F1 2019: Car and track lists for each game edition


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Up to 33 different Formula 1 cars are available in F1 2019 depending on which edition of the game you opt for. And for the first time you can drive an F1 car too.

Here’s a run-down of which cars and tracks are in each version.

F1 2019: Car list

2019Red BullRB15
2019Racing PointRP19
2019Alfa RomeoC38
2019Toro RossoSTR14
2019Multiplayer carCan be customised in multiplayer. ‘Legends Edition’ adds Senna and Prost helmet-themed designs
1990FerrariF1-90Legends Edition only
1990McLarenMP4/5BLegends Edition only
2010FerrariF10Legends Edition and Anniversary Edition
2010McLarenMP4-25Legends Edition and Anniversary Edition
2010Red BullRB6Returning from F1 2018
2009Brawn GPBGP 001Returning from F1 2018
2008McLarenMP4-23Returning from F1 2018
2007FerrariF2007Returning from F1 2018
2006RenaultR26Returning from F1 2018
2004FerrariF2004Returning from F1 2018
2003WilliamsFW25Returning from F1 2018
1998McLarenMP4-13Returning from F1 2018
1996WilliamsFW18Returning from F1 2018
1992WilliamsFW14Returning from F1 2018
1991McLarenMP4/6Returning from F1 2018
1988McLarenMP4/4Returning from F1 2018
1982McLarenMP4/1BReturning from F1 2018
1979Ferrari312 T4Returning from F1 2018
1978Lotus 72D79Returning from F1 2018
1976Ferrari312 T2Returning from F1 2018
1976McLarenM23DReturning from F1 2018
1972Lotus 72D72DReturning from F1 2018
2018DallaraF2 2018Formula Two 2018-19 car

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F1 2019: Track list

2019 Australian Grand PrixAlbert Park
2019 Bahrain Grand PrixBahrain International CircuitShort version also available
2019 Chinese Grand PrixShanghai International Circuit
2019 Azerbaijan Grand PrixBaku City Circuit
2019 Spanish Grand PrixCircuit de Catalunya
2019 Monaco Grand PrixMonacoCan also be raced at night
2019 Canadian Grand PrixCircuit Gilles Villeneuve
2019 French Grand PrixPaul Ricard
2019 Austrian Grand PrixRed Bull Ring
2019 British Grand PrixSilverstoneShort version also available
2019 German Grand PrixHockenheimring
2019 Hungarian Grand PrixHungaroring
2019 Belgian Grand PrixSpa-Francorchamps
2019 Italian Grand PrixMonza
2019 Singapore Grand PrixSingapore
2019 Russian Grand PrixSochi Autodrom
2019 Japanese Grand PrixSuzukaShort version also available
2019 Mexican Grand PrixAutodromo Hermanos Rodriguez
2019 United States Grand PrixCircuit of the AmericasShort version also available
2019 Brazilian Grand PrixInterlagos
2019 Abu Dhabi Grand PrixYas Marina

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Video: F1 2019 First play


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  • 21 comments on “F1 2019: Car and track lists for each game edition”

    1. I wonder how much extra the Legends Edition will cost. That’s some really cool content potentially locked.

      It’s strange how the car list stops at 2010, thinking of how long they’ve been working on this series for now, they could make one awesomely long and accurate career mode game if they were to make use of all their assets.

      1. Matteo (@m-bagattini)
        3rd May 2019, 12:53

        That’s a bold statement, @skipgamer

      2. Having all previous cars in a mega career mode could be possible in a few years I feel.
        Bernie was very tight with was allowed. Since Liberty things have changed, just look at F2 in this game!

        For the rest, great list of classic cars! must buy for us fans :)

        1. Agreed – the F2 addition is excellent! Would be great to mix it up a bit.

      3. @skipgamer that’s exactly why I think F1 challenge 99-02 was a much better game overall in hindsight. To be able to have 4 seasons of fully licensed cars with all the team.changes and whatever must have been a nightmare to arrange… Or maybe things were just simpler back then and no one bothered to complain

        1. Agreed. This was my first F1 game and still such fond memories of it! Amazing effort in making that game.

    2. Only the 1995 and 2002 Ferraris have been left out, but all the other classic cars from both F1 2017 and ’18 have been included, which I find a bit too redundant. In my view, they should’ve made a big shuffle by leaving out all the cars that already feature in both ’17 and ’18, only including the ones featuring in ’18 only, but not ’17. Furthermore, of course, the absence of the ’95 and ’02 Ferrari hasn’t been filled with the Renault R25 or Mclaren MP4-20. I know, I’ve pointed this out before, but I don’t really understand this evasiveness to include a 2005 car to these games in spite of that season’s historical relevance and nostalgia.

    3. Don frika del prima
      3rd May 2019, 16:44

      The main question is: is it better than Geoff Cramond’s gp4?

      1. simple one: it won’ t

        1. Don frika del prima
          3rd May 2019, 18:35

          That’s the answer I had my money on

    4. Ahh, but what about the Collector’s Edition, Gold Edition, Limited Edition, Game of the Year edition, Legacy Edition, Platinum Edition, Special Edition, Premium Edition, Deluxe Edition, Ultimate Edition and Ultimate Premium Collector’s Edition?

      Anyone remember when there was just one Edition?

    5. it’s not that the legends mode isn’t a cool idea or anything, but gosh it annoys me that it’s always Senna. the point to which everyone seems to have the hots for the guy- there have been other guys you know? the only more overplayed f1 tune is Lauda vs Hunt

      1. also why bother with legends if there’s not even a single period track?

    6. I bought the game last year and haven’t completed career mode yet. Not cos i don’t like it, but cos i don’t really have the time.
      I’ll enjoy F1 2018 for another year and think about maybe getting F1 2020, or holding out for F1 2021 with whatever regulation changes get agreed on.
      Call me a frugal Yorkshireman…

    7. The biggest nono for me is that they are focusing too much with the sideshow than racing. If they want to present managment, then make a manager game separately of the racing game. I dont care for answering the questions of journalists and things like that. Instead of this, they should focus more on the damage models, parts failing and so on. And i must say that replacing of driver pictures with their CGI images looks catastrophically cheap and on par with games from a decade ago. Less of those animated nonsense would be great. And it would be a damn good time if they would have made a complete game of older seasons from 80s and 90s, but they are probably afraid to do so, because there is danger that those games would outsell the current one, due to the fact that F1 was much more interesting back then.

    8. An aspect of modern gaming I really hate is how many games come with multiple versions which come with different content, Sometimes even with exclusive in game content for pre-orders or even where you buy it from.

      I remember when you just brought the game & had the same game with the same content that everyone else had & didn’t need a chart to figure out which version you wanted to buy (Something every Ubisoft game seems to require now).

      1. @stefmeister I agree, it’s very off-putting.

    9. No 1995 Ferrari? That was my favourite classic car in ’18.

    10. Thanks for the info.
      Sooo to confirm Legends has just 2 extra classic cars and added online helmet liveries for £64.99. Amazon Anniversary edition is £45.99.. Thats basically 2 cars and a helmet for £19 extra.. Holy cow! And no extra circuits. Anniversary mode is lacking I feel. BUT the addition of F2 is something very special and a solid step forward! Just a rip off for Legend edition. And a shame no classic circuits for the classic cars. Short versions of circuits are terrible. Dream day when we get an announcement for full multiple season grids inc circuits in 1 game. 2009 would be nice as it was their first (not inc the old one they did for PC) but not released for big consoles. Also 2007 and 2008 as we missed those as games as EA finished on 2006 and no-one else picked it up. They were good seasons we lost out on. And 2009 was just Huge Brawn coming out of nowhere, so many teams catching up for a crazy hard end and JB getting crowned! Not to mention Toyota on the grid and we have yet to get a Toyota classic car even. This is F1 baby!!

    11. If we do or don’t do it, someone will laugh

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