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F1 set for sunny weekend in Spain

2019 Spanish Grand Prix weather

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The Formula 1 teams return to the Circuit de Catalunya this weekend, having tested there two months ago. Weather conditions for this weekend’s Spanish Grand Prix should but sunny but not too warm.

Ambient temperatures on all three days are expected to reach no more than 20C, some 5C lower than the peak seen during last year’s race weekend. But with the sun expected to shine throughout much of the F1 sessions, track temperatures should easily reach the mid-thirties if not higher. Last year Friday practice was considerably hotter than the race; this year temperatures are expected to remain more consistent.

The warm conditions will be vital for tyre management at a track where Pirelli has brought its hardest selection of rubber: the C1 (hard), C2 (medium) and C3 (soft). The only previous track where this tyre selection has been used is Bahrain, a very abrasive circuit which typically sees higher track temperatures.

With the risk of rain negligible over the coming days, teams should have plenty of opportunity to assess their new upgrades during the practice sessions and dial in their set-ups on a track they know well.

The Circuit de Catalunya features several medium and high-speed corners where the cars are particularly vulnerable to gusts of wind. But this too looks unlikely to be a serious concern during the upcoming race weekend.

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For more updates on the track conditions during each session keep an eye on RaceFans Live and the RaceFans Twitter account.

2019 Spanish Grand Prix

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16 comments on “F1 set for sunny weekend in Spain”

  1. Hurray

  2. DAllein (@)
    9th May 2019, 8:28

    *peeking out of the window of Hotel in Barcelona*.

    Yep! Perfectly sunny without a single cloud yet!

    Time for an exploratory ride to the circuit!
    (have not been there before)

    1. joe pineapples
      9th May 2019, 9:43

      Stop showing off [not envious, honest ;)]

    2. Sonny Crockett
      9th May 2019, 10:16

      I’ll be there on Saturday morning and can’t wait!

      It’s really easy to get to the circuit. Get a train to Montmelo from any of the major Barcelona stations and then it’s a pleasant 20 min walk or a short cab journey to the circuit.

    3. @dallein it’s a very pretty circuit. The images on TV doesn’t do it enough justice… The mountains and the nice green fields around montmelo make a very nice and pleasant background.

      Don’t forget your fuet, ham or chorizo sandwich! Or all three! With tomato and olive oil

  3. I’m saving up for next year’s GP in Rio! At the brand new “Senna Circuit” 🎆🎉

    1. @jjohn If it ever happens then It’d happen in 2021 at the very earliest, not next year, though.

  4. Zzzzzz

    The teams know this circuit like the back of their hand, it isn’t the best for overtaking and the weather is always sunny and dry. Never a particularly entertaining one this and the 2019 edition will more than likely follow the trend.

  5. Jonathan Parkin
    9th May 2019, 11:34

    Here’s hoping for a rain storm in the last five laps

  6. According to the highest ambient daytime temperatures in Montmelo should be 25, 23, and 23 degrees on practice, qualifying, and race day respectively, so warmer indeed than last year when only 15/16 degrees was reached ahead of and during the race.

    1. Interesting, thanks @jerejj

    2. Sonny Crockett
      9th May 2019, 15:24

      It was FREEZING last year! And to add insult to injury the race was mind-numbingly boring!

      1. Given how difficult it is to overtake expect a snoozefest of race. Even next Monaco is going to be a snoozefest. We have to wait for Canadian GP for remotely exciting GP weekend.

        1. @Chaitanya But the Canadian GP can also fail to add to the excitement as was the case last year, but also in 2015, and the following season to some extent.

          1. Thats why I said remotely exciting. Only hope for Canadian GP is changing weather conditions which can spice up the procedings.

  7. @jerejj
    Well according to this it will be next year

    Rio de Janeiro to host Brazil GP from 2020 with touching tribute to Ayrton Senna

    Herald Sun
    Next year’s Formula One Grand Prix in Brazil will be held in Rio de Janeiro, ending a three-decade long association with Sao Paulo, President Jair Bolsonaro said.

    Bolsonaro also announced the circuit would be named after Brazilian F1 legend Ayrton Senna.

    “A new motor-racing track is going to be built. The construction will take six to seven months and the Brazil Grand Prix will be held in Rio de Janeiro next year,” Bolsonaro said during a military ceremony in the city.

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