari.

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