Russell ‘almost stopped on track’ waiting for pit stop call

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In the round-up: George Russell says he almost came to a stop approaching the pit lane entrance in the Monaco Grand Prix while his engineers decided whether he should put or not during the Safety Car period.

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I think we made the right call pitting early, I was really keen to do that. And I was quite fortunate because under the Safety Car I almost stopped on track and waited for the decision from the engineers before coming into the pit lane.

Once I got in clear air the pace was really strong. And that’s what I wanted, really, I wanted to just get out there and get in a rhythm and try to under-cut some people. Unfortunately there were some who were really slow out there holding us up.

Quotes: Dieter Rencken

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Comment of the day

How important is Silverstone to F1?

Silverstone to F1 is like Le Mans to sports cars or Indy 500 for the IndyCar series, its the home of that sport where it all began. You start losing the identity of that sport by losing the key races which the sport is built on.

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On this day in F1

  • 35 years ago today Alain Prost put his McLaren on pole position for the Monaco Grand Prix

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  • 8 comments on “Russell ‘almost stopped on track’ waiting for pit stop call”

    1. PSA for PC Gamers: Steam is running a sale on F1 games. F1 2018 and earlier are all 75% off.

    2. Yes the chicane after the tunnel is a crash waiting to happen. I think smooth this out so cars can maneuver during the pas to avoid missing the corner or taking somebody out. Cant believe it is still there with all the safety things going on.

      1. @Johns It indeed is there for safety reasons as going straight into Tabac at full throttle all the way from Portier (the corner preceding the tunnel) would be a huge safety risk due to the non-existent run-off there. Corners approached at very high speeds require a vast run-off area and or escape road (which isn’t possible to create on the outside of Tabac even without the grandstand) in case of, for example, a brake failure. It just wouldn’t be worth the risk, so the chicane is to stay. Removing it would be a crash waiting to happen at Tabac, not how you suggest it, claiming that ‘the chicane is a crash waiting to happen.’

    3. cotd Silverstone might have been the venue for the 1st championship race, however it’s has not hosted f1 races continuosly since then, nor has it remained similar in layout, monaco is the core race for f1 not silverstone, It used to be my favourite track and the atmosphere is still great but it’s just not comparable to cotd examples.

      1. Yeah exactly. Silverstone is a nice track and all, but it’s hardly an iconic one. For me Brands Hatch was the one where the British GP was held when I started watching. F1 was doing just fine without Silverstone at that time.

        I would agree more that the British GP is an iconic one though. F1 really should have a British GP.

    4. How are all the tracks like Monaco now? I don’t get what he’s trying to imply with that claim.

      1. @jerejj, basically, that prioritising performance in qualifying is better than prioritising performance over a race distance, which is what they do in Monaco.

      2. All difficult to overtake at. ie quali results matter more.

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