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Ferrari’s rivals differ over whether it should keep rules veto

2019 F1 season

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Ferrari’s controversial power to veto changes to the Formula 1 teams is not without support among rival teams.

On Friday Ferrari team principal Mattia Binotto defended the team’s veto power, which was granted to it by Bernie Ecclestone during his period in charge of the sport. “It’s not only protecting Ferrari but is protecting all the teams maybe against some decisions that could be against the interest of the teams themselves.”

Unsurprisingly, one rival team boss did not support that view when it was put to him by RaceFans.

“I don’t think any team in any sport should have some sort of say that’s greater than any other racing team,” said McLaren Racing CEO Zak Brown.

“I think sometimes we’re very aligned with Ferrari’s thinking and I think there’ll be times that we aren’t. And so if the teams want to collectively have a veto on topics I’d rather see the teams come together and nominate someone to speak on behalf of the teams to address big issues as opposed to leaving it to a single team.”

However Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff said he “likes the veto”, when asked about it by RaceFans. “I think the veto protects us from madness,” he said.

Ferrari is in discussions with the FIA and F1 about whether it will be allowed to keep its veto should it commit to continue in the sport beyond 2020.

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2019 F1 season

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8 comments on “Ferrari’s rivals differ over whether it should keep rules veto”

  1. “I don’t think any team in any sport should have some sort of say that’s greater than any other racing team,”

    so basically Zac is saying prema and McLaren should have an equal say in premier leauge matters, NFL matters and so on as the clubs playing there without them having a say in F1 or F2 matters. Americans ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    1. yes that is exactly what zak is saying *sarcasm*

  2. This is the same guy who is gulping all small motorsport news outlets among other things

  3. Supporting Ferrari’s Veto is supporting non-transparent decision making and the self-destruction of this sport.

    I was actually surprised that any team would support it, but should I have been? Clearly, Mercs and Ferrari’s interests are very much aligned. Together they’ll have a lot of power and they can build their own shadow-governance over F1. This looks like a grim scenario. I deeply hope that Liberty will kill this madness right now.

    1. @br444m

      Considering that the current regulations are designed for either of two teams to win – Mercedes or Ferrari… I’m not surprised that they now work as one political unit. It’s basically their way of keeping Red Bull and Mclaren at bay.

      It’s besides the point that Ferrari haven’t managed to win a championship in the hybrid era despite only having one real competitor….But at least Ferrari isn’t finishing 3rd or 4th in the championship anymore.

      The sad part is that if you ask the current grid whether Ferrari should keep the veto, there will be a split vote. Mercedes would let them keep the veto. Mercedes customer teams would side with Mercedes…well at least Force India will support them. Alfa Romeo and Haas will support Ferrari as well. So that’s already 5 teams on the grid that will support Ferrari.

      Such a shame. I was hoping the sport would start getting less political / less shady after the Bernie era.. but as long as Ferrari is on the grid, that element will never leave the sport.

  4. should it commit to continue in the sport beyond 2020.

    The press is being so very kind not to paint the portrayal that F1 is in complete disarray with nobody really knowing what teams will still be around and exactly what the bargaining chips are on the table. That there are still so many questions unanswered with new regulations going into effect in less than 2 years is mind-boggling.

    As for this issue well let’s just wait and see, it will say a lot about the future of F1 and the power structure depending on how this all folds out. If Wolff is aiming for the top job, and wants Ferrari to have the veto, then it will be no surprise what kind of F1 he wants to see moving forward; one where Ferrari remains involved and is ever competitive. He hasn’t hid his reasoning that having Ferrari to compete against is what makes F1 worthwhile.

  5. Ferrari has never used it to push their own agenda through, as far as i know it only has been used once (2015; engine price). There are probably more..

    As the Fia and the teams have a hard time agreeing on anything this veto does act as a good brake for to go into the ridiculously rules wise.

    I say let them keep it, as they act responsible with it and it does serve an purpose.

  6. I think there is a hidden layer to this that is not mentioned in the article. If ferrari loses the veto then ferrari expects to get something else instead. Ferrari won’t just give it away. And the other teams may know what those things are. Mercedes probably sees the veto as something less important or less of a threat to merc compared to the alternatives. Which could be more money to ferrari, some specific technical things ferrari wants or some other political change or tool. It is unlikely ferrari would veto something that mercedes supports. After all the veto tool is very specific thing and not an easy tool for ferrari to use. On the other hand some other change could give ferrari smaller but more often usable tools which mercedes does not want. Two big teams with very similar agendas but they do occasionally clash. Mclaren on the other hand may have the view that the ferrari veto is more dangerous to mclaren than some of the other alternatives.

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