Romain Grosjean, Haas, Monaco, 2019

Gasly near-miss was a “scary moment” – Grosjean

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In the round-up: Romain Grosjean says his near-collision with Pierre Gasly during qualifying was “scary”.

What they say

The only consolation is there might be rain. In Monaco P13 with new tyres, you don’t give a damn actually.

I’ve sweared enough for today. I went out a bit of my comfort zone on the radio so I apologise for that. But what can you say, at Monaco flat-out it was a bit of a scary moment for Pierre and myself.

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Comment of the day

Should Charles Leclerc start looking elswhere?

I really hope Leclerc leaves Ferrari. We are only six races down and already he’s been let down by the team on four occasions. They don’t really deserve top drawer talents in their squad.

This team is a perfect example of incompetence and inefficiency. Vettel and Ferrari seem like a good fit. Now they need to find the next Raikkonen to jump in to that second seat and they can go on losing championships for decades to come.

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On this day in F1

  • 45 years ago today Ronnie Peterson won the Monaco Grand Prix for Lotus after Clay Regazzoni spun out of the lead and Niki Lauda retired with ignition trouble

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14 comments on “Gasly near-miss was a “scary moment” – Grosjean”

  1. ColdFly (@)
    26th May 2019, 0:15

    Not very smart of Ferrari to leave Leclerc in the pit. But the reason he missed Q2 is because he was not fast enough on his first set of runs.
    Quite ridiculous to claim that Leclerc is too good for Ferrari.

    1. RP (@slotopen)
      26th May 2019, 4:33

      Hundreds of millions in design.
      Thousands of hours of work to get this weekend perfect.
      And they leave the car in the tiny garage while the times improve.

      What are you doing Ferrari?

      1. I don’t get what’s going on at Ferrari. They seem to have a history of getting it wrong since Schumacher. I prefer the Alesi/Berger years to what is happening now. It’s sad.

    2. I disagree, Leclerc wanted to have another try at getting a better time, but the team didn’t want him to proceed into the next round. So the onus is upon the team to justify their belief he couldn’t have progressed into Q3.
      Really, the important thing is Sebastian got into Q3, which might not have happened if Charles got into Q2, so this is a success for Ferrari.
      Again, Pierre has made it more difficult for Red Bull to beat Ferrari.

  2. On this day 45 years ago, the race wasn’t a forgone conclusion 5 seconds after the start. Just sayin.

  3. re. COTD
    Driving for Ferrari is not a joke or a random option–its a privilege!!
    i can understand the frustration but mistakes are bound to occur even if they are very silly. Doesn’t mean that you have to find greener pastures already.
    On the other hand, i would turn this around and say that Lerlerc could be the man that ‘leads’ them in the right direction.
    From what has happened so far, there is only one direction in which Ferrari can move on from here, and thats up !! They have fallen down so badly.

    1. ‘Driving for Ferrari is not a joke or a random option–its a privilege!!’

      Therein lies the problem with Ferrari!

  4. Let’s be honest here, Ferrari have been tripping over themselves for years now, hence the reason for not winning a title since 2008. But having said this, in the 20 odd years of watching F1, I’ve never seen them be this sloppy. They seem rudderless at this stage.

    I put this down to what can only be classified as a power vacuum. Since the days of the Old Man, Ferrari have been run as a dictatorship, it’s the company’s culture. Although suave and personable, Luca Di Montezemolo was every bit as tough as his mentor. Sergio Marchionne simply carried on the tradition.

    If history has taught us anything, it’s that, when dictatorships fall, what comes immediately after, is never pretty. This is where Ferrari are right now, post dictatorship. The people that run the company now are effectively lost without their strongman leader.

    It’s long road back for the folk at Maranello.

  5. I don’t necessarily agree with the COTD in that he should already start to look elsewhere. Yes, Ferrari’s messed up quite a lot recently, but it can only change for the better.

  6. Where exactly would Leclerc go?

    At the moment the only option I see is Renault and have the same prayers ready that Daniel has.
    Also, Vettel is in the same situation as Leclerc, but he manages his own team. This adds to the pressure and most likely why Vettel has thrown away key points the last seasons. The leadership is terrible it is up to the drivers themselves to make the team work. If Leclerc manages to do this, I doubt anything could stop him.

  7. Re- CotD.
    I would prefer he stays there and that they sort themselves out.
    I’m praying that Ferrari will soon reach the point where they wake-up and see just what a third rate joke they have become.
    Hell – at this stage even Lance would advise his Dad to avoid getting involved with “Farce Ferrari”

  8. So Mr Collantine is picking obvious trolling comments for comment of the day now? What a shame this website has become in recent times, used to be quite nice, now it’s not much different to any other place on the web.

  9. Adam (@rocketpanda)
    26th May 2019, 11:45

    I laughed out loud at the COTD. Like no, Leclerc shouldn’t leave Ferrari. Firstly there’s nowhere he can go but backwards and Ferrari – despite appearances are still a top team. What would you do, settle for a ‘chance’ of winning and poles or just settling for points in the hope your choice comes good eventually?

    Too early for people to tell him to go.

    1. What would you do, settle for a ‘chance’ of winning and poles or just settling for points in the hope your choice comes good eventually?

      @rocketpanda – Absolutely, that’s an excellent way to look at it. a.k.a. Look at Danny Ricciardo.

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