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Newgarden takes Texas victory after Dixon and Herta crash


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Josef Newgarden scored his third IndyCar victory of 2019 in Texas, extending his championship lead over Alexander Rossi, who finished second.

The Penske driver moved into the lead by successfully extending his early stints, while the likes of early leader Ryan Hunter-Reay pitted early and fell back into the pack.

But a pair of late caution periods set up an exciting sprint to the flag. First James Hinchcliffe clipped the barrier and crashed heavily. Hunter-Reay took the opportunity to pit for fresh tyres but fell back in the pack while Newgarden stayed ahead.

Newgarden dealt with Scott Dixon firmly to hold onto his lead at the restart. Meanwhile Colton Herta was making progress, diving past Rossi and drawing onto the tail of the Ganassi driver.

But Herta’s bid for a second 2019 win in the Lone Star State came unstuck when he made a bid for the inside line at turn three. Dixon was unwilling to give any more than tiniest of gaps, and the pair made contact.

Rossi’s stunning reactions helped ensure just the two cars were eliminated in the crash. At the final restart it was his turn to try to break Newgarden’s defences, but couldn’t find a way past.

Graham Rahal collected third place while Herta’s demise handed top rookie honours and a career-best fourth place to Santino Ferrucci. He successfully held off Hunter-Reay, whose late bid for fresh tyres didn’t pay off.

Newgarden’s Penske team mates didn’t figure in the fight for victory. Simon Pagenaud took sixth and Will Power was a lapped ninth, the pair separated by Marcus Ericsson and Sebastien Bourdais. Marco Andretti took tenth.

The first 60 laps of the race were led convincingly by pole sitter Takuma Sato. But his race went awry when he arrived far too quickly in his pit box and sent one of his mechanics flying, who was fortunate to escape serious injury.

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5 comments on “Newgarden takes Texas victory after Dixon and Herta crash”

  1. Roth Man (@rdotquestionmark)
    9th June 2019, 10:30

    Fantastic race. Gutted about the Herta Dixon clash.

  2. Terrific as usual, very exciting finish! Sato very lucky he didn’t kill his pit crew member.

  3. Great race!!!

    I know the cars are spec, but F1 should take some pointers on what is exciting racing.

  4. That was a great race. Not entirely sure how Herta thought he was going to get by Dixon…the exuberance of youth I suppose. This is turning into a pretty great season, the battle between Newgarden and Rossi will be fascinating to watch.

  5. The youth indeed. Ferrucci posted his best result this year. That is his 1st top 5 finish to go with 4 top 10s. This series will suit up his road to redemption after his “Sweep The Leg” maneuver of last year on his own teammate. He will hae a long road ahead if he is given a chance to enter Formula 1.

    And he is the unexpected rookie leader.

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