Kimi Raikkonen, Alfa Romeo, Circuit de Catalunya, 2019

Raikkonen: “We had to try something on the first lap”

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In the round-up: Kimi Raikkonen says he had to take risks on the first lap as Alfa Romeo were not competitive at the Circuit de Catalunya.

What they say

We had to try to do something on the first lap to get places otherwise it’s not going to really happen. It’s a bit slippery there. B

But nevertheless I don’t think we had enough speed today. In the end we could do the same speed as the cars in front but that wasn’t enough. It was a difficult weekend overall. Luckily there’s testing next week so hopefully we can figure out what’s going on.

Quotes: Dieter Rencken

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Comment of the day

Are Ferrari failing to learn from their mistakes?

So Ferrari are happy with their strategies, but I doubt if their fans are. The fact that they unwilling to acknowledge they could have done better probably means not much learning is taking place and so we can look forward to a season’s worth of botched ‘team orders’.
F1 Codger

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On this day in F1

  • 40 years ago today Jody Scheckter won the Belgian Grand Prix at Zolder for Ferrari. Meanwhile Alfa Romeo entered their first race since 1951.

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27 comments on “Raikkonen: “We had to try something on the first lap””

  1. That’s nice from Cyril but I can’t wait to see an honest and open interview where what he is saying actually makes sense not just magically “we aim to be fighting for podiums next year!” it doesn’t matter how much time you spend working on car development if your team doesn’t have the ability to develop the car… If he can’t recognize that then he has to go.

    1. IMO. They should’ve dropped Cyril instead of Fred. There is something definitely amiss in the Renault operation, it’s about time the leader of it bore the blame.

    2. It’s like Ross said. There is a reason that in many sports the manager leaves/is sent off when things go bad. You cannot replace a full team but if it continues to under-peform than leadership is at fault. In particular when the talk is the same for many seasons and results continue to fall short. First it was the engine as the team was progressing but now they needed to progress on the 2 fronts and they are falling back … drastically.
      They expected a big jump in Spain but they were worse than previous races. The car was competitive in previous ones, during race, even if they failed to finish due to issues and driver errors but here in Spain they went backwards even if reliability improved. Considering not all opponents got full upgrades yet (Ferrari engine for instance) Renault will only find it harder to score so they’re screwed

  2. Re: COTD, Ferrari are so busy tripping over their past they are blowing up their own future. It appears the 2019 team leadership is not an improvement over 2018, so far.

    On the subject of Ferrari — Question:
    When is the next non-Tobacco advertising race on the calendar?

    It is sickening to have to look at the no less than 21 Mission Winnow slogans and Marlboro logos plastered all over and trashing out the Ferrari chassis that is otherwise rather pleasing to the eye. This does not even count the number of the MW slogans/logos on the driver uniforms, helmets, on crew members and also plastered over every available surface of anything Ferrari F1. PM has won the F1 tobacco war and apparently taken Ferrari hostage lock, stock and barrel. Such blatant, flagrant excess.

    1. I believe Canada has some tobacco restrictions, though I am unsure if these will affect ecig advertising.

      Otherwise, France is the next non-tobacco race.

      1. Amazing how clean the Ferrari looks without all that winnowed chaff all over it. What other team has 21 labels of the same sponsor plastered all over each of their cars? It is sick.

  3. So take away from the weekend is that F1 is now an official 3 tier championship.

    Mercedes race in F1, Ferrari and RB in F1.75 and the rest in F1.5.


    1. Sorry Typo 1.75 = 1.25

      1. @jaymenon10 Don’t forget Williams in F1.75. A four-tier championship with ten teams is quite an achievement.

  4. @jaymenon10 4 tier: Mercedes. Max Verstappen. Ferraris. Everyone else.

    1. Truer words have never been spoken

      1. Maybe it’s Merc, Red Bull, Ferrari, everyone else & Gasly.

  5. Kubica: “By the time I saw him (Russell) in my mirror, it was too late”. Come on, Kubica, how hard can it be? He is the ONLY car you see in your mirror, and you don’t see him for long!

    1. @waptraveler – I admire and appreciate his return to F1, but there’s a tiny nagging voice at the back of my head asking me: “At what point do Kubica’s reasons turn into excuses?”

      1. @phylyp Kubica and Williams is a Romeo/Juliet love story, so sad both die at the end

        1. @johnmilk – oh man, that is poetic :)

          And tragic. Now you’ve got me crying :(

    2. ColdFly (@)
      13th May 2019, 9:04

      Dare I say it; of all the team mate battles this one seems the most one-sided.

      1. We just wait for team orders at Williams fighting for place 19.

    3. Come on, Kubica, how hard can it be? He is the ONLY car you see in your mirror, and you don’t see him for long!

      Cruel, very cruel, and very funny. Thank you :)

      1. In fairness, the Williamses probably see a lot of other cars when they are being lapped…

  6. I expect pot shots from fans, but from actual drivers? I bet anything that if any F1 team goes there as tells any of them if they want to be their driver, they won’t even blink.

    This criticism of other series “mine is better than yours” is one of the stupidest things I witness on social media. Watch whatever you want, watch all of them, watch none of them, who cares?

    1. @johnmilk I couldn’t have put it any better. I thoroughly agree with you.

    2. @johnmilk Alexander’s already driven in F1. I’m not sure he’s interested in any F1 teams, nor do I think he takes their ability to do Indycars seriously.

    3. @johnmilk – good call. Yeah, it’s like the opposite of “the grass is greener”, this is more of “mine’s better than yours”.

  7. I couldn’t agree more with the COTD. As I pointed out in the post-race review articles, Ferrari should’ve made the swaps earlier than they did. They just took way too long with them, and this isn’t the first time that it’s happened. They just consistently shoot themselves in the foot in general, but especially on this front.

  8. I love Lando and Carlos’ tweets – hilarious and cheeky. Combined with their uptick in performance, they’re becoming a team I – gasp – like.

    1. You do like an underachiever don’t you @phylyp

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