Daniil Kvyat, Toro Rosso, Baku City Circuit, 2019

Kvyat: F1 can do without Friday practice at most tracks

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In the round-up: Daniil Kvyat says Friday practice isn’t needed at most Formula 1 tracks.

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Maybe we need to just come to the track on Saturday. Honestly we are so… all the tracks, we know them. I think we need to allow extra time at new tracks like it’s going to be in Vietnam, maybe.

But it’s up to the F1 people to decide what’s best. Every driver’s different, someone needs maybe five hours but not me.

Quotes: Dieter Rencken

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Comment of the day

How far should the race organisers go to recompense Williams for the damage and disruption they suffered yesterday?

This is entirely the fault of the organiser not the team. Williams should not be penalised and should be allowed to practice even if that means running a small extra practice session just for them. Also the damage ought to be paid for too.

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22 comments on “Kvyat: F1 can do without Friday practice at most tracks”

  1. petebaldwin (@)
    27th April 2019, 0:59

    COTD: The damage will be paid for by the organiser’s insurance. Expensive insurance claims are never settled quickly though.

    In regards to an extra practice session – it maybe would happen if it was Ferrari or Mercedes but they certainly won’t do that for Williams!

    1. Sadly, no amount of practice will alter the result for Williams.

    2. At least there’s precedence in the HAAS – Sepang incident they can use.

      1. @scottie
        But they will have to wait some time for their money. Haas got it one year after the incident.

  2. What is Kvyat trying to achieve by saying that nonsense? That he’s better than the rest? Not a very smart way of making his point…

    1. Just that he doesn’t need 5 hours to get to know the walls of every circuit.

    2. It’s 4 hours of practice, isn’t it?

      But I do agree with him though. 4 hours of practice seems excessive for “the best drivers in the world”.

      1. Except they’re not doing laps just to learn the track, they’re gathering data for the various conditions that will prepare them for the race.

  3. given Kvyat crash yesterday I would say he actually needs nor time, not less.

    1. I think he’s trying to brag that he only needs 15 mins to crash.
      I hope for his sake that he made these comments before FP2! Otherwise they’re embarrassing comments.

  4. Maybe if you would spent more time running in practises you would be faster Dany.,,

    1. Pace wasn’t the problem for him though @andycz, it’s staying in the session (or race) that seems to be difficult for him – still something that careful ramping up of pace might cure, but I don’t know why he only could go out after other had been running for well over half an hour of FP2, at least some of the time he should have had was gone then, even before the crash.

      1. I also think that while his statement might be true for those teams that have things right, for the stragglers (Williams!?), they do need time to run their car, so not having the Friday might well, over time, increase the spread of the field, which we do not want.

      2. @bosyber It was just a joke… :)

        1. Yeah, sorry; could have been better with ‘you wouldn’t have hit the walls though, Danny’, more accurate, and therefore funnier (I think).

          1. True true… Probably too early to make a good joke for me.

  5. But it’s up to the F1 people to decide what’s best. Every driver’s different, someone needs maybe five hours but not me.

    I’m wondering if Kvyat made this statement after or before he put it in the wall during FP2.

  6. Ironic to see Ricciardo’s (presumably) sarcastic “Well done Baku” tweet when he went and flat-spotted his tyres curtailing his FP2 running.

  7. Kvyat’s statement is a bit questionable especially given his crash in FP2, LOL. In general, it’s better to have the current amount of practice time than it would be to only have the one on qualifying day.

  8. Re Cotd – in incidents like this I definitely agree that the people responsible for the track should be seriously fined and not just to reimburse the damaged teams.
    Fear of a massive fine will push them to do a proper job of preparing the course.
    F1 is dangerous enough without a “not bothered” attitude from the organisers.

  9. I agree with Kvyat, even if it’s ironic that he made the statement.
    4 hours of running is more than the drivers need. The engineers need that time to optimize the cars, not the drivers.
    They could change it to a 2-hour-session on Friday afternoon (FP1 is useless in most of the cases) and leave Saturday practice as it is, or make it two 1-hour-sessions on Friday and Saturday.
    To fill the weekend-programme they could do some kart races, where drivers race against fans or do some racing in other types of cars.

  10. Sure. Have two full races instead.
    Hell, they could easily have that know by nixing the saturday sessions (including qualifying) and and leaving two 45-60 minute friday sessions which would also serve as qualifying.
    (alternatively have 30 qualifyings with a small number of timed laps)

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