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2019 Spanish Grand Prix TV Times

2019 Spanish Grand Prix

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Join us on RaceFans Live throughout every session of the Spanish Grand Prix weekend. Look out for the live page on the site during every session and follow all the action with your fellow RaceFans.

Here are the details of Sky and Channel 4’s coverage of the 2019 Spanish Grand Prix in the UK and ESPN’s in the USA:

2019 Spanish Grand Prix: Friday 10 May – Sunday 12 May 2019


DaySessionChannelCoverage startsSession startsSession ends
FridaySpanish Grand Prix first practice liveSky Sports F109:3010:0011:30
FridaySpanish Grand Prix second practice liveSky Sports F113:4514:0015:30
SaturdayFormula Three Spain race one liveSky Sports F109:1509:15
SaturdaySpanish Grand Prix third practice liveSky Sports F110:3011:0012:00
SaturdaySpanish Grand Prix qualifying liveSky Sports F113:0014:00
SaturdayFormula E Monaco EPrix liveQuest / Eurosport 1 / BT Sport Extra 315:00
SaturdayFormula Two Spain feature race liveSky Sports F115:3015:40
SaturdaySpanish Grand Prix qualifying highlightsChannel 419:30
SaturdayIndyCar Grand Prix of Indianapolis liveSky Sports F120:0020:40
SundayFormula Three Spain race two liveSky Sports F109:1509:15
SundayFormula Two Spain sprint race liveSky Sports F110:2010:30
SundaySpanish Grand Prix liveSky Sports F112:3014:10
SundaySpanish Grand Prix highlightsChannel 419:00

USA (Eastern)

DaySessionChannelCoverage startsSession startsSession ends
FridayAzerbaijan Grand Prix first practice liveESPN24:555:006:30
FridayAzerbaijan Grand Prix second practice liveESPNU8:559:0010:30
SaturdayAzerbaijan Grand Prix third practice liveESPN25:556:007:00
SaturdayAzerbaijan Grand Prix qualifying liveESPN28:559:00
SaturdayFormula E Monaco EPrix liveCaffeine9:3010:00
SaturdayIndyCar Grand Prix of Indianapolis liveNBC15:0015:40
SundayAzerbaijan Grand Prix liveESPN29:059:10

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2019 Spanish Grand Prix

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5 comments on “2019 Spanish Grand Prix TV Times”

  1. That’s so nice to provide the TV times for the North Americans, Keith. Pretty sure they will all enjoy watching the Azerbaijan GP again, while Europe must get by with just another “He’s from Barcelona” race. ;-)

  2. Is there any chance of a wet weather race this weekend?

    1. It’s unlikely to rain. According to the latest forecasts temperatures will reach 25°C on Friday and Saturday afternoon, with Sunday getting a few degrees colder (between 20-22°C).

      It’s puzzling. Given how close the circuit is to the sea you’d expect rain affecting the race weekends from time to time.
      But it has never rained here in May (if my memory serves me right) and the only wet race we had here was held in June.

  3. It’ll be interesting to see how much of a trackside crowd this weekend draws, being the first “Spainish” GP in years without Alonso.

  4. Sonny Crockett
    7th May 2019, 12:01

    If you’ve never been to an overseas Grand Prix but are tempted to do so then I strongly recommend the Spanish GP.

    Yes, the track isn’t the best but it is a very accessible circuit and one of the cheapest to attend on the calendar. Tickets for the uncovered stands on the main straight are very reasonably priced, especially compared to Silverstone.

    Flights to Barcelona from the UK are cheap and plentiful plus the journey from the centre of Barcelona to the circuit at Montmelo is a relatively short, inexpensive train ride.

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