Kimi Raikkonen, Alfa Romeo, Baku City Circuit, 2019

Alfa Romeo summoned to stewards over Raikkonen’s front wing

2019 Azerbaijan Grand Prix

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Kimi Raikkonen’s starting position for the Azerbaijan Grand Prix could be in jeopardy after his car failed a front wing check.

The stewards found Raikkonen’s front wing flap “deflected more than 5mm under a load of 60N”.

Article 3.9.8 of the F1 Technical Regulations states: “Any part of the trailing edge of any front wing flap may deflect no more than 5mm, when measured along the loading axis, when a 60N point load is applied normal to the flap.”

If Raikkonen’s car is deemed to be in breach he could face exclusion from qualifying, which would mean he loses his eighth place on the grid and has to start the race from the pits.

Update: Raikkonen has been disqualified from the results of qualifying.

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5 comments on “Alfa Romeo summoned to stewards over Raikkonen’s front wing”

  1. So potentially three drivers starting from the pit exit. Not something that happens too often.

  2. All this is working well for Leclerc. He’s potentially starting in P8 on a pair of mediums, and with a couple of sets of fresh tyres available for the race.

    1. Certainly looks like game on @todfod

    2. My first thought as well, though I do like for Kimi to be up near the front as much as possible :(

  3. Would they check his wing again in the pits? If it’s still in violation, does he have to start from the garage? Or Switzerland?

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