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Lauda’s funeral to take place on Wednesday

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Niki Lauda’s funeral will take place on Wednesday in Vienna.

Austrian president Alexander Van der Bellen is among those expected to attend the service, which will also be open to the public. It will take place at the Stephansdom, an 800-year-old cathedral. The ceremony is expected to begin around 1pm.

A minute’s silence will be held at 2:53pm local time in Monte-Carlo ahead of today’s Monaco Grand Prix as a mark of respect for the three-times world champion, who died on Monday.

Formula 1, the FIA and the Automobile Club de Monaco which organises the race, have invited fans to join in the tributes to the former Ferrari and McLaren driver on the ‘in-lap’ after the race. Fans are being encouraged to “wear a red cap, display a message on a banner, or simply applaud, while those watching from the yachts in the harbour can sound their klaxons, anything appropriate to honour the memory of one of the sport’s true heroes,” said a statement issued by the championship.

Several teams are carrying tributes to Lauda, including Mercedes, for whom he was a non-executive director. The team has painted its Halo red and added a red star on the flanks of its car, which team principal Toto Wolff said will remain their “forever”. Other teams are also carrying tributes, while Sebastian Vettel is wearing a replica of Lauda’s helmet design.

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  • 3 comments on “Lauda’s funeral to take place on Wednesday”

    1. Can’t think of a better place.
      Hope many will come.

      1. Sergey Martyn
        26th May 2019, 11:31

        Agree completely. Hope TV won’t cut in-lap ceremony and folks on the podium will say something too.
        I know quite a bunch of guys who started following F1 after watching ‘Rush’ – one of them told me – I couldn’t believe it was true but after internet research I believe he wasn’t just a legend but an epos!

    2. Sush Meerkat
      26th May 2019, 11:27

      F1 is a much poorer place without him.

      I haven’t watched a race this year but I’m setting aside some time to watch the highlights for no crap Niki.

      Rest in peace Mr Lauda

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