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Hamilton pleased Silverstone rejected chance to hold 1,000th race

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In the round-up: Lewis Hamilton says the British Grand Prix promoters did the right thing by turning down the opportunity to move their race to April in order to hold the 1,000th round of the championship.

What they say

Hamilton was asked whether he would have preferred Silverstone, which hosted the first round of the world championship, to host the 1,000th race:

I’m not one for birthdays I’m not one for anniversaries, I’m not one for special days like this. It’s absolutely no different to any other race weekend for me, I’m here to do one job, one job only, that’s winning.

It doesn’t matter if it’s the 1,000th or the 2,000th or the 10,000th, it’s an irrelevant figure for me. And I’m glad it’s not Silverstone right now because the weather’s not particularly great back home in the UK.

I like the Silverstone grand prix where it is. Although I don’t know why they have it around Wimbledon every year, it’s probably poor timing in that respect. But the weather’s been good for the last few years at Silverstone which is great for the fans.

Quotes: Dieter Rencken

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Comment of the day

George Russell is using a Juan Pablo Montoya-inspired helmet design this weekend.

Juan Juanders what Juan would make of Juan’s helmet colours returning to Formula Juan for a Juan-off appearance, Juan marking the Juan-thousandth Formula Juan race.
Kyle (@Hammerheadgb)

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Happy birthday to Amy, Ben Thomas and Kyle Puttifer!

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  • 13 comments on “Hamilton pleased Silverstone rejected chance to hold 1,000th race”

    1. Voltage was truly terrible. Forced, false, and excruciatingly boring. An interesting experiment but there are other (better) ways the sport can grow.

    2. Congratulations to the COTD writer. I hope it’s not a Juan off.

      1. @hohum: Agree. The CoTD fully satisfied my freshly Donned Juanderlust in Juan DeMarcoble sentence. Or Dos it?

        1. @hohum @jimmi-cynic – guys, guys, guys, stop trying to Juan-up the CotD, and just accept that Kyle Juan that contest.

          1. Sorry, but somejuan had to, @phylyp, even it was it Juan too many.

      2. Juan copied the idea from a radio host at a Melbourne F1 press conference. How juan-original 😐

      3. Kyle (@hammerheadgb)
        12th April 2019, 8:09

        Juan is most flattered by the most Juanderful Juanour @keithcollantine, my COTD number Juan.

        @Hohum while this is certainly Juan for the memories, and I hope it is Juan of many, Juan can only wait and see if it will turn out a Juan-off.

        @Mr G Juan accepts that the idea was not entirely of Juan’s own inception, rather Juan found that particular display of Juan-upmanship inspiring enough to take advantage of Juan particular set of circumstances. Juan suspects Juan’s comment was made funnier because of this Juan previous incident.

        1. @hammerheadgb,@jimmi-cynic,@phylyp, Welcome to racefans your Maj. fear not we will not blow your cover, but maybe you should ask Phil to check your style and maybe add some malapropisms here and there, he’s very good at that I have observed.

    3. Kimi is golden.
      CotD is golden.

    4. CotD is very reminiscent of:


      For the Aussie’s here, was that one of the Chaser’s?

    5. I couldn’t agree more with LH and disagree more with Bernie. What would be the point to move a race by three months for one season just to move it back to its traditional slot for the following season? The Northern Hemisphere summer months are the only suitable months for the British GP (and more or less any European venue bar the ones that fall into the Mediterranean climate zone) climate-wise.

    6. Weather is gorgeous in the UK at the mo… but then I guess LH doesn’t spend that much time here lately.

      1. I had to scrape ice off my car this morning, it’s pretty pleasant this afternoon but probably not warm enough for F1 types!

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