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Stroll’s car will be restored to new spec after crash

2019 Spanish Grand Prix

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Racing Point will restore Lance Stroll’s car to its new specification after his crash in first practice damaged several of the new parts he was running.

The team’s technical director Andrew Green confirmed Stroll’s crash damaged the new front suspension and front part of the floor. Although the team were able to replace the new specification suspension parts for second practice, the front floor won’t arrive until this evening.

Stroll’s crash limited the amount of data the team was able to gather from its first major upgrade of the 2019 F1 season.

“Nothing jumped out as being unexpected,” said Green. “We only got one car running with the updated package in FP2 because of Lance’s damage to his car. [That] meant we couldn’t have 100% of the package on his car for the second session.

“But Sergio [Perez] did. We’ll know in the next three or four hours what it’s doing and how it’s performing.”

Green said the team is able to upgrade its car more quickly since their new owners took over last year. However whereas last year their supply of parts was limited by their resources, the rate at which they are upgrading the RP19 means they still don’t necessarily have a large stock of spares.

“The parts we’ve got are all out of date because we’re updating the car so quickly now,” he said. “It’s for different reasons we don’t have all the spares we want.”

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  1. Perez has the challenging task of crushing his teammate….but not draw attention to it…..if he can pull this off….

    1. I think that’s the reason he has closely mimicked Toto’s way of talking about his most direct competitor ‘impressed with his speed and promise’ that sort of stuff.

  2. Restoring it to the new spec should make a world of difference ….

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