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Introducing more standard parts to F1 is “tricky”, says Wolff

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In the round-up: Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff says introducing more standard parts to F1 is a “tricky endeavour”.

What they say

Wolff said he supports the principle of using more standard parts to cut costs but wonders how realistic it is:

I think in non-performance parts where we’re really able to save a lot of money then we should aim for that. But if there is no saving, just complexity, risk of unreliability and failure, we shouldn’t be following those routes. So for the principle I’m on board.

You have to question yourself if somebody else is in between, an independent supplier, that company will need to make a margin, produce a product cheaper than us with the same specifications and that sounds like a little bit of a tricky endeavour.

I can tell you from Mercedes standpoint we’re open-minded to reducing costs and if that’s a possbility for certain non-performance parts we are up for it.

Quotes: Dieter Rencken

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Comment of the day

What does the future hold for Sebastian Vettel?

When he signed for Ferrari, I thought it was a bad idea. After 2015, I was certain he would materialise his dream. But after 2018, I thought he was done.

Currently, I reckon most of his recent errors came from over driving the car, pushing beyond all the limits to match the mighty Mercedes with the great Lewis Hamilton.

I don’t think he’ll be champion ever again, and that’s only because I don’t believe Ferrari at all. Thence, I’m positive Vettel has no interest on winning anything but with Maranello — he’s already among the greatest, not that he seems to care about that anyway. Even if he goes to another good team, I don’t think he’ll be any motivated after the deception of failing in the red cars.

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25 comments on “Introducing more standard parts to F1 is “tricky”, says Wolff”

  1. Ben (@scuderia29)
    5th June 2019, 0:53

    Re: COTD
    thinking about it, considering Ferrari has supposedly always been Vettels dream, he’s been a thorn in their side, being the #1 thing in their way between 2010 and 2013, and has helped throw away titles for them in 2017 and 2018, ignoring 2011, that’s 5 drivers championships ferrari may have won in the last 9 years if it wasn’t for Sebastian Vettel.

    1. I know this view is popular, but I think COTD is closer to the truth. It wasn’t necessarily Vettel who threw it away. 2017 he made an unlikely duel possible. 2018, his Hockenheim misstep and the team’s missteps after that were largely responsible, but I would say even if he had been perfect, he might not have won it in 2018.

    2. Its not like its only Seb who’s making mistakes (although he seems to be coping poorly with the pressure at times), there were many bad strategy calls (Silverstone 2017) and a lot more technical issues compared to Mercedes. The championship battle could have been closer for sure but I dont think it would be enough to beat Lewis.

    3. The entire team has the wrong mentality, thinking that they can only defeat Mercedes by taking big risks. You don’t win championships that way.

  2. And that is why I’d support a black-out on Schumacher news.
    This “news” is very speculative and adds nothing – but unworthy pageviews. Not to mention that Ecclestone sometimes is very cryptic even with more objective matters.
    Continuing to print/reproduce this kind of “news” serves only to promote an a.h. to try to invade schumacher family privacy.
    There would be a press release from his family, let me know. Other than that, keep it silence about this.

    1. For me, I read “The Mirror” as the source, and pass it by ;)

      And yes, I support the notion of a press release or announcement from the Schumacher family being the only thing that should be reported.

      1. @phylyp

        For me, I read “The Mirror” as the source, and pass it by ;)

        Seems my brain has the same process, but automated. I had to scroll back up to see what on earth you two were talking about …
        Although I’m not quite sure which buzzword triggered my mental spam filter: “The Mirror”, “Ecclestone”, or “Schumacher’s health”.

        1. Although I’m not quite sure which buzzword triggered my mental spam filter

          That’s quite the trifecta, isn’t it? 😊

  3. Re CoTD, I too thought he was done at the end of last year.

    Who will replace Seb at Ferrari? Let the games begin!!

    1. @jaymenon10 – according to this gossip page, there’s rumours in Spain that Alonso might return.

      Then again, there’s always rumours in Spain about Alonso, so for now we’d best take that with a pinch of salt.

    2. @phylyp

      Yes I saw that too. And you’re right about the rumours about Alonso is Spain.

      However, if you remember Andrew Benson’s article (don’t have time to source it) from a few months ago stating that Ferrari insiders at Maranello were very sure that Alonso would have mounted more serious title challenge if not won it last year.

      It is fanciful, but if Ferrari want a known quantity in their car, even for 1 year, Fernando is your man. Plus, they’d probably save a heap of cash, Fernando will be happy to take up Kimoa advertising as opposed to 50 million a year paycheck :)

  4. That is speculation.

    Alonso looks good while driving, but his results are plentiful in failure. He always seems to get himself in to a not so fast car.

    Even Le Mans, if Audi or Porsche was there, who knows what would have happened?–

    I love watching him drive, but I would not bet he could bring Ferrari to a championship.

    1. No driver can win championship in that team with their current approach to strategy and screwing up car development mid way through season and not to forget all the politics and Italian media meddling with the team.

  5. Totally agree with Toto, there’s no point in creating a monopoly in certain standard parts because in the long run it’ll be a compromise to have a single part fit all cars and costs will gradually go up or as he says quality will go down to make more margin.

  6. The new pit building looks the same from up that high as did the previous infrastructure, but I guess we have to wait for a ground-level shot to see how it actually looks like at present.

  7. On Chilton not driving the remaining four ovals for the rest of the year. Is O’Ward also not driving them? I know they have different contractual obligations, but still… Can anyone clarify?

  8. Regarding the COTD. Vettel is in no way already among the greats. He is more of a Coultard that got lucky and had a terrible teammate and great cars. As soon as they got a decent teammate in there he folded like Trump whenever he makes a threat.

    1. @darryn
      Got curious about the greats on your roster, but please, if you’re to come with something like Alonso amongst them, don’t even bother.
      Also, what Trump has to do with anything?!

      1. Maybe work on your English comprehension a bit and you will get it.

        1. C’mon, don’t be grumpy. You made a heck of an unusual crossover over sour grapes, that’s quite something!

      2. The list of the greats? Hamilton. Then Lewis H. Mr. Getinthere. Lou. And finally Hamilton.

  9. Glimmer of hope? Hardly.
    Brain damage is permanent that’s pretty it unfortunately.

  10. I don’t like the sound of this, Conor Daly subbing on ovals for Chilton.
    Smart decision by Max IMO, not sure anyone should be driving an IndyCar at Texas, I’ve turned off some past races as I just didn’t want to see anyone get hurt, the speeds and closeness are insane, why they race there, usually to very thin crowds, is beyond me.

  11. Yes, leave the Schumacher family in peace. He’s given us enough over the years to deserve that, surely.

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