Christian Horner, Baku City Circuit, 2019

Horner predicts “very strong” Mercedes in Monaco

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In the round-up: Red Bull team principal predicts Mercedes will be “very strong” in this weekend’s Monaco Grand Prix.

What they say

In Monaco, if you look at their performance in the low speed section of this circuit then you would expect them to be very strong in Monaco. I think they’ll certainly be the favourites there and obviously we’ll try our best to challenge them as best we can.

Quotes: Dieter Rencken

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Comment of the day

Thanks to all of you who shared your tributes to the late Niki Lauda.

Not many drivers would step back into an F1 car just six weeks after nearly burning to death. What’s more, he won two more championships when it could’ve quite easily been just the one.

Rest in pace Niki, one of the bravest F1 drivers of all time.
James Brickles (@Brickles)

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Happy birthday to Travis and Cristian!

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  • 25 years ago today Marco Apicella won the Japanese Formula 3000 round at Suzuka.

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20 comments on “Horner predicts “very strong” Mercedes in Monaco”

  1. Trust Horner to make a radical, way out of left field prediction for Monaco ! Sounds like he is expecting Max to do a Danny Ricciardo type Monaco performance.

    1. @HoHum

      Danny Ric’s Monaco performance ?

      This years or last years ?
      I think this year Danny Ric will replicate Fred’s Indy placing this year, (chuckle snort guffaw)

      1. @greg-c, I am, of course, referring to the year he won it for Red Bull and the year Red Bull lost it for him.

  2. Nice words from Lewis. It is really the case that without Niki Lauda’s encouragement for him to make the move to Mercedes, when most were saying it was a bad idea, recent Formula 1 history would have been very different, especially for Hamilton, and maybe too for the Mercedes team. There was some touching human warmth about Lauda’s involvement.

  3. Horner predicts “very strong” Mercedes in Monaco

    He’s right, I know Verstappen hasn’t had the best of luck at Monaco so far but he is doing very well this yr. So maybe he can give Merc a bit of a surprise, also Leclerc if he is allowed…may do well.

    1. There’s nothing unlucky about running into walls.

  4. I was actually moved by that post from Lewis ,

    1. BlackJackFan
      23rd May 2019, 7:00

      Really… Wow…

    2. BlackJackFan
      23rd May 2019, 7:01

      Really…? Wow…

  5. I already expected Mercedes to win at Monaco this year, but following the sad news of Niki, I now fully expect Hamilton to dominate. Its just in his nature to want to win for Niki.

  6. On the face of it, we’d expect that Monaco should be a 3 way battle in qualifying (which will probably decide the potential winner) between the 2 Mercedes cars and Max.

    I can’t see Ferrari solving their slow corner woes, and doubt Gasly will quite be there. None of the others are really fast enough, or have enough cornering to present any danger.

    If anything, given the way he blitzed sector 3 in Spain, I’d suggest that Bottas May have the edge.

    1. @dbradock – good points. I think Thursday will also determine how Max performs on Saturday. If the RBR looks hooked together on Thursday, all well, but if not, I fear he might end up overdriving and underperforming (or worse) in quali.

      1. BlackJackFan
        23rd May 2019, 7:04

        I was going to ask: ‘What happens on Thursday’… but then I remembered, just in time… lol

  7. William Storey’s beard should presented as an exhibit on trial as a proof that Rich Energy was not copying Whyte logo.

    1. ColdFly (@)
      22nd May 2019, 8:00

      Had he said that he came up with the antler logo when looking in the mirror then he would have won the case, and all deer would spontaneously shed their antlers out of embarrassment.

    2. BlackJackFan
      23rd May 2019, 7:06

      He looks like someone who might collect hub-caps in the Mojave… ;-)

  8. ColdFly (@)
    22nd May 2019, 8:05

    Last year’s Horner quote would have been more interesting :P

  9. We need more of those proper radio communications. Kyle Kaiser you are the man.

  10. Mr Horner seems to have given up building cars and gone over to building ridiculously large houses instead.
    Rumour: They are having to enlarge the harbour to get Red Bull’s new klumpenhause in. The rise in sea level is threatening Cannes!

    Mr Horner’s mouth appears the most active part of the team. Come on our Aide! get the car fixed. Put some bendy parts on it!

  11. Rich Energy is a sponsor of Haas, and yet William Storey was driving a car in possession of a rival team, LOL.

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