Charles Leclerc 2019 Monaco Grand Prix helmet

Leclerc’s special Monaco helmet features his father’s design and Bianchi’s

2019 Monaco Grand Prix

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Charles Leclerc will wear a special helmet design at this weekend’s Monaco Grand Prix featuring the liveries of two people close to him who died in the past four years.

The left-hand side of the helmet Leclerc will wear for his first home grand prix as a Ferrari driver incorporates the design used by his father. Herve Leclerc raced in Formula Three and competed on their home circuit at Monte-Carlo between 1986 and 1988, but father passed away in 2017 while his son was racing in Formula Two.

On the right-hand side of his helmet Leclerc has taken the design of his godfather and friend Jules Bianchi, who died after sustaining serious head injuries in a crash during the 2014 Japanese Grand Prix.

“Half of this helmet is Jules’ one and the other part is my father’s one,” Leclerc posted on social media. “Without these two I would not be here.

“Let’s give it all for this special weekend,” he added.

Leclerc is not the only driver to have combined two helmet liveries into one this year. George Russell blended Juan Pablo Montoya’s helmet design onto his usual livery at the Chinese Grand Prix.

Pictures: Charles Leclerc’s 2019 Monaco Grand Prix helmet

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  1. Nice tribute.

  2. Too bad all the sponsor logos are cleared over stickers or cutplotted vinyl.

    Hope Charly puts it on pole and wins his first GP.

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