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2019 Chinese Grand Prix TV Times

2019 Chinese Grand Prix

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Join us on RaceFans Live throughout every session of the Chinese Grand Prix weekend. Look out for the live page on the site during every session and follow all the action with your fellow RaceFans.

Here are the details of Sky and Channel 4’s coverage of the Chinese Grand Prix in the UK and ESPN’s in the USA:

2019 Chinese Grand Prix: Friday 12 April – Sunday 14 April 2019


DaySessionChannelCoverage startsSession startsSession ends
FridayChinese Grand Prix first practice liveSky Sports F102:4503:0004:30
FridayChinese Grand Prix second practice liveSky Sports F106:4507:0008:30
SaturdayChinese Grand Prix third practice liveSky Sports F103:4504:0005:00
SaturdayChinese Grand Prix qualifying liveSky Sports F106:0007:00
SaturdayChinese Grand Prix qualifying highlightsChannel 413:00
SaturdayFormula E Rome ePrix liveEurosport 1/Quest14:3015:00
SundayChinese Grand Prix liveSky Sports F105:3007:10
SundayChinese Grand Prix highlightsChannel 415:00
SundayIndyCar Grand Prix of Long BeachSky Sports F121:0021:30

USA (Eastern)

DaySessionChannelCoverage startsSession startsSession ends
ThursdayChinese Grand Prix first practice liveESPNEWS21:5522:0023:30
FridayChinese Grand Prix second practice liveESPN201:5502:0003:30
FridayChinese Grand Prix third practice liveESPNEWS22:5523:0000:00
SaturdayChinese Grand Prix qualifying liveESPN201:5502:00
SaturdayFormula E Rome ePrix liveFox Sports 209:3010:00
SundayChinese Grand Prix liveESPN202:0502:10
SundayIndyCar Grand Prix of Long Beach liveNBCSN16:0016:30

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2019 Chinese Grand Prix

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17 comments on “2019 Chinese Grand Prix TV Times”

  1. uh is the USA names and times correct?

    1. The Chinese GP is not well received by the American audience so ESPN will broadcast the Bahrain GP again, it was a good race.

    2. @John S Yes, they are.

  2. I wish BBC would be more consistent with Formula E, they alternate between advertising and showing on a main channel then not even showing it live. With a bit of support they would get much more solid numbers.

    1. @glynh
      And to think they made a big song and dance about top level Motorsport returning to the BBC, and how great it was that it would be free to air (definitely was free to air before with Ch5 / Spike).
      If you miss it live, you have to give it at least 3 or 4 hours before you try to catch up. At the last race, it wasn’t on iPlayer after 4 hours and I knew it would be on the website, but the only way to find it on the website was to give away the result first!
      Rant over. On the plus side, so much to watch this weekend!

      1. Pat Ruadh (@fullcoursecaution)
        12th April 2019, 15:39

        1000th F1 race,
        Long Beach Indy,
        the Rome ePrix,
        and the Masters!!!
        Oh what a time to be alive

  3. Is there any chance this can be reposted on the days before qualifying and the race I.e Friday and Saturday.

    It’s useful information but it’s always a pain having to go back 3 pages just to find the TV times.

    1. @crooky369 – if you need just the F1 times, I’d recommend – scroll down to the carousel that lists all GPs horizontally, that that’ll tell you the time of each session, in race-local time, and your time zone.

    2. @crooky369 or use the drop down menu on top of the page (left on computer, right on phone), then you find the next gp and tv times is one of the category/link. Way faster than browse pages from the main page…

      1. Nice one cheers guys. Didn’t know it was there so that’s good to know for the future.

  4. @crooky369
    Not sure if it works on a phone or whatever, but if you click the dropdown next to ‘Chinese GP’ at the top of the page it always has a link to this article.

    1. It does!

  5. is this race gonna be live on sky one too? the last two were

    1. According to their TV Guide they Qualifying & Race are both on Sky One Live :)

      1. More importantly. Ted’s Notebook is confirmed to return this weekend!

    2. I think Sky are doing this deliberately to annoy me after I paid specially for the SkyF1 channel!

  6. Wait. There’s a FormulaE race on in Rome this weekend? I’m sat here in Rome right now. Been here for a few days. Not seen any sign at all of this

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