Kevin Magnussen, Haas, Monaco, 2019

Magnussen drops to 14th after penalty for Perez incident

2019 Monaco Grand Prix

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Kevin Magnussen has been relegated from 12th to 14th place in the final result for the Monaco Grand Prix following an incident with Sergio Perez during the race.

The stewards ruled the Haas driver had gained an advantage by cutting across the chicane while defending his position

After speaking to both drivers, the stewards chose to impose a five-second time penalty on Magnussen.

They ruled: “Car 11 [Perez] moved to the left of car 20 [Magnussen] in the braking zone of turn 10 and pulled fully alongside. The two cars then took the first apex side by side and moved towards the second apex side by side.

“The driver of car 20 then cut behind the kerb at the next apex avoiding a collision with car 11 which would have resulted had he gone over the kerb. However, rather than re-joining the track as soon as possible, the driver of car 20 opened his steering and also missed the next apex creating a further shortcut allowing him to re-join the track ahead of car 20 rather than side by side, which would have been the case had he gone behind the raised kerb and re-joined as soon as possible, which there was room to do.”

Magnussen has also been given a penalty point on his licence.

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7 comments on “Magnussen drops to 14th after penalty for Perez incident”

  1. Well, that’s consistent I guess, though I’m still not quite sure why they couldn’t get to it during the race and fix it before it completely stalled Perez race.

  2. Not this nonsense again. Pérez did the same thing multiple times back in 2013, when everyone had to take avoiding action and cut the chicane, after which they had to surrender the position. I don’t think dive-bombs or unrealistic overtaking attempts should be rewarded.

    1. If you don’t understand it, don’t watch it.

      1. The divebombs are OK as long as you leave room for the other car to go around the next right-hander, which Perez did not, so KMag had no choice but to cut the chicane.

        1. @juan-fanger, the penalty is not because he cut the chicane to avoid a collision, the penalty is because Magnussen then used it as an opportunity to gain a larger advantage by then short cutting a larger chunk of that corner. The implication of the first part of the statement is that, had Magnussen not turned to the right and taken such a large short cut, but instead made an effort to rejoin the track sooner than he did, they would have taken no action.

  3. Fair decision.

  4. Divebomb someone and push them offtrack.

    Complain about them cutting the corner so you can overtake them.

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