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Warm and sunny weekend forecast for Canadian GP

2019 Canadian Grand Prix weather

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Race day temperatures for the Canadian Grand Prix could be as much as seven degrees higher than they were last year.

Three days of sunny and increasingly warm conditions are expected for this weekend’s race at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve.

Some cloud cover will be seen during the first day of practice on Friday, when air temperatures are predicted to peak at 24C. There will be some strong gusts of wind as well to keep the drivers on their toes.

But once the competitive action starts the conditions should become more settled: The wind will drop, the cloud will clear and long periods of sunshine should mean higher air and track temperatures. By Sunday the ambient temperatures could be as high as 28C, compared to 21C during last year’s race. That is likely to mean track temperatures north of 45C.

Pirelli has brought its softest compound mix for this weekend’s race, as it did to the Monaco Grand Prix two weeks ago. Although the maximum speeds are considerably higher in Canada, the long straights gives ample opportunity for cooling.

A rain system will head towards the area later but is currently not expected to arrive until Monday.

For more updates on the track conditions during each session keep an eye on RaceFans Live and the RaceFans Twitter account.

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2019 Canadian Grand Prix

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8 comments on “Warm and sunny weekend forecast for Canadian GP”

  1. We will ever see a rainy race again?

    1. At the rate it’s going, no. Rain is allergic to F1.

      1. @royal-spark LOL, a good way to put it.

      2. @royal-spark Either that or even the rain is so fed up of Hamilton’s wins that it went away in the hope of giving others a chance ;)

  2. Good.

  3. I’ve lived in Montreal for 25 years and the weather this spring has been horrible… the month of May set a record for the most rain and least sun.
    I really hope the forecast holds up as they’ve been wrong for anything beyond 24 hours.

    1. Talk off weather you should thank its raining in montreal, in India its nearing middle of June and no monsoons yet. The heatwave we are facing has been horrible constant temps above 40C. I just hope we get to see a decent race in changeble conditions which will add some spice otherwise boring races we have been having.

      1. *talking

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