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Catalunya test showed Ferrari just how different 2019 tyres are – Binotto

2019 Monaco Grand Prix

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Ferrari only appreciated just how different the current Formula 1 tyres are compared to last year’s rubber in the post-Spanish Grand Prix test, team principal Mattia Binotto has admitted.

He said the team will introduce some changes to its car this weekend to get the best out of Pirelli’s latest rubber.

“Last week’s testing in Barcelona and analyses carried out in Maranello confirmed just how much this year’s tyres, which are very different to those we had in 2018, require different mechanical and aerodynamic settings to work properly,” said Binotto.

“We are already working in Maranello on evaluating new concepts, as well as bringing some initial further updates here.”

Ferrari has been stung by the performance of Mercedes in the opening races, who have scored one-two finishes in all five rounds so far.

Binotto said the nature of the Monaco circuit could produce changes in the usual competitive order this weekend. “It’s a very different sort of race, where the track characteristics that can shake up the order could be jumbled up still further this weekend.

“As usual, qualifying will be very important because of the fact it’s almost impossible to overtake.”

Sunday’s race will be the first since the death of Niki Lauda, who won his first two world championships with Ferrari and later worked for the team in a managerial role.

“The run up to this Monaco Grand Prix has been perturbed by our sadness at the news of Niki’s death,” said Binotto. “His straightforward, no-nonsense approach will be missed in Formula 1 and it will seem strange for all of us not seeing him in the paddock.

“Niki was a standard-bearer for Ferrari and for Formula 1 and he pushed through changes in motor racing that made it even more professional, being ahead of his time in terms of being a stickler for detail which is now very much a key element of our sport.”

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8 comments on “Catalunya test showed Ferrari just how different 2019 tyres are – Binotto”

  1. I wonder how they missed that during the pre-season tests.

    1. I find that quite funny how they claim they learned about 2019 tyres yet these were the exact tyres used for preseason test.

      1. Lewis says he isn’t getting the most from his car and we know how he likes it to be perfect on its tires.
        So how did he miss that in testing?

        1. lmao you are obsessed. Definitely got a fatal attraction for Lewis, you need a cold shower dude.

    2. @coldfly The Pirelli’s have always tended to act differently in the colder temperatures of Barcelona in February/March, It’s why you often hear talk of doing a pre season test in Bahrain to get more representative data in warmer weather.

  2. You can not compare a test with a race. It is something totally different. In a race you can be pushed easely outside the Pirelli´s working envelope. During tests you don´t have that problem and everything looks fine.

  3. And they didn’t find that out in the thousands of miles of testing in the pre season??

    No wonder they were struggling to find the best setup, if that is what they missed in their data

  4. What exactly were Ferrari doing during testing in the winter? How come they didnt have any problems with the same damn tyres then? It just seems like the easy excuse – blame pirelli.

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