Salt Bae, Jean Todt, Monaco, 2019

Caption Competition 152: Jean Todt and Salt Bae

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FIA president Jean Todt chewed the fat with seasoning enthusiast Salt Bae during the Monaco Grand Prix weekend.

Can you come up with the best caption for this picture? Post your funniest suggestion in the comments below.

A selection of the best will feature in a future edition of the RaceFans Round-up.

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66 comments on “Caption Competition 152: Jean Todt and Salt Bae”

  1. Could you please sprinkle some excitement onto this borefest?

  2. Todt: “You’re right, it does fizz”

  3. Salt Bae asks a passing Jean Todt if he could have his FIA pass, as he was clearly trying to collect enough passes to make a jewelry collection to rival Hamilton’s.

  4. Our product is neither sizzling nor salty, we’re looking to do something about it.

  5. I’ll pass (the Salt) on this competition, as I don’t know him.

    1. Don’t know them? Salt n Pappy!
      Oooh, baby, baby @phylyp.

    2. PS Salt didn’t know the elderly, slightly dementing, gentleman either and still confused why he held his hand while calling him Michelle.

      1. Thumbs up!

  6. Derek Edwards
    1st June 2019, 12:05

    When the race begins you can go and sit behind the thyming screens.

    1. Oh I like that :)

    2. Well played sir

    3. Perfect Derek Edwards.
      I thought this one was impossible, but you’ve proven me wrong.

  7. Todt: “Honestly, Monaco is nothing about racing these days. Its all about celebrities and hangers on. Even the caption competition has nothing to do with F1, but Sean Bratches says its good for the show.”

  8. “Jean, you can sell the sizzle, but you must deliver the steak.”

    1. @slotopen – very nice!

  9. “F1 is very tasty, Jean, but the only item on the menu is Mercedes.”

  10. Pondering life after the FIA, Salt Bae offers some sage advice.

    1. As Jean Todt ponders life after the FIA, Salt Bae offers some sage advice.

  11. ‘Could you give me a veto so I don’t have watch this race’

  12. “I have enjoyed all your movies Mr Depp … especially those pirate ones.”

    1. @nullapax Thats a winner

      1. Yep +1

      2. Montréalais (@)
        1st June 2019, 22:56

        Indeed @budchekov
        +1 for @nullapax

    2. Great to see you Mr Depp…
      No. No. The pleasure is all mine Sir Appleby.

    3. Hands down winner!

      1. I suppose he could be asking Mr Depp about his current legal problems or if he prefers the Strat to a Les Paul.:)

  13. Sergey Martyn
    1st June 2019, 14:02

    Turkish chefs start to replace celebs in Monaco…

  14. Hey Jean, any chance you can get my buddy Maduro a grid pass?

  15. We have enough salty bois in F1.

  16. JT: I avoid salt for my blood pressure, so just run along now..

  17. As part of F1’s cost cutting measures, new group Todt and Salt will do all post grand prix entertainment

  18. “Your show is too well done, Mr Todd. It should be more raw.”

  19. “FIA President Jean Todt meets with important turkish steakholders in Monaco”

    1. Wasn’t aware that Liberty salt a steak to him.
      I’m sure he’ll want them to spice up the show and braise the game, @interpaul.

  20. “Jean Todt chewing the fat with seasoning enthusiast Salt Bae”

    (I think you win this one Keith)

    1. Montréalais (@)
      1st June 2019, 22:55

      I agree @john-h.
      +1 for Keith

      1. @john-h @montrealais Thanks guys. Might be a bit off for me to pick myself as the winner, though.

        1. Think of it like the Ferrari veto @keithcollantine :)

  21. Dutchguy (@justarandomdutchguy)
    1st June 2019, 16:53

    No, we need the fans to be LESS salty

  22. Nice to meat you!

  23. “Salt Bae and a Seasoned Veteran.”

  24. Montréalais (@)
    1st June 2019, 17:39

    Non, m’sieur. I do not wish to manage your Monte Carlo restaurant.

  25. Todt: “Wait, he’s famous for salting meat???”

  26. “… the difference between the old V10 engines and these hybrids is like the difference between raw fish and sushi …”.

  27. Rui (@colinmcrui)
    1st June 2019, 20:07

    Todt gets salty in Monaco.

  28. Toft: who the hell is this guy and why is he near me? They really need to stop letting just anyone with a weird name onto the track.

  29. Don’t touch my salt’n’pepper hair!

  30. Todd (@braketurnaccelerate)
    1st June 2019, 22:50

    Jean Todt asks Salt Bae for tips on handling all the salt from another Mercedes dominant season.

  31. Neil (@neilosjames)
    2nd June 2019, 1:37

    “Try the Ferrari supporters’ club, they’re drowning in the stuff this year.”

  32. OK, let’s spice up the show.

  33. SB – Of course your son being Charles Leclerc’s manager!
    Had absolutely nothing whatsoever to with CL being catapulted into a Ferrari seat!
    JT – Ssshhh! Of course not! : )

  34. Jean Toad is unhappy that he cannot find someone to buy a steak in F1. Salt Bae was told that the steak was too salty.

  35. Jean: “I guess you sure could say Leclerc overcooked it into that corner, eh?”

  36. “Okay, so hypothetically say one of the drivers suggested to suck his balls… how would you season that?”

    1. Salt: “try honey…”

  37. Jean: “Did you see Max try to push Valtteri out of the way?! He must have been like.. ‘BAM!’ … get it???”

    Salt: “I keep telling you, I’m NOT Emeril!”

    Jean: “Who’s Emeril?”

    Salt: *confused look*

  38. Salt: Jean I think you should be calling the tires rare, medium, or well done.

    Jean: Hmm…interesting, but nobody would believe some are well done.

  39. Jean: What did you think of the meal prepared by our chef?
    Salt: The sPirelli was slightly overcooked, but then again it is very difficult to keep it at the right temperature.

  40. Donald Bennett
    2nd June 2019, 18:44

    Salt bae: I have all the badges in the world, I must be the most important person here…..
    Todt: yes, but I’m Jean Todt

  41. Michelle Yoel?!?! You ARE a god…

  42. James Yukon
    3rd June 2019, 3:40

    “Sorry, what exactly is it you do again?”

  43. Very late stage of capitalism, de facto communism.

  44. Electroball76
    4th June 2019, 14:20

    Bae was totally fooled by the bearded ventriloquist and his amazingly life-like Jean Todt dummy


    Jean: I will give you $5 million if you can last 30 minutes with my wife.

    Salt: Just as long you take care of my hospital bill.

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