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Codemasters adds F2 to official Formula 1 game

2019 F1 season

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Formula 2 drivers and cars will be featured in the official Formula 1 game for the first time, publishers Codemasters have announced.

F1 2019, which will arrive on June 25th, will feature all the drivers of the 2018 Formula 2 season, including Lando Norris, George Russell and Alexander Albon, who have since graduated to Formula 1. An update to add the 2019 F2 roster will be added later in the season.

Codemasters have also announced details of the classic cars and drivers which will feature in the game. Fans will be able to recreate the explosive Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost rivalry of 1990 with models of both drivers and their cars, the McLaren MP4/5B and Ferrari F1-90. The 2010 Ferrari F10 and McLaren MP4-25 will also be available within the game.

Codemasters’ F1 franchise director Paul Jeal said they wanted to create “F1’s greatest ever rivalry between Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost.”

“Their rivalry began right back in the 1984 season and reached one of the most dramatic ever climaxes on the first lap of the Japanese Grand Prix during the 1990 season. It’s a rivalry which has transcended way beyond the sport and is regarded as the greatest of all time by F1 fans.

“We know our community will love that the two legends of the sport have finally been immortalised together in our game.”

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2019 F1 season

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  • 17 comments on “Codemasters adds F2 to official Formula 1 game”

    1. I bet they are jumping on the mick Schumacher bandwagon. These codemaster games are terrible, not sim and not game, Geoff crammond was the guy that knew how to make an f1 sim/game, but as usual f1 marketing went down the wrong route.

      1. Have you played any of the Codies games Kpcart? The earlier games weren’t great, but the newer games are excellent in a lot of areas, though I find the career mode lacklustre. Granted it’s not a full sim, but then neither were Geoff Crammond’s admitadly excellent Grand Prix Series, at least by todays standards.

      2. A happy middle ground between simulation and game to appeal to and provide enjoyment to the largest audience possible. Yeah, definitely the wrong route… shocking marketing.

      3. Magnus Rubensson (@)
        26th April 2019, 14:37

        I haven’t tried the Codemasters games but I hope they do well, good luck to them.

        The racing sims from Geoff Crammond (Microprose F1 series) and Dave Kaemmer (Grand Prix Legends + iRacing) are still great though. I can’t put my finger on WHAT it is that they have … they seem to have a “soul”.
        I was active in the Grand Prix Legends community for about 10 years and racing there was very special indeed.

      4. Absolutely agree to this. I grew up with gp3 and recently I’ve bought gp4 and it runs surprisingly well on windows 10.

      5. Far from terrible, many people enjoy the balance they strike between sim and accessibility and you wont find accurate modelling of the 2019 cars and tyres we read and try to understand week in week out in a 10 year old game will you?!

        Will never understand why people with clearly no interest in something will click into an article just to throw their negative 2 cents in and insist their opinion is fact. Use your time more wisely, maybe go boot up that old game and play it instead if it’s so great!

    2. Same price as earlier editions, or a price bump due to F2 coming in there?

      1. The pricing will be the same.

        1. @maichael – thank you, that improves the VFM aspect of the game.

    3. If a non-title winning car from 2010 deserves to be added to the game then equally the Renault R25 should be added as well as it’s not only the last V10-powered title-winner but also the last title-winning F1 car fitted with a 6-speed gearbox, and, of course, the French manufacturer’s first title-winning F1 car. I still don’t understand this total ignorance towards 2005, the last proper V10-season. The R25 should’ve been included for F1 2017 already. Furthermore, I hope that none of the cars that already feature in both F1 2017 and ’18 would be in this game as well. It’d just be redundant to add the same cars over and over again. A significant shuffle on this front would be more than welcome for the sake of variety.

    4. F2, fantastic stuff! As for keeping classic cars from previous editions, they’re already modelled and done so why not keep putting them in? Why take away the work already done? More cars the better surely.

      And the R26 is in there, perhaps because they’re so closely related the R25 is probably a little further down the list.

      1. To the best of my knowledge, all the classic cars from F1 2017/18 will still be in 2019. Certainly agree that the more classic cars, the better, but licensing issues are sure to pop up eventually, so not all of them will always be around. You can’t just keep throwing them in without permission.

    5. I think I am still on 2015 – might be time for an upgrade.

      Back in the 90’s I used to love to get used to the weekends track on PS1 so that while watching the race I really felt like I knew and at least partly understood the track.
      It definitely makes you feel more involved and connected to what is going on during the race.

    6. christopheraser
      26th April 2019, 15:48

      I hope they include VR, it has changed the way I play my racing games and the thought of playing a racing game in 2D does not appeal to me in the slightest anymore.

    7. Was there really a great demand for an F2 game?

      Going on the F1 games, they feel like they don’t know whether they want to be a sim or an arcade racer and end up settling for some middle ground where they are neither satisfyingly.

      Also – I understand the financial implications, but why a game for every year? Surely it would have been better to build a platform that could be continually updated year in year out with new cars, new rules and new drivers so player progress was kept and the diversity in cars and tracks wasn’t limited to just one year. Like you’d buy a digital download for each year on like an expansion pack.

      Though personally I’d prefer more Mario Kart style games. They had a good idea there it just wasn’t done that well.

    8. This is great news for me, now if they can also ad f3 / gp3, it will be even better!

    9. Great way to introduce players to the game, way better than one or 2 test sessions!
      Looking forward to this one :D

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