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2019 Canadian Grand Prix championship points

2019 Canadian Grand Prix

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F1 drivers championship after the 2019 Canadian Grand Prix

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F1 constructors championship after the 2019 Canadian Grand Prix

3Red Bull124
6Racing Point19
7Toro Rosso17
9Alfa Romeo13

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2019 Canadian Grand Prix

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21 comments on “2019 Canadian Grand Prix championship points”

  1. Bottas was awful, so was Gasly. Shocked at Vettel choking yet again, giving the stewards a decision to make. I feel he was robbed but Vettel does it to himself he should of been there to win in Bahrain when Leclerc had trouble. Do people not realise Vettel would be around 30 points behind without these 2 mistakes title fight would still be on if Ferrari came back into the race.

    1. Bottas got as much out of the race as he could have hoped for, once again its Hamilton who rewrote the script.

    2. Bottas was quick but raced pretty poorly, Danny ric like in junior formula has the edge on Bottas.
      these 3 seasons have been the worst in the history of the sport.
      Brundle’s last comment on the mic should be the last comment he makes on a mic, jumping into fom defence is not his job. Hypocrite he’s no f1 fan, sky must be honest they have a side, their winner won but they should just be honest but happy.
      Button made sense of the incident, you lose the car you are obviously not in control, racing lost all it’s naturality, fom played to its audience, managing the show, it’s worse than when montoya would get weird penalties to keep the fans of michael happy.

  2. This race was so weird, why didn’t Ferrari try to undercut Ham with Lec? The gap was there and overtaking in that Ferrari should have been easy.

    1. Right? Or leave him out to back up Hamilton. They weren’t thinking. Maybe they assumed they had the race pace to just run away from Hamilton. They were wrong.

    2. Come on, Leclerc was +4sec behind HAM! Do you think Mercedes would have let that happen? More than sure HAM would have pitted next lap. Then, Ferrari had to extend Leclerc’s stint because he would have ended behind BOT and VER had they pitted him right after VET. So, Ferrari did all they could given Leclerc’s pace… which wasn’t good in the 1st stint.

      1. @mg1982 At the moment Mercedes elected to keep Lewis out for a 2nd lap after Seb pitted, Charles was 2.1 seconds behind Lewis… not out of the realms of undercut territory. Mercedes obviously didn’t feel Charles would be a threat but would certainly have added a considerable amount of unnecessary pressure to Lewis’ pitstop had Ferreri pitted Charles at that moment.

  3. This win for Hamilton has opened up the gap to Bottas. Instead of 6 point, Hamilton gets a 13 point jump on Bottas. This means at 162 points Hamilton is now 30 points ahead of Bottas, and can even afford a DNF and still keep his championship lead.

    Once again Vettel gives up a win, when he only had to keep his head to win.

    1. Bottas got FLAP, so it’s 29 points to be precise, but, your point is well made.

    2. Irrespective of who was the better driver / had the better car, Vettel or Hamilton, Bottas had a bad weekend all round. Yes sad (a bit) for Ferrari and Vettel, but unless they can fight at the front at the next tracks too, that was the real championship story.

  4. Gasly will cost red bull a shot at 2nd place at this rate

    1. Well, I’d say that after the 1st few races, his points tally has picked up well, looking at the graph; in the last three races he more or less matched Leclerc, with the rest of the difference is Verstappen not matching Vettel either @tango

  5. At this rate Lewis would end up on 486 points…

  6. Just found out Renault used team orders to keep Hulk behind RIC

    What a shame

    1. @anunaki How? No team radio messages concerning that were broadcasted. Although, despite the lack of those I pondered whether that might’ve happened.

      1. Hulk said it

  7. All the drivers from 6th place downwards is still less points than what Hamilton has.

  8. McLaren and Renault are moving away from rest of midfield teams.

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