Nico Hulkenberg, Renault, Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, 2019

Hulkenberg: Red Bull move stories are “fake news”

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In the round-up: Nico Hulkenberg rubbishes reports linking him with Pierre Gasly’s seat at Red Bull.

Hulkenberg said stories claiming he could join Red Bull have been made up:

What they say

It’s crazy. I think I heard it came from the Italian side. It was made up. It’s basically fake news.

Quotes: Dieter Rencken


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@Careypatrick shares a travel tip for anyone at the track this weekend.

Montreal is always packed. From the years I attended (’92-’06), it was rare that the stands were not full on Friday, Saturday and of course Sunday. Taking the Metro to the track, and getting back out of the track can be a very claustrophobic experience.

But the weather is usually just great. Some of the best suntans I ever got were at that track:) If you are in Longueuil, go to Eggquis for the best Nutella and banana crepe ever.

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17 comments on “Hulkenberg: Red Bull move stories are “fake news””

  1. Multiple parts in F1 denying a rumor only means one thing: it is true.
    On the serious part, something F1 rumors are no true yet but they become reality on the next season.
    So, although unusual for RB to bring someone their farm system, I’ll not be surprised by HUL in RB next year.

    1. In which case give Ocon a crack alongside Danny Ric. Not sure why you’d put the Hulk in at RB though. I’d give Albon a go or even a blast from the past in JEV. he was pretty competitive with Danny at STR and would probably jump at a chance to come back to F1 with RBR.

    2. I think somebody is going to go to RB next year if Gasly dosen’t sort things out. It is a shame as I thought he would make a good challenging partner for Max.

    3. He is not fully quoted. He said that it is fake news, but then added ‘for now’

  2. Makes zero sense! They’d have Kyv, Albi or even Ric back before Hulk!

  3. RP (@slotopen)
    8th June 2019, 2:29

    I hope they get those beavers, groundhogs, or whatever off the track. Getting a 20-30 lb rodent in the face could be serious at 150+.

    1. @slotopen
      Isn’t that what the halo is for?

  4. Did I hear Sky say that Mercedes had not put the phase 2 power unit in yet?

    They seemed to suggest that at least Hamiltons crash meant they could get to work early putting the new power unit in, and they would do the same with Bottas.

    Did I mishear or misunderstand?

    1. @mach1 I believe that is the case yes.
      Mercedes say though that the new unit gives very little power boost and we all believe everything that Mercedes say don’t we? ;)

    2. No I think they had the new engines in the car. I think it was the gearbox they were talking about. Hamilton had a old gearbox in his car

  5. TBH, I never really bought into those rumors in the first place anyway.

  6. Stroll can make the excuse of being in a new team all he likes, but F1 is full of current and former drivers who got on terms with established team mates from the get go. Ocon wasn’t this far behind Perez as a rookie, let alone the fact Stroll was indulged with 2 years at Williams beforehand.

    Perez is decent, but he wasn’t quite on par with Button, who was also not quite capable of Hamilton’s peak performance.

    Stroll isn’t F1 material, and the excuses his dad’s money will buy for him from the team and friendly media articles are just going to get more embarrassing.

    1. @philipgb agreed.
      No matter how much I wanted to be a racing driver I just could not do what Lance is doing.
      Not and still possess any scrap of self esteem anyway.

      1. Don’t underestimate the Dunning–Kruger effect. Most of us aren’t capable of an unbiased assessment of our abilities. Most of us hit a wall with reality as others will be pretty frank with us about our actual competence, but a billionaire lifestyle would shield you from that.

        Don’t doubt Stroll truly believes he just has to work harder to catch up to drivers who he likely believes only have an edge on him due to their years of experience.

    2. @philipgb Can’t wait to see Stroll reaching Perez level in 6 years yay!

  7. Gastly rumours.

  8. playstation361
    20th October 2020, 16:33

    Test. Fake News. Others. Pirated.

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