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2019 Monaco Grand Prix championship points

2019 Monaco Grand Prix

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F1 drivers championship after the 2019 Monaco Grand Prix

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F1 constructors championship after the 2019 Monaco Grand Prix

3Red Bull110
5Racing Point17
7Toro Rosso16
8Alfa Romeo13

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2019 Monaco Grand Prix

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13 comments on “2019 Monaco Grand Prix championship points”

  1. @keithcollantine points look wrong? BOTTAS? 105 BEFORE DID HE GET 12 POINTS FROM THIS RACE?

    1. It looks even worse now BOTTAS received 8 point from this race? Why are you penalising him?

  2. Table above is lying =)
    Bottas has 120 points

    1. Keith is bring his revenge on stewards lenient penalty on BOTTAS :)

    2. If Keith continues at this rate, before the next race, BOTTAS will be behind vettel probably

  3. I just realised he may be trying to reduce the gap to ferrari to keep suspense and excitement alive

  4. Glad to see Mclaren comfortably leading the midfield pack. Both Sainz and Norris have been pretty solid for them this year, and the car has been much more competitive and reliable. Would be great to see them maintain this formnand finish the season in P4.

    1. Ámen to that! No matter how huge the gap to the top 3 will be, i am already grateful to see McLaren making such a step back upwards again. Just a pitty it is in a season that is (so far) so dominated by another team. I also hope that at least one race Merc will mess up and not end up on podium, just so they can’t brag about improving Mc’s ’88 record.

      1. Just wondering why McLaren waited one lap too long to år Norris today…
        Their operating activities has been top notch until now….

    2. @todfod Indeed! The onboard of the first lap of Sainz is lovely, nearly loosing it to Albon but somehow out-dragging him in Beau Rivage and in the same move a superb outside on Kvyat in Massenet, no less. Norris however had a difficult weekend. Bad qualification, loosing a place to Grosjean on the first lap. I remember also Norris being lucky with incidents behind. His pit stop would have dropped him further down.

      This year McLaren has upped its game. Topping the pitstop times, few operational errors and both drivers doing well. I’m also happy with Sainz’s latest races and today he made an excellent operation. The team is really doing well compared to its direct competitors, trackside it looks fine. Fingers crossed, they badly need that confidence (and a better chassis).

      1. McLaren pitstops were not impressive today actually, but generally have been much better than previous years.

  5. Give the constructors to Mercedes already cos no other team is going to win a race this year. They have the fastest car and the very best hybrid/power regeneration and can use it for longer which means no can overtake them, not even Ferrari who allegedly have the fastest car. Lewis has perfected his driving in this Mercedes in all these years he’s been there and none of his team mates will come close. When an F1 rookie can test the car and be 1 second faster than the rest it just goes to show easy and well perfected that car is to drive.

    1. Most of all, they have two experienced drivers. Ferrari and Red Bull lost some good points due to the inexperience of their new drivers.

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