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Rate the race: 2019 Canadian Grand Prix

2019 Canadian Grand Prix

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What did you think of today’s race? Share your verdict on the Canadian Grand Prix.

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138 comments on “Rate the race: 2019 Canadian Grand Prix”

  1. A truly pathetic showing. This is the worst season in a long time. And another race ruined by stewards intervening unnecessarily. It’s all a sad state of affairs.

    1. Worst season I’ve ever seen. The favoritism is ridiculous. Ferrari makes the tire MB wants and the FIA hands them races. It should be what we expect.

      1. Blaize Falconberger (@)
        9th June 2019, 20:56

        Ferrari have a veto on the rules…

      2. Did you say that about Spa 2008?

        1. @gnosticbrian This might be weird for you but you can actually think that both Spa 2008 and Canada 2019 were unjust

    2. Must agree. Can’t remember a great race from this season, if I needed to name one.

    3. On the other hand with the preassue on, Vettel once again makes an error and only has himself to blaim. How many other drivers skipped that corner? Credit should go to Hamilton for forcing that error.

      1. Blaize Falconberger (@)
        9th June 2019, 21:48


        1. +10

      2. Yes, but we are not talking about a driver mistake, we are talking about how bad the state if affairs is in F1. I’d be just as upset if this bad decision went against any other driver in the same scenario. F1 is being ruined by bean counters and burocrates. If you enjoy watching neutered racing then remember this when there’s a bad call against Hamilton.

  2. Until the stewards decision it was a solid 8. Now I’m just gutted

    1. Same here… it was ok but that totally ruined it.. i hate when this huppens.

    2. Lenny (@leonardodicappucino)
      9th June 2019, 20:48

      +1 that stewards decision totally killed it

      1. Agree with all of you.

        1. Yep it could have been a 10 but I gave it a 1.

          1. Same-O … great until stewards’ knuckleheaded interference = “1”

      2. Totally agree. Toto Wolf had an interesting comment about this after the race during an interview. The racing has lost it’s edge, too tame. The stewards are dumbing down the ability of the drivers to push and just race.

    3. HansieSlim (@)
      9th June 2019, 22:03


    4. But you are supposed to be rating the race, not how your fave team faired.

      1. It’s not about favourite team, I prefer red bull, and was gonna rate this 8 or 9, probably 8 since I can’t make double votes, but the penalty was absurd, I’m tired of mercedes favouritism, when is the last time hamilton got a penalty for a non clear-cut rule, like replacing parts? Bahrain 2017, slowing ricciardo, check his and bottas’ infractions, check the other drivers’ and you get the idea.

        Mercedes is strong enough without biased stewards.

        1. @esploratore I remember Hamilton once got a reprimand for reversing in the pit lane… which has always been disqualification.

          1. Entry of pit lane Germany 2018 he cut it and again MaFIA

    5. Montréalais (@)
      10th June 2019, 3:11

      +1 @njoydesign

      I felt the same way. I DIDN’t want Mercedes to win that way. It was a good race up until the stewards made that incredibly bad decision. Now I have to wonder why they thought it would be the right decision. Bias? Misplaced zeal? Just plain stupidity? That rule could not have been originally meant to apply in a case where the driver “rejoining” the track was not in control of his car. Does that mean that any time a driver spins or slides off the track and re-enters the track while fighting to regain control he will get a time penalty and receive penalty points on his licence? That is ridiculous! Note that I am not a Vettel fan in general, but he did not deserve such shabby treatment.

  3. A YOLK

    1. János Henkelmann
      10th June 2019, 1:59


  4. Good race ruined by Mercedes politics, unfortunately.

    Hamilton did the exact same thing to Ricciardo at Monaco 2016 and got nothing.

    1. Not quite, Hamilton left over a cars width in Monaco, Vettel was on the rumble strips here

      1. Kyle (@hammerheadgb)
        9th June 2019, 21:09

        It was barely a car’s width and closing when Ricciardo was forced to back out.

        1. But it was a car’s width.

        2. It only has to be a cars width so barely is sufficient

          1. Looking like the same thing except Hamilton was in complete control when he blocked Riccardo, if anything what Hamilton did was worse.

        3. I agree, I don’t believe there’s a car width there either. Looks more like half a car instead…

      2. You have to be delusional to say they are not same. We can only say there was a car’s width in Monaco, because Ricciardo had to brake before that gap disappeared. The 2 incidents are practically the same. End of.

  5. A relatively straightforward race as twelve months ago.

  6. Blaize Falconberger (@)
    9th June 2019, 20:47

    Ferrari fans won’t be happy with this race… I’ll be very interested in the stewards rationale. 6 from me as I enjoyed it until towards the end. Seems like Seb is having a tantrum which may upgrade it a bit…

    1. I’m not sure many fans are, as a Lewis supporter I’m not, here’s hoping Keith will do a poll

  7. FIA favors MB so much. This is robbery just so their golden boy could get a win. If that was Daniel Ricciardo in second no way the stewards make that decision. An absolute joke of a race.

    1. Spa 2008?

      1. Hamilton was on a mclaren in 2008, I’ll tell you more, mercedes was NOT in f1!

  8. On track for a 7-8 but my gosh, way to ruin a genuine fight for the lead of a race. If drivers aren’t able to make mistakes while pushing, why on earth are we even racing cars?

  9. Panagiotis Papatheodorou (@panagiotism-papatheodorou)
    9th June 2019, 20:50

    This isn’t racing, F1 took a huge beating today. Vettel deserved that win.

    1. He didn’t though, did he? He effectively lost it when he went off and Hamilton should have been free to drive past after laps of pressure. Instead he bailed back onto the racing line and blocked the pass.

      1. So ricciardo should’ve won monaco 2016 as well, decide yourself, rules aren’t only for 18 drivers.

      2. János Henkelmann
        10th June 2019, 2:03

        So you think he didn’t deserve the win for staying ahead 55 or so laps while being chased by the best car on the grid driven by arguably the best driver of this era? I think he did a great job today and if it wasn’t for his skill we would have seen a super boring race once again.

  10. Pathetic

    1. János Henkelmann
      10th June 2019, 2:03


  11. Total failure of a race.

  12. John Toad (@)
    9th June 2019, 20:52

    All the Ferrari fan-boys throwing a strop and giving very low ratings to the race.
    Seb seems to have thrown his toys out of the pram and gone to have a sulk in his motor home.
    If we can have exciting racing we can at least have lots of off track dramatics.

    1. The point is, that wasn’t racing anymore from the penalty onwards.

    2. Sorry to disappoint you but a big part of the 1 voters aren’t ferrari fans, they’re fans of the sport which is being killed by biased stewards, like me.

      Never been a ferrari fan, I was a schumacher fan, now my favourites are verstappen and red bull, lost a lot of respect for hamilton for putting up with mercedes’ antics.

    3. Montréalais (@)
      10th June 2019, 3:18

      -1 @ceevee
      I AM a Hamilton fan (and have been from the beginning), but neither the fans nor Vettel deserved such blatant meddling (or such stupidity) from the stewards.

  13. As a neutral fan, that was an absolute farce.

    1. You should have watched the Texas 600 last night.

  14. A total deception for me. The race was on the dull side but the penalty killed my entire fun.

    Can’t really give it a rating at the moment

  15. Let’s make Hamilton WC 2019 and do the rest of the season without Mercedes.

    1. Indeed, this idea needs more support, there’s no competition, with or without penalty, ferrari and red bull will just put in a lot of work to get some wins, and when they do, fia intervenes, just get rid of mercedes and give them titles in advance and let’s enjoy a good season afterwards.

  16. I am no Ferrari fan boy and i was totally prepared for the attack of Hamilton in the last laps
    Hamilton held himself a bit back to cool his tyres and his car for the end… stewarts with their decision they totally destroyed a good fight in the end.
    In reality what Seb did was wrong but you need to see all the facts with the major one was that he went straight on grass and went out with full grass on his tyres trying to accelerate. If you see his onboard he was totally try to steer left and left with tiny corrections because he had huge spin in the back. Im not forgeting to say Kudos to Hamilton because he managed to brake and squeezed himself in the wall to avoid all this with sucsess. Also hamilton also said once that what Sebastion did was dangerous rejoining on the track and that was it.
    No1 rule is to try not to interfear with the sport as much as you can and this goes to the stewarts.
    Decisions like this and all the politics in F1 is what makes people leave the sport and not that we dont have passes or the engines are not loud.

  17. Unacceptable.
    First time ever for me: 1.
    A race destroyed by FIA (stewards).

  18. Adam (@rocketpanda)
    9th June 2019, 21:03

    Wrong. Disgusting show.

    I’m not sure where Vettel was meant to go? More than that we’ve seen people fight like that so many times and never get a penalty and that just defused what was until then a really tense race? Vettel fully deserved that win.

    Absolutley horrible.

    1. Multi twenty one…

      1. @gnosticbrian
        Hey how about we bring up Russia 2018 because that’s just as relevant as Malaysia 2013 is to the current conversation. Which is not at all.

  19. Minimum 2. Unfair penalty for Seb. It was suppose to be a warning only. So why penalty straightaway?

  20. Jeeze!!! what a race for Vettel doing his best with no intentions of pushing a charging Lewis who couldn’t pass in normal situation today. Stewards really screwed it up from 8 to 1 honestly.
    THERE WAS A FIGHT! no driver could’ve stop the car from the incident in that situation, it was thrilling.
    Even Lewis pulled Seb to the top step of the podium.

  21. Where is the 0? Because its 0.

  22. Good race. There were several good fights around the track. First Bottas vs Riciardo, then Vettel Hamilton developed.

    Man I hazard a wish Lewis would have done it without penalty.

    After the penalty the race ended, to bad.

    1. The stewards might have given Vettel a choice, Give up the position or take a 5 second penalties.

      You could argue had Hamilton taken that positon as a result of the Vettel’s error, Vettel might then come back at Hamilton with DRS and his stright line pace.

      Either way, controlled or uncontrolled, intended or unintended, what Vettel did when he re-entered on the racing line, was dangerous.

      1. What about Lewis jumping to the pit Lane in and out with absolutely no penalty, warning or even an investigation in Germany last year… Mercedes loved the thinner threads and they got it.. come on.. is it too hard to see it? This thing is fixed until the next regulations

        1. But I don’t get it: while waiting till the new regulations, why do they also have to let mercedes win on the few occasions they’re not fast enough? They’d win the title anyway, and if their intention is letting merc win, why change the rules?

        2. János Henkelmann
          10th June 2019, 2:08

          So true… I lost my faith in the stewards (if I ever had one) last year in Hockenheim. The decision they took then was absolutely ridiculous as was the one today. Do these guys even bother to think about the people who pay hundreds of dollars to go and see the race and then get THIS? The sport is clearly on the wrong path and if I wasn’t a die hard fan I would have stopped watching the races many years ago…

  23. Can I give that a zero?

    Even if there was a tiny element of accidental rule breaking by Seb it sends a really bad message to F1 drivers – don’t drive too fast, don’t try and defend, don’t give it a 100%, just drive around carefully.

  24. Slavisa (@sylversurferr)
    9th June 2019, 21:19

    It could be 8/9, but with this decision from judges it feels like robbery. So I rate it with 1.

  25. DAllein (@)
    9th June 2019, 21:21


    Really good race.
    Shame steward’s decision affected the race that much though.

    It would be nice if we have more of such close races between Lewis and Seb.

    1. DAllein (@)
      9th June 2019, 21:23

      Those giving 1 – why are you lying?
      The race wasn’t terrible by any means.

      Yes, the decision was harsh and didn’t do good to the end result, but you can’t say the race was “terrible”.

      1. You have to send a message, we can comment with the race vote without the penalty here, but you need to send a message to the fia: go away, let drivers race.

  26. 1.

    Penalties should NEVER decide races.

    Loved when Vettel changed the boards in parc ferme, though.

    1. DAllein (@)
      9th June 2019, 21:48

      ??? How is it possible?
      Either you should eliminate all penalties, or you accept some penalties will affect the outcome.

      You can’t make “the leader” immune to penalties.

    2. Agreed! That’s the highlight of the year, him resetting the result boards….awesome!

    3. Of course penalty should decide the race if one cheats. It is just totally wrong if a team could run illegal car, engine, fuel or tires and get the win and the points. This race the stewards made the wrong decision but stewards definitely need to be able to give penalties that change the race result.

  27. wow you people are such bad losers. You ignore every other driver and car and just come here complaining because your driver created a situation all by himself and got punished for it. Even if it was unfair or too harsh, you give this whole race 1? go cry somewhere else…

    1. Perhaps you could tell us the last time, when late in a race, the two A-Team NO 1 drivers were about to do battle for a race win?
      It’s meant to be RACING.

    2. Well, the entire race result was affected by that awful decision.
      So the race became pointless, 1 is generous.

    3. What does Max have to do with it? He is my favorite driver. But still I think the penalty is not only ridiculous but also bad for the sport. I

    4. I’m not a Ferrari fan and I have a huge problem with this decision. Another Merc fan trying to shut everyone up? As others pointed out, when looking at the bigger picture, F1 has just scored an own goal today. This would be a non-issue in Indycar or any other serious series. See you in France.

    5. Montréalais (@)
      10th June 2019, 3:29

      -1 @ivan-vinitskyy

      Sir, we are treating each other with respect, despite our disagreements. Your behaviour here, on the other hand, is less than gentlemanly.

      1. Thomas Bennett (@felipemassadobrasil)
        10th June 2019, 8:08

        Bit like Vettel’s.

  28. How to play the political game by the Mercedes Playbook:
    1 Complain (with reason) about an infringement of a competitor to the stewards
    2 When the stewards are deliberating, drop the pace, so they’ll think they don’t affect the racing
    3 When the backup plan / penalty is in, attack again and try to overtake on track.

    I really hate to think they would do such a thing, but this isn’t the first time I got that feeling…

  29. Rick (@wickedwicktheweird)
    9th June 2019, 21:30

    This was one of the worst decisions by the stewards i have ever seen, right up there with Spa 2008 and suzuka 1989. Canceling my pay-tv account for the rest of the season, will do with the german free to air feed and/or YouTube highlights. I am not willing to pay for this ‘show’ anymore.

    1. aaw, we’re gonna miss you so much.

      1. Blaize Falconberger (@)
        9th June 2019, 21:53

        Bye! :-)

  30. I gave it an 8, because it was actually really a great race. The result is awful and the stewards decision is completly nonsensical. I usually dislike Vettel, but his outrage was totally justified.

  31. I gave it a 9 because despite the issue between Ham and Vettal the mid field racing was really good.

  32. Nothing to do with being a Vettel or Hamilton fan for me.
    The incident should have been investigated and left as a racing incident, no penalty.
    I would say the same no matter which two drivers were involved.
    More egregious errors have been made, including ones with contact and damage, that have gone without a penalty and ruled a racing incident.
    Yes, each incident is different, but lack of consistent decision making by stewards that affect the outcome of races should not be the one of the main features of Formula 1.

    The race was quite decent. I rated it lower because of the stewards deciding the race.

    1. Good point.

      Albon lost a front wing after Perez shoved it up the inside and Giovinazzi turned into him – where’s the penalty?
      Grosjean came back on track (under full control) after clearing the debris from Albon’s wing out of his halo and caused Giovinazzi to take avoiding action who then nearly hit Albon again who then had to brake because there wasn’t a car’s width on the side of the track – where’s the penalty?
      Ricciardo weaving all over the straight while Bottas was trying to go past – where’s the penalty?

      The point is that each of these incidents could have been penalised but were not even investigated, just let go as racing incidents which (except perhaps for the Ricciardo one) they obviously were, but so was Vettel’s.

      Ruined a good race.

  33. What a lot of hurt here. Can’t say I don’t understand it, but the level of commenting remains sad – please get over biases and dislikes; if different (ex-)f1 drivers can disagree, so can we, but look at the respect between Vettel and Hamilton on the podium, let’s strive to be more like that.

    So, yes, the penalty took the tension out of the race, but, had Vettel actually not made the mistake and then joined the track unsafely, he’d have been passed too, so tension would have been gone as well. It was good to see an actual fight until that point (and actually on track as near the end I thought Hamilton might just put an end to any questions and overtake anyway), Bottas had a nice fight with RIC, saw a good move from Kvyat near the end too, I think without the penalty controversy it would have been a solid 8; I took a point of and ended up giving it 7/10.

    Certainly the result isn’t great for the WDC, with Bottas getting quite a gap now, and Vettel almost 50 points behind, but what can you do, it wasn’t Hamilton making the mistakes to put them there.

    1. The lead up to that incident was the Ferrari radio message for Vettel to check his numbers. It would be interesting to know what was happening with the car at that time. Was the brakes over heating? Is that why he lost it in that
      corner? Hamilton was clearly taking advantage of an issue with the Ferrari car. This point seems to have been overlooked by the commentators.

      1. Good point.

  34. Gave it a 7 as its Rate the Race, not the Stewards decisions..I do understand Seb reacting as he did at the end, as he fought hard throughout. I have not heard anyone ask Lewis, if there had been no penalty, did he think he could have passed Sebastian… he seemed to be able to extend/or close him down fairly easily.

  35. Henrik Moller
    9th June 2019, 21:48

    We haven’t got the same amount of information as the stewards. Firstly, VET’s driving is exactly what we should expect from a class racer. Secondly, could he have left a car width, had he liftet more? Probably, and thus the penalty. My guess is that is what the stewards look at

  36. It was a great race. But gets an instant 1. Pathetic. I hope they appeal the decision.

    Getting borderline. I’m about to sya goodbye to all this. It’s been a tedious affair for a while now.

  37. a score of 1. Pathetic stewarding is killing F1. Not only they chose for this season precisely the tires Merc wanted, but they are no playing up to them with ridiculous steward decisions to just give them the championship on a plate and kill what’s left of the fan interest in F1. Pirelli have joined with the FIA to destroy F1 no other explanation. If I were Ferrari I’d be going straight to Renault and Mclaren to gather the final 2 teams support needed to return to last year’s tires from the next race already(as RBR, STR, Haas and Alfa support this switch already). Now that would be a suitable response to this dirty play by FIA and Merc

  38. Look I too am not ok with the decision, but we still had a great race all down the field. Hamilton kept the battle on to the last lap. Magnussen gets told off by Steiner. Battles, great overtakes by verstappen, Dany Ric’s defense on gasly… Stroll’s great race for once… The messy start and we’ll… The vettel “incident” was fun too.

    1. As far as 5he show goes, boy did we have telenovela grade drama :D

  39. I’m not going to slag the race because of a questionable decision by the stewards. I gave it a 6. I was engaged, entertained and paused the race when I went to refresh my drink (finally a race I could enjoy an adult beverage while watching). A solid 6.

  40. Where was Valteri when the lights went out?

  41. Josh (@canadianjosh)
    9th June 2019, 22:22

    I was at the race, hard to explain how I feel, being at a Grand Prix if you’ve been to one is exciting no matter how dull the race may be but this one has a weird feeling. Sort of like I was robbed of something that was building to be great. Seeing the replay I feel that call is disgraceful to F1. This isn’t soccer it’s racing.

    1. Montréalais (@)
      10th June 2019, 3:33

      My feeling exactly, @canadianjosh.

  42. 1
    Sick of this fraud show, inconsistencies in judgement, races ruined by penalties.
    This could have been a 8/10 race, but it turned into a farce.

    Dark clouds over F1.

  43. Wow, a lot of empty prams and toys strewn everywhere.

    Hamilton should take some quiet satisfaction from this race. He forced Vettel into a mistake (again – remembering Germany last year when Vettel made a mistake in the rain with Hamilton closing down the gap rapidly). But the actual racing between the two was great, very close and both going flat out. Some good racing elsewhere too, including Norris before he went out. A solid 8.

    1. I remember it was the same Germany where Hamilton crossed the white line, even the grass while his race engineer was insanely screaming IN IN IN IN IN, and he rejoined the track in place where he really shouldn’t. The result: reprimanded.

  44. Adelaide 1994….Damon would have been World Champion!

    1. Yes, but he wasn’t driving for mercedes, so rules were applied fairly, there was no penalty, and the best driver ever won.

  45. 7.5/10 probably

  46. Sharaf Sharaf
    9th June 2019, 23:38

    ? you obviously can’t remember this year’s Bahrain GO! ;)

  47. I gave 1 just because I think that F1 is stabbing itself in every exposed part of the body. Minor race incident and the two paths for F1 – a season with a sudden impulse, the first Ferrari win, or the seventh Mercedes win in a row. FIA chose the way to go and the season is almost done.

  48. I haven’t seen the race, but going on reports, I’d like to ask the complainers to consider what would have happened if the track had walls, kerbs or even gravel traps, let alone trees at the point a driver goes off track. Going off the track without penalty of some kind would be the real farce.

  49. What a shame for this race, really, I think it can be clearly understood that the 41% who voted 1, me included, generally did so for the penalty, this was otherwise a very good race this year, even qualifying was super, I think an 8 in normal circumstances would be deserved, perhaps even 9, say at least 8,5, best race of the year ruined by a silly decision.

  50. I gave it a 1 as well.
    Have been a F1 fan since 1970, I would get out of my bed at ungodly hours (in Australia) to watch races.
    I no longer to do that, and for the first time in years I am the finding the races hardly worth watching. For me, anyway that was born out by the stewards decision in this Canadian GP. That is my opinion and I don’t expect everyone to agree.
    Over the last few weeks I have been watching old videos put out at the 25th anniversary of Senna’s death.
    What a difference, I saw, and enjoyed again some really exciting, close, on the edge of the seat racing.
    I long for those days, I am rapidly loosing in a sport I have loved for 49 years. Smaller field, over regulated and team dominance. Not a good thing when I know the likely result before the race begins.
    i am finding Indy much more interesting, exciting and more unpredictable, something i would never have dreamed of saying 1in the past.

  51. Gave it a 1. I’ve been following F1 since 1960. Currently not a fan of any driver or team in particular. Shame on you stewards!

  52. Where is the “Driver of the Weekend” poll? I don’t see it.

  53. isaac (@invincibleisaac)
    10th June 2019, 10:31

    I gave it a 6. Whilst I think the penalty was ridiculous, the race itself wasn’t bad. Not much drama going on, but good when the leading cars are close to one another, and some good moments from Ricciardo and Stroll.

  54. Hard to rate this one but one thing is certain: for me, personally the penalty was good. Not because it was stupid penalty, but because it gave me (and apparently many others) something to feel. Too many times in the recent past I’ve been frankly indifferent towards the sport, and this was probably the first time this year that I have not turned the computer off right after the race, instead wanting to follow the drama as it unfolded in the postrace interviews and celebrations.

  55. @keithcollantine – Not that you need help running the site (not sarcasm, you do a great job), but I would probably compare this race against others and then remove all of the “1” votes that are not statistically normal. For example, there are 37% “1” votes as I type this. I’d get that down to something like 2%.

    I’m not trying to discount people’s voicing of their dislike of the outcome, but this just screws with the stats that this site is known to track long term.

    1. Yes, but it’s too late, the race has been tainted, and considering f1 fanatic was already up for germany 2010 alonso is faster than you, go look at the score, isn’t that the worst race on f1 fanatic?

      People REALLY don’t like unsportsmanlike conduct, from the stewards, or drivers, or teams, so let the result reflect them.

      Even if you remove the 1 you won’t be able to determine exactly how many would’ve voted 8, 7, 6 etc.

  56. Clucky (@cluckyblokebird)
    10th June 2019, 15:27

    F1 is officially dead to me.

    This is my 10th and probably final year of watching F1. I’m going full FE.

    Thanks Hamilton for the whinge, you certainly made F1 boring just like you said it is.

  57. Charlie, you are really missed.

    1. Charlie made as bad decisions as these, this is just dead = hero phenomenom, senna best driver ever when he was just a top 10.

  58. A lot worse than the 2010 German Grand Prix?

  59. Bruce (@mountainbiker)
    10th June 2019, 17:02

    What happened to “Let them race”? The FIA’s inconsistency with the application of penalties is outrageous.

  60. 1. The sport is declining. Deiter has covered the political/environmental/economic reasons. But when the stewards make decisions like this then the governing body only has themselves to blame. A proper battle that we have waited for all year has been negated by overzealous officials.

  61. Brogan (@brogan-fraser)
    11th June 2019, 4:57

    Some of you guys act like children.

  62. Some people obviously rate races on very different criteria than I do!
    For me, it’s not about who wins or how, it’s whether the race was compelling to watch or not…. and in this case, it WAS compelling.
    Sure, if there hadn’t been a penalty, the end might have been incredibly exciting, but the fact there was a penalty doesn’t mean this race rates a “1”.

    1. Agree. People are responding emotionally as if they were Seb. :/ I’m a Merc fan but Seb didn’t deserve that penalty. The FIA is treating F1 like kindergarten.

  63. A big thank you to the FIA for putting a damper on what is one of the best weekends on the F1 calendar.

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